How in the world did Clay Matthews fall to 26th in the 2009 Draft?

For one, 26th overall is pretttty high. 224 players get taken in the course of an NFL draft, so 26th overall is pretty high. You see a lot of great players get taken around there. That was actually a very good year for outside linebackers, and in a weaker class he could've very well been a top 10-15 pick but the outside linebackers who got picked ahead of him were all very good prospects. Aaron Curry was at or right near the top of most big boards by the time the '09 draft rolled around. He's a great athlete with very polished technique and dominated on a defense without much talent to help him out. I'm not saying he's anywhere near Clay's level as of now, but as a prospect he was superior. Tyson Jackson is a pure 3-4 end, maybe a left end in a 4-3, and the Chiefs took Derrick Johnson a year or two before that so they wouldn't take another OLB. The comparison is pointless. Robert Ayers and Aaron Maybin are busts, I liked CMIII more than both of them at the time of the draft, so I have no argument there. Brian Orakpo is definitely at or near CMIII's level and was a top prospect. I'm pretty sure the Skins are more than fine with what they got. Larry English isn't quite as dominant as CMIII but he's a real good player in his own right and good enough to have been worth a mid first rounder. And Brian Cushing was as dominant if not more so than CMIII until the whole steroids thing, but as a GM there's no way to foresee that (kind of). Basically my point is that the draft is far from an exact science and a first round pick is a first round pick. If you freak out over stuff like this you'd have a conniption fit if you did the same thing with every great player taken later than the mid first round.

Who has defensive MVP, Clay Matthews, Demarcus Ware, Chris Clemons or Asante Samuel?

i think matthews. although ware is arguably the best player, hes not the most valuable since spears also has had seasons where they have both had at least 20 sacks. ware leads the nfl in sacks since 05. i havent seen much of clemens so i dont know much about him. asante samuel is good, but revis and namndi fnkalw;fhnerwi are better. plus, they have a good defense overall.

Is Clay Matthews the runaway defensive player of the year?

I think he will get it because the attention is on him but I think James Harrison is the defensive player of the year so far. He has 2.5 sacks less than Matthews but has almost twice as many tackles (69 to 36), has one more interception (2 to 1), has forced more fumbles (5 to 1), and has recovered more fumbles (1 to 0).

Does Clay Matthews brother play in the NCAA for Oregon?

YES! Except the first answer was a little off.. Casey actually has dark brown hair. I looooove him! <3 Other than that they look very very similar. I think they only differ in height by an inch.. and I'm sure once Casey starts training for the NFL he will gain a lot of his brothers muscle!! Yay!

Who is this Bills running back that Clay Matthews picks up and slams to the ground?

I can't see the # clearly but if it is #21 then CJ Spiller, #22 then Fred Jackson, #23 Marshawn Lynch (no longer with the team) edit - after looking at's play by play of the game I have determined that it is in fact Fred Jackson.

Should i wear Clay Matthews or Aaron Rodgers Jersey to NFC Championship Game?

Clay Matthews, EVERYONE will have an Aaron Rodgers Jersey on...How did you get tickets???

where can i get a clay matthews jersey?

in stores: try finish line, champs, pro image, scheels, dicks sporting goods, sports authority, anything like that. out: ebay, amazon any of the above stores online cites

How would you rank Clay Matthews, DeMarcus Ware, and James Harrison?

Hard to argue with that. Harrison is more well rounded than Ware, but if you gave me a choice between the two I'd take Ware because he's more athletic and a better pass rusher. When given a chance he's also been very good in coverage and run support, but he just doesn't get asked to do that as much as Harrison does. CMIII is a decent pick for #3. Terrell Suggs has a good case though.

What shoulder pads does Packers linebacker Clay Matthews wear?

hahah yea it is VERY low profile.its almost impossible to tell cause i dont think a lot of people seen them off him.but if you want that,just buy small ones

What kind of sneakers does Clay Matthews train in during the offseason?

Nike training shoes