Has your religion ever made you want to act like Conan the barbarian?

Conan does not cry. So I cry for him

Where do I get a Conan the barbarian painting but of myself?

Photoshop your own face on the poster. It's very easy to do.Using your PC.

Was Conan the Barbarian an Actual Warrior or Just a story that was told around a camp fire?

Conan the Barbarian was created in 1932 as a character in a series of fantasy stories. Later, novels and comic books were written about him. He never actually existed. And he is not an ancient legend. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conan_the_Barbarian

Why was the movie Conan the Barbarian pulled from Austin Texas Theaters?

That particular film was not doing well in those particular theaters. The movie will just take up space, and not be as profitable, as another movie might be, for that theater.

Best things to read about conan the barbarian?

in UHF its conan the librarian

I like the Conan(Barbarian/Destroyer) movies, based on that, what other movies could I like?

How much is the Giant-Sized Conan the barbarian "The hour of the dragon" Worth?

You definetly might want to check in the Price Check forum of RarityGuide.com Many collectors hang out there and might be able to tell you how much that is worth. Good luck

What are vintage Conan the Barbarian comics worth?

I am not an expert but usually it also depends on how many you have. If you have a full collection that could be worth far more then just a few here and there. Best thing to do is to check on Ebay, Google, and Yahoo for people selling the issues you have in your set. You then can go to comic book retailers and ask how much they want for the ones you have. You go in as a buyer not a seller. That is probably a good way to get free appraisals. Again first check your web resources second pretend you are a buyer and see what others want to sell your the same thing for. That is my best advice. Check out the bellow links also.

What language is the Conan the Barbarian soundtrack in?

You can read a lot at the website listed below but it appears to be in English, for the most part. The sound of a Latin lyrics is a bit peculiar in one particular passage in "The Kitchen / The Orgy", but that is the exception to the rule. Originally, producer Dino De Laurentiis had planned a soundtrack of pop music for the movie, but was eventually persuaded by Milius to use a full orchestral score. For this purpose, Milius hired Greek-American composer Basil Poledouris, a former classmate from the film department at the University of Southern California, and tasked him to make "a continuous musical drama." The result was a choral and orchestral soundtrack that fills nearly every moment of the film, with pronounced use of leitmotifs to portray mood and character...

What is the main Conan the Barbarian Sword called?

Your best bet is to wait till the dvd is released and capture an image of the sword (assuming you're talking about the new film) so you can provide a link to the image the next time you ask this question. I know one place near me that sells such weapons, or facsimiles of them, so someone should know where you can find one just like it. I saw the movie, but paid no attention to the swords used. Obviously your friend is an enthusiast. The name of the place I mentioned is Armor-Geddon, located in Vallco shopping center in Cupertino, Ca. http://vallcoshoppingmall.com/images/dir.jpg There is also an internet presence that goes by that name. http://armor-geddon.net/ I didn't explore it myself. If you can find it, or another like it, you can call and talk about the sword. Places like this cater to the kind of role play gamers who like to enact mock battles, not like civil war reenactment, more like Renaissance Fair. But I guess you must know that. I wish I had more than advice to give, but there you have it. Good luck with your quest. To eastacademic: Yes, when she asked what the sword was called, I too thought of Stormbringer. She's not asking for a name, she wants to know what to look for. Something more specific than "two-handed broadsword". How to describe the blade, pommel, and handguard. What style is it? Hey, that gives me an idea. EDIT: Look over this list http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Types_of_swords and if you see a likely suspect, search for the type of sword + pics. That way you can narrow it down. Since they are not described at all, you will need to go down the list until you have a good idea what to look for.