how do i find the columbus dispatch for may 27,1992?

You may need to visit the offices of the Columbus dispatch, and peruse their microfiche archives for that information.

Looking for information about Harry Keys catoonist for Columbus Dispatch "We Folks"1938?

The only resource available online is: “After Ireland's death The Passing Show was continued by Harry Keys, who renamed it We Folks in 1938.” You could also try your public library and see if they have print resources such as “World Encyclopedia of Cartoons” (also mentioned in the article). Or the best source for information would probably be: The Ohio State University Cartoon Research Library 27 West 17th Ave. Mall Columbus, OH 43210-1393 Telephone: 614-292-0538 Fax: 614-292-9101 E-mail: Best of luck.

I would like the deaths in the columbus dispatch on november13,1978?

The Columbus News Index (CNI)Obituary Search is an index of the Columbus Dispatch obituaries from April 1932 thru 1997. The asterisk (*) can be used at the end of a name as a substitute for any number of characters (Field* will display results for Field, Fields, and Fielding). CNI includes abstracts only. To locate the full-text of the obituary, please call the Library's Science, Business and News Division at 614-645-2ASK(2275). The Columbus Dispatch also provides access to its archives, The Columbus Dispatch Archives, which is an index of obituaries from 1996 to the present. Visit your local Columbus Metropolitan Library location for access to the Columbus Dispatch Archives online.

Fellow Catholics: The Columbus Dispatch is doing a 6-day newspaper series on Catholic seminary life...?

I'm glad to see that they're showing so much of the reality of what goes on in a seminary, how most priests are really just regular guys who happen to hear the call from God to serve Him and His church. I also like the positive spin it puts on celibacy for priests. It really is something far too many lay-people, especially non-Catholics, don't understand, that it really is a gift, a call from God, and something freely chosen. Something I've found interesting was mentioned in, I think, the second part of the series, that a lot of people think that seminaries are havens for homosexual behavior. It's interesting because people don't thinnk the same thing about frat houses, and it's really the same type of situation: a bunch of men living together while studying for a degree to answer their particular calling. I'm glad to see that we are seeing more new priests, and I hope that even more young men will answer the call. We truly need more new priests, especially since, as the article said, the number of American Catholics has gone up by 46%. (And to think, the numbers in Protestant denominations have been DROPPING, according to an article I read in USA Today. Catholicism is the only denomination with rising numbers.)

sept 17 2006 columbus dispatch cornwell center article?

Here's the link: I'm not sure how long they keep articles up for free, eventually they will charge you so you should print it out if it is important to you.

How can i get an add put in the columbus dispatch online?


where can i apply to be a paper boy at the columbus dispatch in ohio? hope this helps

What was the columbus newspaper before the Columbus Dispatch?

The Columbus Citizen-Journal was a competitor paper to the Dispatch before it went out of business in 1985.

I wonder how Ohio Gov. John Kasich and the Columbus Dispatch feel after bad mouthing President Obama?

Probably feel good. Kasich is trying to destroy the middle class and does not really care about who he bad-mouths. He's a total nut-case, who simply has no logic or morals. If he has his way, Ohio will be ruined!

Columbus Dispatch?

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