How do credit card debt councilors work with credit card issuers?

Unfortunately the ones who advertise on television are usually in it just for the money. Beware of any organization that requires an up-front fee. If you belong to a credit union or there's one that serves your office, they will be able to put you in touch with a reliable organization. Here's a booklet that will help you:

Who is responsible for credit card debt if somebody dies? Or does the company eat it?

The person's estate or surviving spouse, otherwise, they have to eat it. Most credit agencies have a life insurance policy on their lenders now and don't persue the matter if you send a copy of the death certificate in to them.

What is the best way to pay off credit card debt?

Transfer your current credit card balance to an interest free card. This usually gives 9 months to pay off. Make paying off the debt your main priority above everything else. If you have balance at the end of the 9 months on the said card, transfer to another of the same free interest.By the way the credit card should not be used for any more purchases whatever. The sole purpose is to pay over all monies owing

Is credit card debt considered an open account or a written contract?

Spiff! Man you are starting to disappoint me something terrible! The definition of a "written" contact is one where all of the payment issues are completely spelled out. The monthly payments, the timeframe, everything. An "open" or "revolving" credit line does not fall into this catagory because the terms of the agreement change every month. One month you owe $200, and the next you owe $400.....and each month you have a varying amount of payment. You can pay it off, and then run it right back up again....that's why they call it a 'revolving" line of credit. This is also clearly spelled out in the US UCC codes, and many states specifically label credit card debts as open accounts. Georgia is one state that specifically labels credit cards as NOT being a written contract. Please refer to the link below. Once again....poor answers with no source of information cause a lot of damage here on Yahoo. If they don't provide you with a source for further examination it's best not to believe it.

I'm being sued, I have the money to pay off a credit card debt, who should I make the payment to?

You have to make the payment agreement with the one that is suing you. You should offer a percentage of the debt. You should stipulate in the agreement - if they agree to take a percentage, after payment, they will agree that the debt is paid and no longer collectable. Be sure to have the agreement in writing!!! Be sure that when you come to an agreement and when you pay that both the agreement and the payment is filed in the case file !!!

Selling home, making a profit - better to pay off credit card debt or put money into new home?

Have you lived in it for at least 2 of the last 5 years? If so, there's no capital gains tax from the IRS, and the money is yours to spend as you wish. Glenn is correct - This all depends upon what you'll do with these newly cleaned up credit cards..... It's a falacy that people can get out of debt by placing all their credit card debt onto their house. They usually run up their cards again in a few years and are then worse off than before. Put the money to the house. Start paying EXTRA to your credit cards. Start cutting up your credit cards. Then start sending extra to your house. FREEDOM!!!!!!

Who would like to pay off my credit card debt for me?

I'm going to check your answers because I need the same help!! GOOD LUCK!

When does the statute of limitation start on a credit card debt that is a two year no interest no payment plan?

Typically the SOL starts from the date or last activity or last payment -- not the breach. The first missed payment would constitute a breach of the contract. At that point the creditor should have taken action to collect the debt, including filing lawsuit if needed.

what is the fastest way to get rid of credit card debt?

debt is something that many people struggle with and if you let it get out of control it will consume you and your life. Learn the snowball affect. That means start paying off you lowest amount first. Take the amount and pay more than that. and while doing this you need to pay the minimum of the other debts. then when the lowest amount is paid off you take that amount you were paying for it and roll it into the next lowest debt. this is what we in the finance industry call the snowball effect. It works and works well. Good luck paying off your debt and don't let it consume you.

How do I fix credit card debt, I got good info on , need more?

sure dude, here I found tons more. It'll take a month to read it all. I've found some good information here too... Hope that helps.