How many of you thank that the Dallas Cowboys will make the wildcard?

Well so far they have won two in a row which is good under Garrett direction, but there next three games will be there surviving test ( NO, IND,PHI) and if they win at least two they should be back on track.

Is there tailgating before Dallas Cowboys preaseason games and are they crowded?

Yes there is, but Tailgating is permitted in designated tailgating spaces only around the perimeter of the lots. I enclosed a link to the stadium that should help. While the games are crowded, but it is not that bad getting in and around from my experience. If you want to tailgate, I would show up early (just after the lots open) enough to either get set up or roam around and socialize. You can alos hang out and do the same for a couple hours after the game as well. Have fun, I don't know where your tickets are but take some time and roam the other levels inside as well - amazing place.

How come the majority of sports bars have the Dallas Cowboys on the biggest screen?

You must go to bars run by Cowboys fans. Here the biggest screen is normally either local, or, the favorite team of the bar owner. I haven't noticed Dallas being on the big screen anymore than others unless the owner was a fan.

What will be the temperature inside the Cowboys Stadium during the NBA All Star Game?

i think around 70 to 65 degrees

How does my Steelers Cowboys Supebowl prediction look so far?

Steelers/Cowboys Superbowls seem common place to me...and I for one would love to see the matchup. If the fans of each team had it their way, I don't think you'd find to many that would rather see a different matchup. The Cowboys seem like the front runner in the NFC right their chances seem pretty solid. The Steelers are playing very well, but they'll have to break NE and possibly the Colts to get to the big game. And I like their chances to do just that!

Why are the Cowboys and Chargers favorites to win every year?

Both teams are very talented. Both teams have a QB with a rating over 95. Both teams have good defenses and offenses. It's a no-brainer to choose them every year. But thing is, Cowboys underachive for some reason, and the Chargers are choke-artists. But other than that it's all media-bias.

What should the Cowboys trade in order to get a 1st round pick?

I know there will be people that say "TO" but lets be realistic, no one is going to trade a first round pick for TO. If Dallas really wants a first round pick they will have to do something like trade a 2nd and 4th or 5th from next year and a 2nd from the year after that. It also depends on how early they want to pick in the first round. Another option would be to trade someone like M. Barber who I here the inside word says he was really pissed about J. Jones comments about him and has told close friends he will never resign with the Cowboys.

When are the Cowboys going to start building their NEW NEW stadium?

They are putting the seats in the new one right now the place is so beautiful. You never have to leave for anything, everything you need is in it. Its fit for a king.


They wouldnt suck, but they have to play/lose to the Redskins (woo hoo) every year. But did u hear? Roy Williams' house leaks, apperantly he never put a roof on, because he cant cover anything.


they will miss the playoffs. everybody has been getting excited because they've won 3 in a row. but i believe 2 of those games were at home to the 49ers and the Seahawks!! they have pittsburg, NY Giants, Baltimore, and Philly left, and there isnt an easy game left. this team will miss the playoffs.