Has Pres Obama acted on the request for clemency from Roman Polanski, hand delivered by Pres Sarkozy to him?

The only time I think Obama would act on behave of Polanski would be after Obama is defeated in 2012 and he delivers a last minute pardon.

If the US supreme court grants clemency to a state death row inmate, can the gov. overturn the decision?

The U.S. Supreme Court doesn't grant "clemency" -- only the governor does. The U.S. Supreme Court can, if it feels it appropriate, overturn the inmate's original conviction, and it has done so several times. (The Court will always issue a temporary injunction forbidding the execution while the case is being decided.) If the Supreme Court overturns the conviction, then the inmate's death sentence is null and void. The governor can't legally ignore a Supreme Court ruling. If the prisoner was executed anyway, then the governor would probably be charged with murder (and held in contempt of the Supreme Court). If the Supreme Court, for whatever reason (either upholds the conviction or declines to hear the case), doesn't overturn an inmate's sentence, however, the governor may still grant clemency.

When a grant of Executive Clemency is given, are any fines charged at the time of the conviction refunded?

Who was the recent California to make a bid for clemency?

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How do you write a GREAT clemency letter?

to whom it may concern....i no longer wish to be a martyr. i would like someday to go home to my family...i did in fact shoot and kill those FBI agents on the reservation.

Do you believe that the DC sniper should be granted clemency?

Did the DC Sniper grant clemency to any of his victims? Nope.

What excuse did Bush give for not granting clemency to Karla Faye Tucker?

Here's a perspective about Bush/Tucker from the nun who wrote "Dead Man Walking": http://www.nybooks.com/articles/17670

Why is such an important division as the Clemency Board so ill managed. Many deserve a good education and job?

How many clemency's were granted for commutation of sentance last year in Florida?

You could contact the state prison authority in Florida for that answer, but it will be meaningless. Clemency will be granted or not granted on the individual case, not on the basis of others that were granted.

What is the difference between expungement and clemency?

A grant of clemency gets you released from jail before the end of your sentence. (Or not executed... which is even better) It does not mean your conviction goes away, just that you're no longer being punished for it. Richard