Are there other branches associated with Citizens Bank?

No, Citizens does not have partners. You could open a very small account at a local Florida bank to use for cashing checks. I'm talking about $10..

Whats the number to check my bank account over the phone for citizens bank?


Does anyone know the starting rate for teller at citizens bank?

Information about opening a Debit account at Citizens Bank?


What is the number to call to activate my citizens bank Visa prepaid card?

the number is located on the card. or call customer service 1-800-684-2222

Is there is a way to transfer money from one bank account to another online using citizens bank?

I guess the best way to make money online is through affiliate marketing but its not that easy.

How is the working enviroment at citizens bank?

I have a friend who worked there and it appears that there are good professional systems and the environment is not only customer friendly but also employee friendly !!

Is Citizens bank good with transferring their employees if your moving?

as a bank in order to retain costomers, suppost to tranfer his/her account to same branch.

Is Citizens Bank in Michigan owned by the same people as Citizens Bank of Florida?

I am certain that they are not related, so accounts are not shared between those banks.

Citizens Bank?

You will probably hvae to go in to cash the check so they can fingerprint you as well. Least that is how it works here. Some even charge you a small fee.