How bad is the chineese food contagion?

who knows this info could be wrong but if its not than yes this could be bad but if North America cleans it or boils it maybe its not bad for us plus 30% of seafood is still good and if we start being careful and asking where they get it from this will help

Is that new contagion movie any good?

My hubby saw it last night - and he said it was really good. Very squirm-inducing and suspenseful. And he doesn't like much, so it's a pretty solid endorsement. I'm going tomorrow night.

How good is the movie "Contagion" for girls?

Just saw the movie the other day. I don't think it would be too scary for 12 year olds. There's not really much in it that's "scary". If anything they might think it a bit boring. It's more of a mystery than a thriller.

Are rise if the planet of the apes and contagion movies related?

no i dont think it is realated but i never thought about the preview before the movie and how it ended

Is social learning different from social contagion?

Social Contagion is "The transmission of a corrupting influence from one person to another. Social contagion tends to occur when people are together in large crowds. When aggression is carried out in a sports arena. there observers may be urged to join in and to complete the hostility that has built up." It sounds like social contagion is more like performing an action that goes against our conscience that others are also doing, not necessarily learning any new behaviors. Peer pressure could be an example.

How is the language/nudity in the movie Contagion?

The film is rated PG-13 for disturbing content and some language. The violence itself really doesn't go over the top but take the "disturbing content" reason seriously. I rarely cringe when I watch movies but I did a few times. There's an autopsy scene which is pretty graphic and a lot of people die and you see what kind of effects the disease has on them. The language wasn't quite as strong as I expected but there was still an F word, around 7 or so uses of the S word and a few other scattered profanities. God's and Jesus' names were also abused a few times as well. Here are some links to some sites so you can check the content of a movie before you go see it. - Plugged In is more descriptive and has more of a review of the film whereas Dove mainly just tells you what content may be of concern. I hope I helped!

Is contagion a good movie for horror movie loving teen girls to see?

It's not a horror bloody scenes like final destination, more like a documentary with drama and suspension to me. It's a very nice show, very scientific and pretty true too because things like that might just happen one day, not to scare you guys though...but it's nice to learn something from this film. Hope you guys would like it if you're to watch it. C:

Could an allergic person get allergic symptoms only after catching a cold contagion?

It sounds like an unremarkable coincidence. Allergies aren't contagious, and you can't become allergic because you didn't go to the doctor with a cold.

What is the contagion hypothesis is relation to Meiosis?

The Contagion Hypothesis. An unusual and interesting alternative hypothesis for the origin of sex is that it arose as a secondary consequence of the infection of eukaryotes by mobile genetic elements. Suppose a replicating transposable element were to infect a eukaryotic lineage. If it possessed genes promoting fusion with uninfected cells and synapsis, the transposable element could readily copy itself onto homologous chromosomes. It would rapidly spread by infection through the population, until all members contained it. So basically the theory is that an infectious agent began to replicate chromosomes, therefore putting pressure on diploid individuals to undergo meiosis to avoid chromosomal disorders from having too many chromosomes.

Can a virus really start like the one in contagion?

Viruses can be spread a lot of ways, and yes, it can be just as simple as you saw it in the movie. Thanks for the spoiler.