Are Liberals willing to concede that the Supreme Court will remain in Conservative hands for decades to come?

Since almost 65 percent of Americans consider themselves Cons(not REP..Cons..there is a difference) then it seems logical.

Since Zionism tends to suppose superiority and amoral means to wealth, should others just concede and serve?

That's why the Germans built gas chambers, trouble is, they put the innocent instead of the guilty in them.

Jesus Christ Mittens would you hurry up and concede so I can go to bed?

Mittens is still crying in the corner, kicking his legs in the air refusing to acknowledge defeat!

Should Americans concede their fight against British was terrorism?

Terrorism is the deliberate targeting of non-combatant civilians. Some of this occurred in the Carolinas on both sides: patriot AND loyalist. But it was not a policy of the colonies and did not affect the war.

Would you concede that effective immigration reform is better for everyone?

Immigration laws should be made lenient and tolerant because it is through immigration that the US became a superpower due to taxes, progressive economy and varied ethnic groups making a unique society.

London: Are you now willing to concede that Multiculturalism is a failure?

Absolutely. But this was evident before labour opened the door to millions of third world immigrants. Many cities now have more 'minorities' than White residents and many whites are forced out if their areas....intimidation, gun crime, gang/ knife crime. Look what happened in is as bad in Britain. Last week we had some Muslims demanding sharia areas and a few weeks back they were demanding their own emirates. The pc lunatics of the last few decades have led us to this awful place....... Blair should hang his head in shame.

If Feminism were in actuality a political party, would they ever concede any argumentative points?

"would they ever concede any argumentative points?" Doubt that they ever would, especially when you notice that most of their arguments consist of shaming their detractors and deflecting from the main argument.

What is the latest date for the Second Coming? By the end of what year will you concede that it won't happen?

Jesus said that not even the angels in heaven know the exact hour but we are exhorted to be mindful of the times. To answer your question- i will never stop believing in God/Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

Why do Catholics refuse to concede that their church became doctrinally corrupt in the Middle Ages?

The Church is what allowed Europe to survive the dark ages. The cause of the Reformation came from Martin Luther's perception of what was going on, not what was going on. He was a monk. That is like a traffic cop knowing what the Chief of Police is up to. The Church has had it's share of Bad Popes. Jesus said the Church would be Holy, not everyone who runs it would be. There is no justification for the Reformation. He violated the bible by dividing the Church which is not Jesus' plan. Peace be with you. <<>>

If Hillary Clinton loses in New Hampshire, will she finally concede the election to her better opponents?

Oh H*LL no! She is too arrogant for that. She will definitely step up attacks on everyone and return to playing the victim card when they strike back. She is not only selfish and arrogant but dirty, real dirty. Dick Morris who was with the Clintons for years has made a movie and it shows the real Hillary. Her focus will be on winning at all odds. Even Super Tuesdays loss won't stop her, any more than it would stop a speeding freight train! If shoved into a corner maybe the public will see her real characteristics, along with her vile temper. .

Is it considered bad etiquette in golf if you never concede a hole in match play?

Yes, if there's really no chance he loses the hole, it's poor form to make him play it out. I played a match against a high school kid a couple years ago and he was making me play everything out. Even on holes where I would have to three putt from one foot to halve the hole, and four putt from one foot to lose, he would make me putt out. After the match I told him that he's going to piss a lot of people off and get a bad reputation at the club if he continues to play that way. He was young and really didn't know any better, and thanked me for the advice. My advice to you, play match play the right way.

How soon should Hillary concede this election?

in short: NOW with more detail: Hillary should give up NOW because, 1) She has no chance of winning TX, OH, and PA by the large margin she would need to to regain the pledged delegate lead. (If current trends continue, She may actually lose them all!) 2) She would 'start on day 1' of a presidential campaign with over 50% of the electorate dead set against her winning. 3) She can't and won't be able to beat Mcain with independents. She isn't even able to debate the merits of going to Iraq with him, as she voted for it. 4) She CAN NOT regain the pledged delegate lead, so any Hillary nomination would be one against the will of the democratic electorate... just remember super-delegates count just as much as you or I in the general election! It's hard to imagine any candidate prevailing in that situation. The Republicans would have a field day with Dems now ignoring the "popular vote" that they whined so much about 'should count' when Bush beat Gore.

I support Obama, but concede that Romney has viability. How often do reps admit Obama is tough opposition?

STUPID ROMNEY QUOTES ''Corporations are people, my friend... of course they are. Everything corporations earn ultimately goes to the people. Where do you think it goes? Whose pockets? Whose pockets? People's pockets. Human beings, my friend.'' —GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney to a heckler at the Iowa State Fair who suggested that taxes should be raised on corporations to help balance the budget, Aug. 11, 2011 ''I like being able to fire people who provide services to me.'' —Mitt Romney, using an unfortunate choice of words while advocating for consumer choice in health insurance plans (January 2012) ''I'm running for office for Pete's sake, we can't have illegals.'' —Mitt Romney, recalling his reaction when he learned that there were illegal aliens working the ground on his property, employed by a firm that he subsequently fired (October 2011) ''I saw my father march with Martin Luther King.'' —GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, bragging in 2007 about his family's record on civil rights. Romney later admitted he didn't technically see his father march with King, nor did his father ever march with the civil rights leader on the same day or in the same city. ''PETA is not happy that my dog likes fresh air.'' —Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in 2007, responding to criticism from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals following revelations that he had once strapped the family dog to the roof of his car during a 12-hour road trip ''My sons are all adults and they've made decisions about their careers and they've chosen not to serve in the military and active duty and I respect their decision in that regard. One of the ways my sons are showing support for our nation is helping me get elected because they think I'd be a great president.'' —Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney in 2007 ''I should tell my story. I'm also unemployed.'' —GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, speaking in 2011 to unemployed people in Florida. Romney's net worth is over $200 million. ##

When will Norm Coleman concede the election, and admit that Franken won fairly and honestly?

Franken will win, but Coleman will not concede politely, they will have to take him away kicking and screaming like a typical whiny Republican because they are always big-time sore losers.

Is Obama ready to concede when he loses the next primary election?

We could only hope so. I'm afraid there would be a ton of very relieved democrats out there if he did back out. Hillary can hold onto the primary votes she has won. Obama would loose a percentage of his in the general election due to buyers remorse. I have a funny feeling that Hillary would even appeal to a few republicans more than McCain does, especially considering her recently reaffirmed bi-partisan work ethic. What's Obama going to do if he's nominated, and can't beat McCain. If he dropped out gracefully, it might turn out to be less damaging to his career. It would be better for the party in the long run as well. If they hand him the nomination, McCain will win it... I think they are starting to come to terms with that now... finally.

Did I use the words concede and misconstrue correctly in these sentences?

both correct /p

Republicans. Would you concede the 2012 race if Obama donates his campaign finances to the deficit?

since the republicans care nothing for America they will say no

Will atheist concede that the collective intellect of billions exceeds the puny opinions of the fringe?

Why would Christ ask at his return to this world... "Will I find faith." ...and... "Scarcely one is saved." And why would God say... "All have left me." ...and... "I take 1 from a city and 2 from a family." Seems like it is the massive MINORITY who are truly God's elect on this earth. Number count for nothing

Do atheist concede that the concept of an Intelligent Designer like Jesus is more logical than random accident?

Of course not! Christian Fundamentalist is a complete contradiction in terms! CHRISTIAN – A follower or believer in Jesus. FUNDAMENTALIST One who believes the Bible is literally true and must be followed exactly. Therefore they are followers of the bible and not Jesus making them non Christians! But worse is to follow it also makes them ideologists. IDEOLOGY An idea that is false or held for the wrong reasons but is believed with such conviction as to be irrefutable. So Christians have a loving and forgiving god and fundamentalist - well - Just are not Christians! Fundamentalists turning Christianity from a religion to an ideology!

will Clinton have the decency to concede if she does not get the big win needed?

She is stubborn like Bill they want power.

Can Democrats agree that they should concede the gun control issue?

talking to conservatives about guns is like talking to a wall the democrats/Obama have proposed ZERO gun control laws...but every republicans keeps saying democrats and Obama want their guns... most democrats don't care about guns

Why Dreyfus believes Descartes must concede telepresence is no different than presence in everyday experience?

Just a thought but it all pretty much boils down to solipsism.

Did Romney concede Pennsylvania and Michigan?

Look at the map below... he doesn't need either state. Look at these three states- Iowa, Wisconsin, Virginia. If he turns two of those three red... he wins the election.

Hypocrits: are you prepared to concede that you might be wrong about your chosen belief?

I think we're all wrong, and I never claimed to know everything.

Do Young Earth Creationists concede that flavobacteria have ADDED information to their DNA to digest nylon?

I can't concede an argument I haven't studied. Nor can I provide a rebuttal. The debate remains at a standstill. You keep talking about these bacteria, but thus far all I have to go off of is your word. Do you have credentials? Sources? Specifics?

Should Spain just concede and spare themselves the embarrassment tomorrow?

you are right about germany. i say germany is goin to take the world cup if spain doesnt wake up and start playin like they did before the world cup

Conservatives, do you concede there is a need for veterans to have protections?

Veterans have self discipline, motivation and a willingness to work harder than a namby pamby college kid. So what if there are 300,000 homeless vets, they must be lazy or something. I'd hire a vet over just about any other catagory of man/woman.

Do christians concede to the possiblity that other gods might exist in addition to their own?

Some do; some don't.

Does everyone concede that monotheism is by far the greatest advancement in the history of world civilization?

If so, then why have I seen and heard about Egyptians and Greeks, with all their many Gods and Goddesses, being the fore-runners and first democracies? Their advanced sciences in politics, medicine, (the History Channel has shown medical discoveries which our own modern doctors have only been able to perform in the last 50-70 years; with surgical instruments that our own medical surgeons are using today), philosophy, religious thought, commerce. Remember, even christianisms book teaches that Moses was taught for 40 years the Knowledge of Egypts' great teaches and wise-men, before fleeing because of killing another Egyptian, and before "rescueing" the Israelites. Also, it was Moses' father-in-law, a priest of other God(s) / Goddess(es), which gave him advice, as well. And, Old Persia was a Mecca, before Islam, of great secular, progressive learning, which many great people from many countries, in our past, flocked to. Shining Wolf

Do you think the religious will ever concede that religion relies on our gaps of knowledge?

No but as those gaps get smaller and smaller hopefully it will just be a reason we got off work a few times a year.

Why do so many religious people concede that microevolution is possible, but not macroevolution?

They're called reality deniers.Ignore them.

How long will it be before the fundies concede that nothing in the bible should be taken "literally"?

It will never happen, even though people who can think and reason know that this point should have been reached long ago. As long as the bibleists get their electrodes recharged every Sunday, and as long as they let somebody else tell them what the bible says, it will never happen.

Can the Liberals just concede all the races?

Y' all must be one those 60 year old head-stompin' white guys, that I've been reading about.

Will it be time for Senator Clinton to concede the nomination to Senator Obama if she loses in PA?

Yes...she should have done it already.

How could anyony logically concede that the last 50 years of Dem control of Detroit has been good for the city?

Any political party that has its core support among the poor & unemployed wants MORE poor, unemployed people every year and not more. A way to accomplish that is to drive out every business, eliminate every job, and destroy the educational system. Then tell the poor & unemployed it's all the fault of "The Man", and that they need to vote for YOU to protect them from "The Man". Har, har, har..... A side benefit is that the population will be too uneducated to ask silly questions about what happened to all the money you stole. Not very different from pre-earthquake Port au Prince, Haiti.

Is a soccer team really more likely to concede a goal immediately after scoring one?

i've seen teams concede a goal right after they score one. but i have seen teams hold on to their lead. but no, there are no available stats on this.

Will Mccain concede like A politician that lost the race or will he have something ugly to say?

He's been pretty supportive of Obama and I feel like he respects him. So I think he will be nice about it. Palin, on the other end.... she might do something super ugly....

Is it time that we as Democrats concede that the Republican party has control?

decade? i think if they dont within these days, thye wont in 50-100 years. ;)

Is Hillary waiting to concede, or is she waiting for more donations?

Donations is one way to make sense of this. But most of what the media is quibbling at isn't making much sense the past 20 hours. I have a much clearer and simpler answer for you though. Please don't think I am not being serious when I say this, it is not something I mean literally of course, but I Do mean it in essence. Here it is: (It's a good question by the way. Why waiting?) She cannot concede. The Clintons actually have to ABDICATE. The problem is the Clintons have two decades of control of the democrat party, now that control is completely gone. She cannot be veep. She has no leverage. The Clintons have nothing but 109 million dollars and old age and each other and Chealsea. I know, it's shocking. And sad too. The Clintons are bored as hell with each other without all that power to play with. But at least they have Chelsea. They should try to remember that. And appreciate that. And the next woman who runs for highest office does not have to be the first one to come close now. Meanwhile, I'd seriously like to see some women governors in some of these states over the next ten years please: (Women still need to bring forth more worthwile demonstrated examples of Executive leadership roles.) New York Pennsylvania California Ohio Florida Texas :) Seriously Half the entire population of the United States of America is women. Half the voters in these states are women. What does this tell you? Women need to seriously check some of that "Manson family/ heil Hillery/ Frau Furer" ego at the door before they start walking in and spinning the "Wow, so much sexism" Hillery is not responsible at all for missing her royal victory. There is feminism in the world. Some of it really good. American feminism is hindging on the edge of absurd. And most women, even in America are not really that stupid. A lot of women here already know this.

Why does India concede too many runs to Australia in the last 10 to 15 overs of cricket ODIs?

Your right Indians only fit enough to play until 20 overs... Aussies are good enough to play 50 overs... So T20 champs not going to win the 50 50 champs...

If Obama wins the North Carolina primary will Hillary concede?

Good question. It's been increasingly funny to me that a few months ago I was complaining on here that the primary system was screwed up and that my vote wouldn't even count since I am in NC and I figured the primaries would be over long before May. So, now it looks like my vote might make a small difference after all..........especially since I am for McCain, and have no reason to vote in the Republican primary. I might vote for Hillary too! A vote that she would not have gotten if McCain had not secured the nomination before now. I was relishing the possibility of being able to vote for McCain against that religious fanatic, Huckabee, since I knew that he would get lots of votes in this highly conservative state of NC. But now I'm free to not only help pick the Democrat Senatorial nominee to go up against Senator Elizabitch Dole's re-election bid, but also I can decide whether to vote for Obama or Hillary too!!! If she doesn't win big enough in PA, which I don't think she will, then she should actually concede before the NC and Indiana primaries. But she probably won't, since she is still counting on some miracle happening at the convention. Now I want to make this very clear: I am in no way for violence and hope that nothing bad happens during or after this election. But I still remember that very sad day that my own favorite candidate, Bobby Kennedy, who had basically just gotten through wrapping up the Democrat nomintation for President, got assasinated. And I certainly don't think for a moment that this was the act of ONE crazy person. So, I don't put it past some people, whoever they might be, to attempt to repeat this act on Obama. So, I can only hope that he has very good security. Apparently whoever decides on the level of security is needed for the candidates has already given a bit more to these candidates, but they probably should step it up a lot more. I hate for any election to be thwarted by assasinations. But since I've lived through 3 big ones in the U.S. in my lifetime and seen many others in other countries, such as Sadat, Bhutto, Begin(I think), and some others, I guess I'm just gun shy nowadays.

If i control a player in Magic: the gathering can i concede?

No, that would break the game into little pieces.

Does a candidate have to concede in order for someone to win?

No. The concession is a mere formality. What happens if they don't concede - they look like a sore loser.

It is over for Romney, will he concede tonight with principle or follow in his historical footsteps?

Did Barack Obama just concede the national security issue to John McCain?

Obama seems to be saying in an unconscious way that he's gonna need a LOT of help if he's elected because he knows nothing about anything except how to look good for the media and say the word 'change' a lot. Frightening.

If Obama lost 11 primaries in a row, would he have been asked to concede?

Honestly I don't think he would have been ALLOWED to lose 11 in a row. He would have been pushed out, left out of debates and ignored long before he got to 11. BUT, he WON 11 and tonight is Hillary's last night in the race. Good riddance to her!~ Obama O8

Which candidate would be most likely to concede the election for the good of the country?

neither, you don't come this far for show.

How many goals will Arsenal concede this weekend?

you silly T&Ters need to realize that if you harness the power of the sun, the great natural power, you don't need no stinkin' man made power :p I should move to T&T and we should set up a solar panels business. btw I hope you didn't buy your electronics in Chinatown lmao.

In a US Political election why is it necessary for the opponent to concede?

For the most part, the call conceding the election is done out of courtesy and "bringing the country together." In the case of Franken and Coleman, Coleman would not stop with the lawsuits trying to keep the recount going. His concession was designed to get across he will not fight it anymore, and that the Minnesota state government can go ahead and certify the results.

For the US presidential election if a candidate concede victory to the front runner, do they stop counting ?

I think it just means the other candidate knows they already lost.. No reason to sit there and wait.. All the votes are counted eventually, but the outcome is pretty certain long before then...