Cheapest way to vacation for a week in LA?

Have you heard of airbnb? Check it out.,%20CA

Someone help me understand Coachella please.?

Tickets arn't on sale for Coachella yet but you should go to to keep an eye on when they will go on sale. Then just wake up really early and call the ticket place... I mean really early. I had to get up at 5 to spend 3 hours trying to get through last year. Its no joke. There is a reason why this is the greatest gathering of music and people. This Coachella will be my fifth. Anyway... Back to the answer. So, get up really early and start dialing right when they go on sale. I mean like that second. If you wait 10 minuets you are going to be trying to get through all day. Then they will sell out, and that blows. SO, when you get though on the phone you are going to ask them for a car camping spot or a camping spot. A Car Camping Spot is a place that you can park your car, basically a giant (FUN) parking lot. This is where all of the fun at coachella happens. The actual concert goes on until like 1 in the morning but the Campsite is partying until like 5! Its insane! Everyone is so nice, there are a shit load of douche-bags and gangbangers too, but they generally ease it back. I haven't had any problems thus far. A Camping spot is just like the car camping spot except, no car. Still fun. Try really hard to camp at Coachella, people always complain about sleeping but sleeping doesn't matter. You are destined to have a blast while camping. Anyway go to

anyone know what the lineup at coachella will be for 2012?

It ended yesterday, I highly doubt that they would already have the set list for next year.

Who's gonna perform next year at coachella fest 2012?

rebecca black

2012 Coachella Festival...?

My advice: Stay in a hotel in Indio. La Quinta Resort is a popular one. Shadow Mountain Ranch Resort was nice and cheap. Book it in December if you can so you get a room in time. Get a shuttle pass. That's a must. A lot of my friends who camped for their first time said they're not sure that they would do it again because they wanted their sleep but it was more fun then they could ever imagine. But you don't really get the full Coachella experience unless you camp. Los Angeles is far from Indio so I'm not sure why you would rent a hotel room in LA because a Taxi to there would cost more then your ticket. 2012 will be my 4th year. That is if the lineup is good. Hope you make it out here!

Who do you think will/want to play at Coachella 2012?

There is already a poster out there, it may be fake or it could be the real one and it leaked some how. But Im thinking that Daft Punk, and The Foo Fighters will be there. Fake/Leaked poster:

When are Coachella 2012 tickets on sale?

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where can i buy coachella tickets for 2012? is it too late i hope not?

I searched this event I found some schedule in 2012 visit It's not too late tickets are still available..

Who do you think will play at Coachella 2012?

Radiohead or Arcadefire

when do coachella 2012 tickets go on sale and how much do you think they'll cost?

like late january. and around 400 dollars for a 3 day pass

Is it a good investment to buy Coachella tickets and then try and sell them?

You could try the wanted section of craigslist to find people who want to buy tickets. I seen a couple of post of people desperate to go to rock concerts. Maybe you could make money.

Where is the Coachella 2012 to be held?


When will tickets for Coachella 2012 go on sale?

You know whats funny? When I used to live there, I could see the concert from my second floor of my house lol!

What day do Coachella 2012 tickets go back on sale?

Best time to buy tickets for 2012 music festival coachella?

When they come out. The advertising for the festival will tell you who is selling tickets.

Are tickets to Coachella 2012 sold out?

When do tickets go on sale for coachella 2012?

Contact the venue where it is being held, and they will be able to tell you.

Are any teens here going to Coachella 2012?

are tickets for coachella 2012 music festival on sale?

According to the "official" site tickets are not yet being sold nor has a lineup been announced. Oddly enough, the event was apparently supposed to be back in April.

we're looking into going to Coachella 2012. How much does a 3-day pass cost?

Presale are definitely the cheapest way to go for tickets, but they also sell out rather fast, so get them quickly. I believe that presale this year was about $200, but prices go up to $400 per ticket for the entire festival (not $1200, but $400 total). Make sure to be checking the Coachella website early into next year for event updates and when presale occurs. Since you are traveling from the east coast, I would recommend booking cheap flights in November or December into Indio or the closest airport to Indio. Overnight camping is about $150 total, and parking a car and camping is definitely the cheapest way to go ($75 for a spot). There are also travel packages offered, so check those out when planning your trip. Good luck! :) *Make sure to keep your keys on a lanyard so that you don't lose them at the campground or festival ground.

what are the dates for 2012 Coachella Music Festival?

second or third weekend in april, apparently

Can I buy Coachella Tickets for the first weekend in 2012?

Don't they go on sale in November? Google it!