What club should i use to start my Fifa 08 manager mode?

Take Reading-31/2 star + around 20 million pounds. There are many clubs,depends on what you prefer. Try even Man City or Bolton.

What kind of club should I use when I go Clubbing baby Seals next weekend?

Fight Club

What club in Moscow had live alligators under the glass dance floor?

Such a night club exists. I found a link which entails some information, but exact location is unspecified.

What type of club should I start at my High School?

tennis club sports club. science club. chess club.

How can I differentiate a photography club from an art club?

I've been thinking about your question and here's my take on it. Photography is a type of art, however, photography also has a close relationship with science. Specifically light and optics. If you can't convince them that photography isn't distinguished enough from art, perhaps you could convince them that photography is science. Here are some differences between art and photography that may help you. Photography is science based (light and optics). Art is different. Not knowing the chemical composition of your paint won't prohibit you from making a great painting. Art is subjective while photography is (at least partially) objective. What I mean by this is that there are rules and guidelines (i.e. rule of thirds) about photography that make photos not just a matter of opinion. Photos can be technically correct or incorrect. That's all I've got. I really hope you are successful in starting your club. Good Luck!

What to do during a club based on religious discussions and debate?

I personally find debates fun and that's what I would expect out of a religion club (I'm an atheist). A good idea for less serious yet more thought provoking debating is to pick an issue and have people choose sides, then each side has to defend the opposite position that they chose, obviously at next week's meeting to have time to prepare. Those kinds of things can be very interesting and force people to think about other points of view. You could do a whole variety of topics with that idea and possibly get some interesting results. You could potentially get members or maybe teachers who would be interested to do short lectures on a religious topic that interests them which could spark discussion (virgin birth, original sin, magnets if you have Mormons, whatever). You know basically every religion related topic will be a serious debate starter (just look at the questions asked here), so I say let the debates happen. It would probably be helpful if you had a teacher as a moderate to keep things under control, that or you would need a clear leader for discussion who people would be willing to listen to.

What strip club is the best place to do amateur night in Los Angeles?

Here is a list of clubs. You should go down the list and see which one is close to you.

What kind of club should I start in my school?

fashion club or like radio or something


Yeah, I'll take you. ^_^


revelling (out of control partying) is a problem, but just dancing is okay. but when you start drinking, copulating, etc...therein lies the problem