How would you describe the costumes in Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat?

Alot of the brothers wore simple outfits that were mostly brown and and tan hues. They had head-dress type things that were simple fabric caps with strips of farbric around them holding them in place. The dancers had an array of costumes that fit with each musical number, such as show-girl type things and also country/southern dress. The father wore things close to the brother, but he had more of an extensive color palette than they had. Hope that helps!

What are some creative halloween costumes that you could make at home?

I Pod (use cardboard box) Outhouse (again, cardboard box - and a roll of tp on the side) Spider (sweats with stuffed tights sewn onto the side) Bag of jelly beans (clear kitchen size trash bag with holes for arms, legs, head and filled with balloons) My personal favorites that we did for my daughter was - the night sky (dark blue/black dress or sweats with tons of glow in the dark stars glued on with hot glue) and Mrs. Noah we made an Ark out of a stroller and filled it with beanie babies. She pushed it and wore a simple dress. Here are some links for ideas - some are for younger kids, but may inspire you . . . Good luck!

What are some cute and simple costumes for a 17 year old?

Be a fairy

How can I get both extra costumes in Tekken 5 for Asuka?

When you purchase Asuka's extra costume you get two extra costumes so you already have it press triangle for her school costume and I think Circle for her geisha costume. I think that's what you have to do I haven't played in a while.

How can i find inexpensive adult costumes? Or tips for easy home made costumes?

What are good matching costumes for a couple at a costume party?

homer and marge simpson

What are good costumes for my 8 year old sister?

1. Animal. 2. Farmer. 3. Curious George. 4. Man with the Yellow Hat (Woman with the Yellow Hat). 5. French fry. 6. A bottle of ketchup. 7. Pink cotton candy. 8. Blue cotton candy. 9. Small sneaker 10. Big sneaker. 11. Oreo cookie. 12. Carton of eggs. 13. Carton of milk. 14. Subway sandwich. 15. Quizno's sandwich 16. Tim Horton's sandwich if you live in Canada. 17. You could be the xylophone/drum/violin. 18. Stick/stick/bow. 19. Skinny jeans. 20. Flare jeans. Cloudy with a Chance of Sprinkles- Wear all white or grey and tape cotton balls to yourself. Carry a spray bottle with water, and when people ask what you are, say cloudy with a chance of sprinkles and spray them. Quarter back- Normal clothes, tape a quarter on your back.

How do costume designers make such good costumes?

If you can get your hands on the appendice discs from the extended cut LOTR movies, you get an inside look at some of what went into the building of costumes. A LOT of work, and a huge brainful of ideas from the artists and designers involved. Check out and you can see non movie people recreating the garb step by step. I'll bet a large budget and crew to do the work helps where the movie costuming is concerned :)


No, I think it's fine. It's not as bad as other costumes. Just make sure she does wear the tights though, otherwise it would be too short. Also, for shoes, it would be 100 times better to wear red ballet flats. That would be cute. Or, just any red or white flat shoe. Have a happy Halloween!!


What you need to do is find some pictures of what you want to achieve. You might be able to buy a hat at a craft store, spray paint it, wear a corset that you could maybe find at a second hand store and then for the skirt, do what they usually do, take a large piece of material, drape it around it you and pin it in place. Also, you might want to go with white gloves and maybe a small pillow could double for a bustle.