What was the result of the Battle of Little Bighorn and "Custer's Last Stand:?

Custer got Sioux'd.....thats actually a bumper sticker here in South Dakota. Hecetuwelo.

Durring the Battle of Big Horn, did General Gerorge Armstrong Custer Make it to the river?

No he did not. He split his forces and lead his companies up the ridgeline to what is now "Last Stand Hill". Custer was most likely one of the first killed. Some of his troops did try to withdraw through the brush to the river (trying to reach Benteen's forces probably). They were all cut down by Indians waiting for just such an eventuality. His remains were ID'd on the hill after the battle. EDIT: No we DO really know, and that story should be taken for just what it is-a story. None of the indians really knew what Custer looked like, nor would they have cared if they did. He died on Last Stand Hill, his remains were ID'd by the burial party.

How many Indians died during Custer's Last Stand?

Sitting Bull and Red Cloud estimated the deaths at about 138. The battle was considered by historians to be a quick over running of Custer by a force that was at least 3 to 1 and perhaps 5 to 1. It was swift and not as you see it in the movies.

Help finding/purchasing a rare atari game: Custer's Revenge?

Here's somewhere you can play it online http://www.atariguide.com/3/320.php Besides that I think you'll be hard pressed to find that game, it's a famous one that most game collectors are after. Just keep checking ebay and maybe someday one will pop up. Good luck!

Would General Custer at "Little Big Horn" had his troubles if he would have had a newer horse?

Lmfaooo good one. And yea I agree, political correctness is like trying to pick up a turd by the clean end. And yea, the Native Americans had faster shooting guns.

Is anyone ever going to make a movie about Custer's Last Stand?

They already have!!!

What is so contervershul about George Armstrong Custer???

ok.. well he was a retard sorry i didnt like him because he thought he was a big shot and he wasnt and i dont like anybody who would do that to the indians i mean come on! they were here first! lol.. but i dont know why he was controversal sorry. ******************************************************************************************************************************************* well um exuse me cav but yes he was the youngest officer and what not but i dont really care he still did what he did to the indians.. i know that other people did to and they are retards as well, oh and i dont really care if you are a historical major it dosent take a historical degree to find out that people are taking other peoples homes. . . how exactly can you say someone was good when they take homes from someone? the indians did nothing and i agree with the guy below me if he wouldnt have been an idiot and waited then maybe he wouldnt have been killed.. he was young , naive and concieted

What is significant about John Muir, Eugene Debs, Jacob Riis, and George A. Custer ?

John Muir, a famous naturalist. Eugene Debs, a Socialist. Jacob Riis, a writer and Socialist. Gen. George A. Custer, a 19th century US Army general. What could possibly connect these four? Now you've got me curious!

Marines urinating on dead Taliban: How does that compare to what Lakota & Cheyenne did to Custer's men?

Please answer : Are there any articles on George Custer that are from a rather personalized point of view?

contact me, via email. I can give you the number of the guy that runs the local museum, there is an extensive exhibit on Custer as it's where he lived.... I actually grew up about a mile and a half... maybe two... from the custer home. Not that helps... lol

How many stars were on General Custer's uniform just after the Battle of Gettysburg?

He was a Major General (2 stars).

How did General Custer lost the battle at Little Big Horn?

There was a no battle, his troops were massacred by a huge force of Indians. His West Point training couldn't tame his ego.

What Evidence shows that U.S soliders put up little defense at Custer hill?

I will not answer your question, but I will say this. The troopers that fought that day were overwhelmed by both faulty tactics and a numerous opponent. The pattern of where the bodies were found indicate that there was an attempt at withdrawal.

what war did general custer fight in? What battle did he die in?

He fought against the Indians. I guess you could call it the Indian Wars, although it was more of a protracted campaign after the Civil War to kill or displace as many Native Americans as possible. He died in the battle of little big horn. Are you serious you couldn't find that out about Custer? I'm just wondering if you know how to use a search engine. And as for the comment above, it was certainly not the war of 1812 that is a good 70 years before this.

What was the relationship between Custer and Sitting Bull before the Battle of Little Bighorn?

Siting Bull and the Lakotah never traveled farther south then Nebraska. Prior to the expedition to drive the free Peoples to the prisoner of war camps, reservations, custer had only made war on the Southern Nations. He became famous for slaughtering peaceful people on the southern plains. custer ws actually discharged from the service after going awol, only to be recalled for the Greasy Grass campaign. The two never met personally, though custers reputation of murdering innocent Peoples in peaceful camps pprecededhim throughout the Free First Nations Peoples..

need to find custer county courthouse in arapaho,oklahoma?

Custer County of Court House Arapaho OK 73620 580-323-1616

Why did General Custer lose at the Little Big Horn?

Check out the link - lots of good in depth information. http://www.lakotawritings.com/Little_Bighorn001.htm

In your opinion do you think General Custer could have been President had he not been killed?

no they knew he was an idiot, that is why he was sent so far out west

Why were Custer's men mutilated after the Little Big Horn battle?

It is common among primitive tribes to take trophys, as it is believed that the bravery of slain is spiritually present in these trophys - and having them in one's tepee, or wearing them into battle adds their strength to yours -

Is there somewhere i can find a list of names on the Custer Monument?


why wasnt Thomas Ward Custer included in the movie "they died with their boots on"?

George Armstrong Custer:Genocidal Maniac or American Military Hero?

Well he is a hero. Although not a great General.

Has anyone hears the news reports about the Custer County Sheriff of Oklahoma?

Do you mean this one?? A yearlong investigation by prosecutors and law enforcement agents in Oklahoma has resulted in nearly three dozen felony charges against a county sheriff who could face up to 467 years in jail if convicted. via ABC News

Was Gen. Custer dead and his body just brought to the battle of little bighorn?

No. The guy you talked to was full of BS and probably high on something. There aren't any sites to give you because it is made up nonsense. ~

Why are Republicans still complaining that Custer was killed while exterminating Native Americans?

Historical fact. Custer was out generaled and out classed by native Americans. He was an idiot.

What rehabilitation services are available in Custer County, Idaho for spinal cord injury?

I think your closest rehabilitation services for a spinal cord injury is going to be in Twin Falls! You could go to the Elks Rehab Hospital in Boise - they will sometimes help with hotels - and at least they get you going!

What was the name of the fort that General Custer and the 7th rode out of on the day of their destiny?

Fort Abraham Lincoln.

Why did George Armstrong Custer attack Little Big Horn?

He was outnumbered, the issued weapons jammed on the battlefield and Custer was a man prone to blindside himself because he believed his own BS and ignored the advice of his scouts.

My Wife And I Play Custer And Indians In The Bedroom. Is It Racist?

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Back in the 60's I saw a movie about a horse that was the only survivor of Custer's last stand?

Tonka (1958) starring Sal Mineo, Philip Carey, Britt Lomond (as General George Armstrong Custer), John War Eagle (as Chief Sitting Bull), Jerome Courtland, Rafael Campos, H.M. Wynant, Joy Page, Slim Pickens IMDb synopsis: Dakota Territory in the 1870s: White Bull, a young Sioux, proves his manhood by catching and training a wild colt he names Tonka. When a cruel cousin claims the horse as the privilege of rank, White Bull lets Tonka go. The horse ends up in the hands of a captain in the U.S. Cavalry about the time that Sitting Bull gathers the tribes to confront the growing U.S. presence, epitomized by General Custer. All paths, including those of White Bull and Tonka, lead to the confluence of the Little and Big Horn rivers. I saw this in the theater when I was a little girl then again a number of times on television. Actually, I might have videotaped this when it showed up on a cable channel, especially because I am a fan of Sal Mineo and Rafael Campos.

Are there a lot of mosquitos in Custer State Park area of SD?

I don't know but i would have a flea and tick collar on all animals you take with you as when i was there in the early 90's you couldn't walk on a trail without them all over you. GOOD luck and have a great trip.

Has anyone taken the hot air balloon ride in Custer State Park?

no its not worth the money aha the view isnt even all that good :P

Why is it when one goes to "Find A Grave" and looks up George Armstrong Custer one is not allowed to comment?

Probably because they would get a billion comments because he is so controversial. As with many of our historical "heroes" (Andrew Jackson, Christopher Columbus, etc...), there is a dark side to his story and they probably wanted to avoid the arguments that allowing comments would surely facilitate. Looking in other places besides wikipedia is probably best to research why he is such a controversial figure. Try asking the opinion of the Lakota people (or as they were dubbed by Euro-christians, the Sioux). I won't go too far into my personal opinion, other than to say that I would be too tempted to post a nasty (factual) comment about ol' Custer myself!

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How has Custer's Last Stand affected modern day America?

No sarcasm intended but modern America is affected just like I am. Every time you read a pundit's opinion on what happened it's different. Not my area of study however why can't everyone agree on what happened? Was Benteen drunk or was that Major Reno? Battlefield maps show Reno was not engaged so why did he retreat across the shallows? Did they conspire to trap Custer's troop or not come to his rescue? Were the heroics of Custer's troop in the end real? Or did they just lay down and die as the tribes later said? I still don't know what happened. sp

The Battle of Little Bighorn in which George A. Custer and his men were killed occurred after?


How did stonewall jackson and general custer contribute to America??

Custer was an idiot. Showed indians could defeat military, huge humiliation for army. Jackson:Best President in History, Payed off national debt(only president to do so,before him or AFTER), Won battle of New Orleans(before presidency, most important battle in american history), moved all indians from south to indian terrirtories(most people hate him for that), stopped monopoley of National Bank, One of the most important people in american history, first preident to be a president for the people(born poor)

Why does the city of Monroe Michigan say they are proud of General Custer?

Many places are proud of the people who grew up or were born there. Monroe was were Custer spent most of his boyhood life and where his wife was born. Monroe was named for President James Monroe who visited Michigan territory in 1817. While Custer was arogant and made a foolish and infamous battlefield blunder, parts of his military career showed him to be brave and agressive in battle. He was also known for preperation before battle. He was no worse than others who fought in the plains wars against the tribes. He took prisoners. So Custer is a famous Son of Monroe. An area of 90% white and 0.24% native american. Check the links for more information

What discovery brought Custer and his troops, as well as thousands of other whites, to invade the Black Hills?

Custer said he discovered gold in the Black Hills. The United States tried to buy the land but the offer was refused so we invaded.

What did the sioux attack against Custer's troops at Little Big Horn Provide?

What do you mean by saying the Lakotah attacked custer? The bastarrd custer attacked the Lakotah village not the other way around. You should read "The Vanishing Race" by Joseph K Dixon. This provides an accurate description of the battle from the surviving Absaroke scouts used by custer, as well as Lakotah warriors who fought there. The Lakotah, Cheyenne, and Arapaho were camped on UNCEEDED land. Meaning it was not yet claimed by amerika. They had every right to camp there, hunt there. If a racist moron attacked your family, would you not defend them with lethal force? For a fact, His Crazy Horse did not lead the Lakotah, Cheyenne, and Arapaho into the battle. The Vanguard of the warriors was led by the Cheyenne. They wanted revenge for the murder of their helpless ones at Washata and Sand Creek. Buffalo Bull that Sits, Sitting Bull, was the Lakotah Head man of the big village. He served as a spiritual advisor. The week before, during the Sun Dance, He sacrificed 100 pieces of flesh. His vision told him of the coming battle and the end results. custer was an egotistical moron who got what he deseerved. Any man who attacks a village that stretched for 7 miles, containing over 5000 warriors, with only 600 men is a moron by any standards. What did the Lakotah, Cheyenne, and Arapaho provide? They provided death to the troopers in custers group of men. When he divided his command into 3 groups, only major Benteen and major Reno's group survived the battle. Many of them did die, but some survived. Only those in custers group died to the last man. HANTA YO!!!!!!!!!

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Why was Custer killed in the battle of little big horn?

He wasn't used to fighting natives who (a) weren't old folks and kids and (b) who fought back.

How did the Custer flag recently sold get off the battlefield?

Troops arrived at the site a very short time after the battle. I assume that the attackers were not interested in the flag and left it behind being mainly interested in weapons and ammunition.

How can I be like general Custer?

He was a f*cking moron. I would not pick him as a role model. He is the historical example of what NOT TO DO. I hope this is sarcasm. His results speak for themselves and he got alot of good soldiers killed. Custers last stand was just one of several screw ups with that one being his last.

Why did Colonel Custer go into battle in the battle of Little Bighorn?

He was probably one of America's most arrogant generals. He split a force that might have been able to defeat Sitting Bull in open combat, but made the smaller groups extremely vulnerable. He thought that by splitting the force he could easily find the enemy and put the groups together again to destroy it, but he was cut off after being ambushed, and probably drawn into a running battle, instead of the famed "last stand" everyone talks about.

Just curious as to what people think is the best biography of General Custer?

If you go to the Library of Congress' website at: loc.gov and ask the Librarian this question they will probably be able to tell you what you are looking for, whether it is truthful or fictional. A lot of biographies of General Custer, Wyatt Earp, Wild Bill Hickock and John Wesley Hardin are a bunch of junk. Custer was full of himself and was promoted to General by accident. Wyatt Earp and his brothers were chased out of California for horse stealing and when they moved to Tombstone he used to pay little kids to let him know when bad guys were in town. He would sneak out of his saloon and shoot them down from behind and because he and his brothers were the law no one contested there stories that he beat them in a fast draw contest. John Wesley Hardin was a drunk and a narcotic user. A lot of history(so-called) is based on penny-dreadfuls that were written to glorify the old west. And most of them were biased in favor of the people they were writing about. The truth is out there, you just have to research to find it. Good luck.

Why do schools teach that Custer died at the Battle of Little Big Horn?

Outside of America Custer is almost non existent.

Does the Custer channel-wing for aircraft really work?

The custer channel wing advantage (high lift at relatively slow airspeed) simply doesn't offset its disadvantages (consruction compexity, weight and cost). Other concepts, such as deployable wing slots, slats and flaps accomplish the same thing at less cost and sacrifice in other attributes, such as high speed. There are numerous other examples of aircraft design ideas that have a singular merit but multiple disadvantages that make them economically and operationally uncompetitive. The combination "flying car" comes to mind. There have been several attempts to market one, but the fact is that the engineering trade-offs are too great. Yes, it's feasible to build them, but the result is a very poor performing but expensive car that flys equally poorly and inefficiently! Same reason aircraft on floats and "flying boats" aren't that popular. They fly slow with poor payload due the extra weight of the floats/hull and they are also very poor boats! They make sense in Alaska and Minnesota if you like to fly into fishing holes! And the list doesn't stop with aircraft. The fact is that optimizing a machine at one task usually sacrifices efficiency at another task. That's one reason there are so many different aircraft and vehicle designs, and two human genders. (Optimizing the human body to be a mother sacrfices certain attributes that make it an efficient hunter!) But good question! Keep up you curiosity! :-)

What did Custer get in his peace pipe when he convinced the native americans to sign the treaty's?

tobacco is a plant native to america. we always smoked it and are the ones who introduced it to europeans. you're welcome. as for peace pipes...no such things except in the minds of non natives. they are pipes. just pipes. too many cowboy movies.