If a brand of coffee decreases its price, will people be more willing to try that brand?

this happens in cosmetics often the same mascara for instance is packaged in different containers and marketed - poor people get the same deal but probably feel worse about it - same is true of nail varnish and many of a stores own product which is shipped out by a brand name and just put into cheaper containers - The coffee firm would do better doing this trick so they sell more lower end at the same time as not giving up on the snobby end of the market and we can all have nice coffee at a price we like to pay.

Did you know there is a RECALL on a Starbucks Coffee pot?

Yeah...that's why I buy the cheapest coffee maker at Walmart...average $12. Who would pay like $95 for a coffee maker from Starbucks? I buy their coffee and lattes occasionally but I am amazed at the price of their accessories.

Has anyone gone threw the drive threw at Starbucks and was told that the coffee they ordered was paid for ?

Thats really awesome that people would do that- It would be nice to get a call saying someone bought me a house :-) Pay it forward!!! great movie

Why does my presidents coffee mug have only 42?

the 22nd and the 24th presidents were the same man; grover cleveland

How to cope with the negative news?

I think the first step is to talk to the guy who loves you. You know he can make you laff and feel better. I'm sure he will be there for you...in fact I can guarantee it.

I'm watching Headline news as I have my coffee this morning and wondering...?

I agree once u r famous they will talk about any nonsense of u. they don't care about common people other than celebrities or famous people. He is a famous actor and singer. Think about it Hasslehoff on the news is embrassing and is teasing about his drunkness and his divorce.

How to find busy outdoor events for a professional coffee unit?

It's going to be very difficult like half the year cause of the weather.

Are tourists banned from coffee shops in Netherlands?

Yes, the law has passed, but in 2012 you can buy and smoke cannabis, because it is still tolerated. It is not legal now and won't be in 2013. In 2013 it will be tolerated in private clubs for the local market. So you can registrate only when you are a local. I have a standard answer for this one, because it is a standard question. In The Netherlands the policy on cannabis was quite liberal with good results. The possession of soft drugs for your own use is tolerated (but not legal). In the US, the UK, France and Germany there are more people (per 1000) who use cannabis than in the Netherlands. So the best would be to convince in those countries that a liberal option is better for the health situation. The atmosphere is becoming less liberal because of the drugs-tourism and the rise of organized crime. That is why the new rules are being implemented.Coffee-shops will become private clubs for the local market. These measures will be introduced in addition to the conditions that were already in place. These provide that coffee-shops are prohibited from placing posters, selling hard drugs, causing nuisance, admitting persons below the age of 18 or selling to them and from selling or stocking large quantities. (So you have to prove you are 18+!) And when you smoke be sure not to cause nuisance. The new policy is implemented in the south of The Netherlands first and by 2013 the rules will apply in the north too. An official link below. Edit: no registration in Amsterdam this spring.

What's the difference between the Coffee Party and the Tea Party?

The "Taxed Enough Already", or TEA party movement is a true grass roots movement that sprung up across America in response to the large amount of anger of many taxpaying Americans against the massive spending spree that our congress is engaging in. The "Coffee" movement was created made by several liberal groups to counter the massive success of the TEA party movement. So far, the coffee movement has been very unsuccessful in opposing the TEA part movement.

Are there any health benefits to drinking coffee?

Reduced Risk for Gout Bowel Stimulation Increased Cognitive Ability Antioxidants and Cancer-Fighting Properties Reduced Risk for Alzheimer's Disease Reduced Gall Stones and much more benefits. Moderation is good and no excessively.

Art project help I want to glue some old pics to a coffee and need some advice?

Hello, yes, I think I can help. I'm from the UK, so we give things different names, but if you google 'decoupage furniture' you should get loads of information, advice and ideas. 1) Make sure you prepare your old coffee table well. It needs to be lightly sand papered if it is waxed or varnished to make sure it has a good 'key' for paint or paper to stick to. If it is bare wood, I would clean it to make sure it is grease free. If the wood has dents or holes in it, fill these with wood filler, then sand so the surface is smooth. 2) If you want to put on a base colour paint, now is the time to do it. I usually use a matt acrylic emulsion (wall paint) 3)If you want to use images from magazines or newspapers, I would advise you to photocopy them, otherwise, when you wet them with the glue, the image on the reverse is likely to show through. 4) I would use either a wallpaper paste or a PVA (I think Modge Podge is similar in the USA) to stick the images on. 5) When everything is really dry, give it a number of coats of acrylic varnish (I would suggest about 3 if it is going to take a bit of wear) . I prefer matt varnish , but you could also use mid (satin) or high gloss, but make sure that if you have used any water-based paint, to use water based varnish - mixing oil and water based paints and varnishes can give a poor finish. 6) For a coffee table, I would suggest getting your local glazier to make a glass top (make sure you tell him what it is for so he gives you a safe weight and bevels the edges). Decoupage is a really easy technique - just make sure you don't rush the preparation. The links below show you some ways of doing things - if you hunt around the internet, you will find many more ways of approaching decoupage and I'm sure you will find one that is appropriate to your project. There are also many craft supply shops on line who can help you with products if your local DIY store doesn't have the range. Some sites go mad suggesting tools etc that you need, but really, you just need sandpaper, paint glue and varnish - you can usually smooth out paper just using your hands, no need for expensive rollers and stuff like that. Hope this helps & good luck with your project - so much better and greener to revamp furniture that to spend a fortune on mass produced new.

How long does caffeine stay in your body from coffee, tea etc.?

make regular pot of coffee, and intermittent switch it with a cup of instant decaf, for a change if it is warm drinks you prefer, more than cold..and a cup of hot chocolate before bed will make you more relaxed and likely to sleep better..

Drinking one cup of coffee is worse than eating five hot fudge sundays?

Noooo. Some stupid survey that some nerd came up with probably showed that caffeine is bad for you. Ice cream is terrible for you. That's why Ben & Jerry and all the other Ice Cream pioneers are DEAD.

Legal experts out there: How can you block a trademark such as the one for Ethiopian coffee beans?

Applications for trademarks are published. Any individual or firm can file an objection, usually on the grounds of infringement, or that the trademark represents an effort to block the use of a generic term, including a descriptive geographic one. But geographic ones may be protected otherwise also: as appellations d'origine (like wines, Parma ham, cheese, etc.) Here's one businessperson's story: http://www.cummingsdesign.com/trademarks_service_marks_problems.htm And here's the official UK Government site about opposition to a trademark application: http://www.patent.gov.uk/tm/t-other/t-object/t-object-afterpublish/t-object-afterpublish-oppose.htm And the US Government site: http://www.uspto.gov/main/trademarks.htm

Is coffee safe to drink during pregnancy?

Info below from webmd.com Hope this helps! Aug. 6, 2001 -- Caffeine's effect on pregnancy is one of the most researched of all health subjects. Most studies have shown that it's safe to drink coffee during pregnancy as long as you're consuming less than three cups, or the equivalent of 300 milligrams of caffeine, a day. But a cup is not always a cup -- 8 ounces -- and you may actually be consuming much more than the typical 150 mg of caffeine per serving. In preparation for writing this column, I went to my kitchen and took out several cups that are used in our household for drinking coffee. I filled the cups to about one inch below the top and measured the amount of fluid in each one. To my surprise, an average cup actually held 12 ounces, or 1-1/2 cups of fluid, and the larger ones contained 16 ounces. So one cup of coffee could pack in more than 300 mg of caffeine, depending on its size and how it's brewed. A tall single "grande," for example, could easily contain more than the recommended maximum of 300 mg a day. And, of course, caffeine is also an ingredient in many other beverages, such as colas, cocoa, and chocolate milk. Check out this comparison of the caffeine content in different kinds of drinks to see what you might be getting in an average day. As far as its effect on pregnancy, several studies in humans have associated caffeine use of more than 300 mg per day with a decrease in fertility and an increase in the rate of miscarriage or low birth-weight babies. Most doctors therefore recommend that you not drink more than one to two cups of coffee a day when you're pregnant or trying to get pregnant. Many doctors take that a step further and recommend that pregnant women and women considering pregnancy eliminate caffeine from their diets. If you're concerned, your best bet is to stop consuming caffeine entirely while trying to conceive or during pregnancy. But if you really need your daily fix, one or two regular cups of coffee are OK -- as long as you measure your cups correctly and keep your total caffeine consumption at 300 mg or less per day.

When you wake up in the morning, do you read the papers or watch the news?

I wake up listening to music! Hey will you add me as a contact please?

Got the news: No more coffee?!?

Maybe try regular coffee without all the added extras./? you may not have to give up coffee at all./? Check coffees with lower "acidic content", you can find "light" coffes that may be better for you.?

I need a flash news slider for web page. Coffee cup's is gone?

flash news slider: http://www.webresourcesdepot.com/handsome-flash-xml-news-slider/ http://flashspeaksactionscript.com/create-a-sleek-news-slider-with-as3/ Flash Components: http://www.flabell.com/flash-components Ron

do you think it's making a less serious atmosphere if people drink coffee at business meetings?

I mean what is the point of having a kitchen at home or coffee breaks during work / meetings, there is one escape for this - If the people working in your office, family or country are gentically extra thirsty then I guess you'd have to let it off.

Looking for 8-21-7 yahoo news about calories in Energy drinks, coffee etc.?

Go to Yahoo News page, then Search news for "energy drinks, coffee."

Where can I get a Yahoo! coffee cup (like Greg Proops' on 'Odd News')?

I'm not familiar with the video, but I know that you can't buy Yahoo merchandise. The cup you are referring to must be the one which was given to users a long, long time ago when they reached level 5 - at that time there weren't as many users as there are now (21 million in the US and more than 90 million worldwide). I guess Yahoo wouldn't want to spend that much money anymore...:-) Btw: the cups were only given to US users, little ol' me never got one, sob, I'm a German user...

it is said that starbucks coffee will open 500 new stores! this seems like good news, but!?

As long as they don't put any more ersatz coffee shops in the UK I'll be happy. I'm fed up with seeing people hurrying to work with an oversized, overpriced cardboard cup of 'coffee' like it's part of work wear!

When checking out the latest news headlines do you ever get the urge to hurl a coffee cup through your monitor


How much does the average cigarette/coffee shop in NYC make a day/month?

depends on location and your rent and other costs can vary greatly depending on location also - I seriously doubt you would make a lot of money with that kind of business - selling lottery tickets helps - you get 5% of sales, I believe

Don't you love waking up in the morning, drinking your coffee, and watching Fox News?

I like having my "quiet time" in the morning. In the evening I enjoy Fox News (while enjoying a glass of Cabernet). Especially the analysis provided by Charles Krauthammer, Juan Williams, Fred Barns, Mort Kondrake, Lia Morrison, Steve Hayes et al.

LDS, did you hear the latest news about coffee?

Yes coffee does have some things that are beneficial... however, the long-range problems - especially from caffeine abuse, still out weighs the benefits. My husband still has problems with caffeine addiction - not from coffee but from Coke until he became diabetic, then Diet Coke. Signs and Symptoms of Caffeine Intoxication or Abuse nervousness headache increased heart rate anxiety upset stomach irregular heartbeat irritability GI irritation elevated blood pressure agitation heartburn increased cholesterol tremors diarrhea nutritional deficiencies insomnia fatigue poor concentration depression dizziness bed wetting. Caffeine Withdrawal Symptoms headache constipation runny nose craving anxiety nausea irritability nervousness vomiting insomnia shakiness cramps fatigue dizziness ringing in the ears depression drowsiness feeling hot and cold apathy inability to concentrate

Why Does Faux News Ignore The Coffee Party Movement?

if a coffee stand next door to the news stand and new condos has a fixed cost of $300?

Since no variable costs are specified, one must assume all costs are fixed and the total cost of the operation is $300. If the profit margin is 40% (.4) and each customer spends $8, then the amount of the cost allocated to the purchase of each customer is (1-.4) x $8 = $4.80. The number of customers per unit time is $300/$4.80= 62.5. The number of people from the new-stand and the condos combined is 62.5/.25 = 250. It is not clear which number you are trying to estimate.

Whats the real deal is coffee good for your health has some news studies say or is it bad for your health?

some one knows about the franchise "coffee news"? I´m thinking about buy one but I´m not sure is a good idea

I have heard of them...are they really new? New franchises usually don't have all of the kinks worked out for their system. Do very deep research no matter what franchise you choose. I highly recommend hiring a FRACNHSIE ATTORNEY when the time is right. There are extensive legal documents to sign. I work for a staffing franchise called LINK so I can help you if you like. Let me know...

♥ :) True or False ♥ :) .. Do you wake up and drink coffee and watch the news or drink coffee on Y!A?

yes BOTH!

What do you think of Christians handing out coffee on the street along with Blessings of the good news?

Generally the coffee is as bad as the news.

There is news that coffee is not good for your health.?

A tastes and preferences have shifted the demand curve

does anyone here ever advertised with the coffee news publication and was it effective?

Big waste of money. No way to measure circulation.

what is the news about the newly opened coffee shop owned by vietnamese in san jose california?

EDIT: oh, you mean this? http://www.mercurynews.com/breaking-news/ci_18311882?nclick_check=1 Never been there, and don't plan to go. Coffee isn't a priority for me, and I'm at the age that I'd rather save 4 bucks than oogle. Besides the coffee shop half a mile from me in San Jose already has gorgeous servers, they're just not brazen. I'd rather have a friendly conversation than have someone dance on the table and shout "Tip! Tip!"

who did invent coffee news and do you have any website for this person?

It was created by Jean Daum. Website you can check out: http://www.coffeenewsusa.com/

I heard on the news that drinking up to 6 cups of coffee is good for you?

If you drink it black with no sugar or heavy cream. Can substitute with low fat or skim milk. 6 cups is quite a bit, you will be in the bathroom all day. Green tea is better.

I saw a news piece on "Meth coffee". Will the stuff be just more stimulating water or will it burn right?

Well, it doesn't really have meth in it if that's what you mean... It contains yerba mate, which is a natural stimulant. The akaloids in it are from the same general family as caffiene, but the yerba mate is said to have fewer side effects. On the down side, it has the potiential to become more habit-forming than caffiene. I would imagine you can expect the "weird Ginseng thing" from this stuff, although I haven't tried it. Personally, I think it's horrid that a product called "Meth Coffee" is even on the market. Meth is a devastatingly destructive drug, and this stuff makes a mockery of it.

Big Canoe residents are finally going to get enjoy a coffee house. Have you heard the news?

I think you have already reached both of the Big Canoe residents who frequent Yahoo Answers. Can you e-mail us some coupons for free samples?

Does anyone know where to get the coffee news in Mobile, AL ?We have gotten it before but distributor quit?

I've been missing it too. I heard that it wasn't around here anywhere close anymore. If you find it let me know.

is there any news reporting program that the host have coffee cups on their table?

yes, on the Morning News on BBC1,there are two presenters,both have mugs on the table,and are seen sipping the beverage

Why is it I keep hearing about the Tea Party on the News, what happened to my friends at the Coffee Party?

The Coffee Party doesn't make the news because it is significantly less vocal and controversial. They've actually been very active in the past few months having local conferences and discussions. But it seems to have evolved into more of a pro-democracy advocacy group whereas the Tea Party has (de)evolved into the hardline branch of the Republican Party.

are there any news reporting tv program where the presenter would have coffee mugs on the desk?

Not off the top of my head. Maybe the Today Show? I can only think of talk shows, to be honest.

Is there a site with up to date news on the coffee commodity market?

It is tough to find a blog or website that follows just a single commodity. In fact the best one, coffeemarketnews.com, has suddenly disappeared from the web, presumably because of insufficient interest. But here, try these sites: http://news.tradingcharts.com/futures/headlines/Coffee.html http://www.agrimoney.com/news/ico-positive-on-coffee-prices-as-vietnam-falters--4225.html http://www.coffeeresearch.org/market/analysislinks.htm

Why did Fox News not cover the Coffee Party Meetings?

It's obvious. Fox News is not a real news channel.

Can any one recommend a name for my new store which is a business that sell express coffee, tea & news ?

Morning Express

why there are not coffee cups on the table of news program?

news is meant to be portrayed in a more professional atmosphere as talk shows are meant to be more casual, laid back and inviting. I really don't wanna see someone drinking a mocha-chino while telling me it's gonna pour all day while i'm stuck in traffic for two hours.

Why there are not coffee cups on the table of news program?

It could be just a matter of the image that they want to present. Lots of morning shows have their anchors with beverage cups, while the news portion does not. That gives an atmosphere of a relaxed show, with the news being more serious. Or it could just be the policy of the individual new program. When I worked at a local tv station, our morning anchors were allowed to have their beverage cups (with the station logo on them) in plain view. The evening new crew had to keep their drinks hidden under the news desk, not to be used during the broadcast.

Are there any news reporting tv program where the presenter would have coffee mugs on the desk?

Many of the morning news shows would have mugs sitting on the desk.

Are the coffee cups on news channel empty?

I would bet they are empty