Jose Aldo vs Conor Mcgregor?

Jose Aldo cause he is latino.

Mma fighter conor mcgregor.?

He doesn't want you to pee in the ring because his relative didn't want you to pee in study hall. Don't show him Godzilla getting his tail lassoed by a Texas cowboy.

How long was irish UFC fighter Conor McGregor with his girlfriend?

am meeting him next week ill make sure to ask him

What school did irish UFC fighter Conor McGregor go to?

Some school in Ireland.

Who thinks its safe to say once Jose Aldo leaves the 145 division, Conor McGregor will be the new 145 champ in the UFC?

I agree. Although I wouldn't mind Conor going to 155lbs and TKOing Pettis to become the new LW champion.

Is Conor McGregor a future PPV king?

If he keeps winning I don't see why not. Maybe he can get a media push the way De La Hoya did in the 90s after he won the gold medal, The way Pacquiao after the 2nd Morales fight.
White people more over white America doesn't have a marketable figure in combat sports right at this moment. They're looking for a "white hope" and Connor McGregor may fit the mold. Most prominent white American figures are actors in movies or music not in combat.

Conor McGregor vs Pat Curran?

pat curran. i think conor mcgregor is all hype. plus he talks crap way too much.

Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather in a K-1 fight?

Conor would kill him with a tornado kick. Conor is longer and is an expert in movement and has great kicks, elbows, punches, knees. McGregor by KO.

Why does Diego Sanchez want to fight Conor McGregor at 170lbs?

That's ridiculous if he's asking for 170lb. Conor fights at 145-155lb, Diego asking for a fight at WW is an obvious ducking tactic. I can see it now, "oh he wouldn't fight me at 170lb, that's why it didn't happen".
Just fight him at lightweight. Diego is too small for 170lb and too big for 155lb, but he's a better lightweight than he is welterweight.
Conor would style all over him IMO, so it's no suprise Diego is trying to get an advantage.

Just for fun - Could a healthy Conor McGregor beat José Aldo?

i personally don't think conor would beat aldo. the fight would be contested on the feet since both men are primarily strikers. if its going to the ground i see aldo taking conor down not the other way around. aldo has faced some tough wrestlers and they weren't able to take him down, and when they do they don't do damage to him. i just see aldo picking conor apart on the feet with leg kicks. i would go with aldo by tko.
as you said he probably needs 3 more wins which is going to be tough if he has to go through mendes, swanson, edgar or llamas.