Polish Constitution Day Parade 2010 in Krakow?

couldn't find anything either. There will probably be more info available when closer to May. On May 3rd there usually is a mass in the church and then a parade.

Are Republicans celebrating Constitution Day today?

They're dancing all over it

Anyone up for a Constitution burning on this Constitution Day?

Never, If I ever saw someone burning a constitution in my presence....I might have to take off my belt.

Why hasn't the main stream media (MSM) and Yahoo announced that today is Constitution Day?

Because the Constitution is dead, hasn't anyone told you yet? You'd think everyone would know it was dead based on the things that happen in America every day.

Today is a federal holiday…How do you plan to celebrate Constitution Day?

Federal intrusion into local and state education systems has had test scores and actual results falling since they got involved. Now they (Byrd D. W.Va) mandates curriculum and sequence...liberal control freaks all. Federal level libs took over education and the cost went through the ceiling, and the results went through the floor... Now they want to take over America's Health Care System??? Who is crazier! Them for wanting, or American citizens for even considering such lunacy!

What is the significance of Constitution Day??!!?

That was the day the Constitution was created?

Constitution Day?

Part it on the side Tease it up a little bit??? I DONT KNOW LOL

As today is Constitution Day, shouldn't we recognize the only pro-Constitution presidential candidate?

My answer to your question is, YES! And you also bring up very good points! Thank you! *************************************************

What are some patriotic songs for my history class? the topic is constitution day?

constitution day?

In the US, Constitution Day celebrates the US Constitution, the document upon which our government was founded.