Kashi, Clif, Luna, or PowerBar before 5k race?

Power bars give me a stomach ache. Luna bars won't keep you full for a while.. I don't know about the kashi roll but I would definitely go for the cliff bar. They have a ton of carbs and are long acting which will give you energy throughout the race. Be sure to eat it about 1 hour before because you want it to take effect for the race and you will be good!! Good luck!

Where is the best place/website to buy clif bars in bulks?

you can try from: http://www.healthmedicalinformation.com/clif-bars-clif-bar-chocolate-chip-peanut-crunch-12-bars all the best

How to make horse granola bar?

How healthy are Clif Bars?

clif bars are pretty good for you alot of them have mostly natural ingredients a high calorie wont harm you if you workout every day you need the extra calories to fuel your muscle through the workout and if you want to gain weight keep the calories up and eat alot of protein and maybe even get a weight gain like whey protein weight gainer or bsn true mass or anything that will help you gain lean mass on your body

Do muscle milk or clif bars really work?

i would double the protein...you should eat more than you "need" as your body doesn't utilize all that eat....i am 5'4" female 105lb and i need 150-200g protein...i lift 5-6 days a week...it takes an extra 2500 calories to put on 1 pound of muscle...it probably take about 1600 cals or so just to keep your body functioning if you do nothing... if you count the calories you burn by working, working out, walking, etc....you see how hard it is to get that extra 2500 calories...and yes protein powders do help...better than bars but if you have a hard time eating that much food....sure throw in a clif bar....i use muscle milk in my morning protein shake as well as right after my workout....as long as you keep your calories clean...lean protein, veggies, fruit, complex carbs...you will gain lean mass...not fat...you may want to check out bodybuiding.com lots of good info

Clif bar or Powerbar gel...?

The answer partly depends on how long you will be running. If the marathon will take you 4-5 hours, then a Cliff bar and some salty foods will help(and if it takes you an extra 30-60 seconds to eat vs the gel, it's not a big deal). If you're under 4 hours, then the gel a couple of times might help. You really need to take them with some water. A lot of this is personal taste and digestion, so it's important to try these out on training runs and not just on race day. I tried a couple of times for both the solid and gels, but never got used to eating anything and have stayed a gulp and run guy, alternating plain water and Gatorade at the replenishment stops, but I'm obsessed with not losing any time ever(PR is 2:42). Good luck with your races.

what's your fav. clif bar flavor?

Chocolate Chip then Banana Nut Bread

Do you know anything about clif protien bars?

I actually buy these pretty regularly...I even have some with me right now that I bought yesterday! Unlike the first answerer, I find that regular grocery stores are better with prices, especially if that grocery store offers things like monthly sales, discount cards for frequent shoppers, and/or marks down items that are getting close to expiration. I did find some regular Clif bars at a Whole Foods that were $10 for a box of 12, but that's because it was June and they were selling the seasonal flavor from that previous winter. I bought some in July at a Fred Meyer because they were on sale for just $1 per bar, and other grocery stores put them on sales like that as well. Just check the ones in your area frequently. If you have a GNC Gold Card, I know that GNC can carry them...if yours doesn't have them, then you can also ask them to put in a special order. The reason I mention the Gold Card is because if you ask them to place that order for you during Gold Card week, you get 20% off the price. You need to order a whole box, but they're doing this discount thing right now where all boxes of protein bars are 20% off, then you can get your Gold Card discount on top of that already 20% off, so that saves you some cash. With the pricing...this should come out to about $15 and some change for a box. GNC only can order the chocolate flavor (my favorite is the peanut butter, with chocolate mint coming in second).

Which Clif Bar is Healthier?

Probably the macadamia nut because nuts have good nutrition and more calories that you need for a good work out.

Will a Clif Bar make me fat?

not a chance. if you eat 200 clif bars in a day; yes.

Chocolate clif bars have been tasting really odd lately?

If all the other foods and drinks you're consuming for the past few weeks taste the same to you, then Cliff changed their recipe. If your tastes change, the taste of everything changes.

Is a Cliff energy bar good to have before gymnastics practice?

I think its a good thing you are supplementing your body before exercise, you definitely need the calories, protein, vitamins and minerals to exercise. I also want to honour you for asking others for their advice so you can make the most of your workout! So good job, as for my thoughts on the cliff bar I would say there are better alternatives. Anything (for the most part) that is a big name is using the cheapest options to produce their products to give you a good price. Meaning the quality is sacrificed. HOWEVER the Cliff bar advertised on the page you offered is almost 100% organic. Nice choice! My favourite, however, is the Cocoa Cassava energy bar from Mercola. It is USDA organic, unlike the Cliff bar though Mercola's energy bars have no "natural flavours" and the salt used is the healthier sea salt. It is described as "packed with a perfect balance of 3 superfoods: Fresh Shores Coconut Oil, Pro-Optimal Whey protein, and fiber-rich flaxseed. " They taste delicious and do the job. I talk about it more here: http://cardiocaptain.com/2011/01/13/runners-supplements-best-energy-bars-for-runners/. There are also other noteworthy topics offered here that might help with your supplementation. Good luck! :)

Can you take a multivitamin with a protein bar?

Of course you can. As a matter of fact everyone in the world should be taking multi vitamins. However you do not want to consume a whole lot of protien unless you are very active. A rule of thumb here, if you ar looking to gain weight by means of muscle mass, you should be taking one gram for every pound you want to weigh. Example, say you way 150 and wanna way 200 you need to lift heavy like 5 to 8 sets of 6 to 12 reps going to failure and take 200 grams of protien everyday. Now if you way 300 and are heavy (fat) and you wanna get in shape and loose weight. You need to be doing lots opf cardio and still lifting but very light weight 3 sets of say 15 to 20 reps on each mucsle. Hope this helped. Multi vitamins are always good weather you workout or not.

Clif Builder Bar and running.?

No later than 1 hour before your race. They are pretty thick and heavy, so I suggest 1 or 2 hours before the mile. Also, they make you kind of thirsty so have a drink too.

Can I eat Clif Bars even though I have allergies?

Read the labels--different bars have different ingredients. And if its processed in a plant that deals w/ peanuts it will say on the label.

Is a Clif bar okay for breakfast?

Clif bars are ok, but there are others on the market that provide a much better mix of protein, carbs, and good fats. Check out this site, aside from bodybuilding suppliments, they provide a great resource for information and prices for bars and meal replacements.

Which is the healthiest Clif Bar flavor?

I'm pretty sure they're designed to be equal in healthiness to each other. They do that so you can have the nutrition without sacrificing flavor. I'm sure some have more fats in them than some others do, but not enough to matter. Personally, I like the chocolate brownie the best ^.^

is it healthy to eat a cliff bar for lunch?

no, it is not like eating a cookie. its like eating a very healthy organic, protein packed gronola bar. plus, eating it with fruit is a good idea..

How long could you survive on a diet of 'CLIF BARs'?

Well personally not long as we don't get them here....?

Can I sale Clif Bars and Gatorades to people on jogging trails in the city?

Will I gain weight eating 3 Clif bars a day?

You will burn through your muscles..thats not good but if you want a good explanation check out scooby's workshop website

Are nature valley bars as good as clif bars for a 200 mile cycling trip?

little debbies ding dongs ho hos seriously, what you need *on the ride itself* is calories they are going to go right back into pedaling protein and vitamins are nice but you can get that later to answer your question, it won;t really matter between the 2 you mentioned wle.

How good are "The Clif Bar" for you? Fattening?

Clif bars are meal bars. They can help you build muscle as well. They should only be eaten in conjunction with working out, or if you won't have time to eat anything all day, and in the latter case should be split in 2 and eaten at different times. Or, like the poster before said, before a hike or something like that. Just don't make a habit of eating them more than once a week. Those carbs won't do you any good.

Favorite flavor Clif Bar?

I haven't tried many flavors, but my favorite is Peanut Butter. They make a great post-workout snack!

Clif bar energy bar diet?

only eating clif bars for 2 weeks isn't the healthiest thing to do because you are missing out on a variety of food groups, but it is NOT going to kill you or have any long term effects. if you think you can do it then whatever. i personally love the chocolate brownie clif bar f.y.i!

Are Clif Bars good meal replacement bars if you are looking to loose weight?

no too much sugar for a meal and too little protein, have one as a snack instead

can replacing a meal with a clif bar help me lose weight?

Even though some meal replacement bars seem healthy, they can actually be pretty bad for you. Clif Bars and other energy bars are made for people who are very active because of exercise, not because of busy schedules. They are very high in sugar and if you're not planning on working out, the protein can put extra stress on your body. Your regular diet sounds like something that would help you lose weight, as long as you switch your dinner to something more healthy, like a salad or quinoa, maybe even soup. Be sure to eat your vegetables and drink a lot of water. You also should not be drinking protein shakes if you're not regularly exercising because your current diet looks like it will satisfy your daily needs. Extra protein won't help you unless you're planning on working out, which you should do if you want to lose weight. I think that you should stop worrying about the numbers and focus on how you feel instead. Exercising, even for 20 minutes a day, will help you feel more energized and happier, as well as toning your body, but you shouldn't be stressed about prom because it's supposed to be a great night of fun and it sounds like it's becoming a worry point for you. Whether or not you lose the weight, you should just have fun on your big night.

Can muscle milk, clif bars, etc. benefit you without a workout?

No. Protein does have calories. If you don't use it through extercise, it will just be fattening.

PowerBar or Clif Bar?

To prep before a big aerobic event, eat a big helping of pasta the night before and eat lean the day of the event. You don't need to calorie count. Your body will store that pasta and use it up during the exercise. When you hit a point in your exercise where you feel drained and even water isn't helping, take a power bar. The power bar will give an extra boost to keep going (for me an extra half an hour or so). I've never found eating a power bar before an event to do anything. After an event it will add back extra nutrients, but you can also do this by relaxing and eat fruits and other foods.

Clif bar carbs help ???????????????????

Clif bars are ment for active people- but there also a good source of protein. If you're not active and such I wouldn't reccomend consuming clif bars since the carbohydrates and sugars are healthy- but are ment for energy. If you're not active- try consuming regular granola bars like; kashi, fiber one, special k, all bran, nature valley, etc .. Other good ideas: Dry cereals Trail mixes- nuts/ seeds/ dried fruit/ pretzels Wholegrain crackers/ flatbread with hummus Fresh fruit- TBSP peanut butter Crunchy vegetables- 2TBSP hummus Lowfat yoghurt Cottage cheese Hope i'v helped, goodluck!

Are clif builder bars a good altrrnative to sweets?

Nothing is better than natural fruit as a substitute for sweets and you can have more of it. Cliff bars are a little sketchy to me because of the bad stuff that is in them too, but since they are protein filled I don't see why it isn't a bad idea to have them. They are better for you than sweets for sure, so go ahead! :)

is it okay to replace a meal with a Clif Builder's Bar?

Snickers Energy Bar or Clif Bar? Which one is better for you? Gives more energy? Good for running?

You should get energy bars with higher levels of protein and carbohydrates, but with that will come higher levels of calories and fats. Stay away fron the ones covered with chocolate and excess sugar. They don't really do very much if you eat it just before a run. Carbohydrates in general will give you more sustainable level of energy, but it would have to be eaten a few hours before you run. It's better just to eat normal food high in carbohydrates and low in fat, then to eat those "power" bars.

do Clif builders protein bar work?

Clif Bars or Premier Protein Bar? [Trying to lose weight/gain muscle]?

I go with the Clif Bars for a more rounded meal replacement. More vitamins, fiber, and I like the flavors. Premier I always felt was more an energy booster, or recovery bar, such as if I was doing a high endurance event.

which clif bar should I eat?

me personally i dont like choc chip i love choc brownie and crunchy peanut butter and yea listen to the first girl oatmeal is nasty

Is it okay to eat a Clif Bar after a 5k run?

Cliff Bars are not compatible with the metric system. You'll have to find a European energy bar to eat instead, sorry.

Who is the co-packer for popular health items, like Clif Bar, LaraBar, gatorade?

Sorry, I looked and couldn't find anything for you. =/

What happens if i eat a clif bar but do not excersize after? Im trying to gain weight.?

Is it safe to replace my meals everyday with a Clif Bar? It would take 8 to fill up the 2000 kCal requirement.?

I'll usually grab a cliff bar for lunch because i'm in a rush, but i wouldn't think it would be healthy to only eat them. if you were to do this, at least take vitamins and eat some vegetables and things, because it does not give you the daily amount of all your nutrients

When should I eat a Clif Bar?

I agree, they are def the best tasting, and I've tried just about every bar out there. I think you should eat one before a workout, considering they are very high in carbs. I don't know if you can get them, but Clif makes a protein bar, called Clif Builders, which has around 20g of protein and wouls be great for muscle recovery after a workout.

Will having a clif bar once in a while harm my testosterone levels and give me sexual side effects? I know tha?

it is highly unlikely that one clif bar will harm your testosterone levels. You have a better chance of having side effects if you eat a large steak. So no, it shouldn't effect you!

how can you tell what the expiration date on a clif bar is?

my guess would be that means April 23 2010. Its probably OK to eat though since it isn't really the protein that expires. As a note of caution: you should avoid any protein bar with soy if you are a male. Unless you don't really care about increasing estrogen in your male body (which decreases testosterone) Almost every major protein bar is made with soy protein AND tons of sugar. Avoid protein bars at all costs if you are a male unless you order them online made with whey (optimum nutrition makes some)

Will having a clif bar once in a while harm my testosterone levels and give me sexual side effects?

I am looking for a co-packer in Northern California. Any recs? Does anyone know who did Clif Bar?

Here is a thread that has a lot of related information. It does list a co-packer in your area. SISKIYOU COUNTY BUSINESS INCUBATOR CENTER & BUSINESS INNOVATIVE CENTER http://www.siskiyoucounty.org/business.htm

Is a clif bar and a banana a healthy lunch?

It sounds like a healthy snack...but try to incorporate some more fruits, and even add some kind of meat in there for a better protein intake. Especially since you run in gym class...you need a little more to provide "fuel" for you body. Otherwise...great choices for a snack!

Where can I find the hat from the Team Clif Bar mountain bike team?

I suggest conatcting a member of the Team Clif Bar mountain bike team and asking them.

Is a Clif Bar a good meal replacement option?

I mean, it's alright...but it's basically just a semi-healthier candy bar. It's good every so often, but not everyday. If you're in a hurry, try making a quick sandwich or bring along some nuts with crackers...etc.

Is it okay to eat a Clif Bar once a week?

Yes, but I wouldn't really call it a meal replacement as it's not really enough. The sugar isn't all that bad for you as well. A lot of people need a higher amount of sugar during cardio exercises.

Is it healthy to eat Clif Bars casually, like you would a granola bar?

If you eat them as a meal-type snack like if youre in a hurry but pretty hungry. Just pay attention to the nutritional information and factor it into what you should be eating for the day.