Why does the human body handle cis fatty acids better than trans fatty acids?

the trans formation does not allow the fat molecule to bend so it's more like a molecule of saturated fat. when trans fats are used to manufacture cell membranes and such they do not align properly with other cis fatty acids. basically causing weak spots in the cell membrane which allow virus, bacteria, etc. to penetrate the cell structure. this is why people that consume masses amounts of processed foods high in trans fatty acids are chronically sick.

What can I do with a BS in education with a minor in CIS?

Well if you get a BS in education you can usually teach elementary school (depends on what state and whether or not it's an accredited school and approved as a teacher ed program in that state). With a minor in Comp Science you could probably also teach high school or middle school technology classes or other types of tech-vocation stuff, I would think. If you're thinking you may want to get a masters in computer science, maybe you should double major to be on the safe side, or minor in education if they offer it. Teaching certification with a major in a technology field is valuable, if you're looking for a career in education. My advice is to double major, makes you more marketable plus it opens up more grad school options. Also, no one pays attention to what one's minor is out in the job market, really. It matters for government jobs to some extent, if there's a box that needs to be checked (eg for the teaching situation) but otherwise, your major is more important. Good luck :-D

Why isn't simply heating the mixture sufficient to change the cis isomer into the trans isomer?

To change the conformation from cis to trans, you need a 180deg rotation around the double bond. But, double bond can't rotate, because of the pi electrons of the double bond which limits the molecular motions. In fact, it's not impossible, but the activation energy is really high. Catalyst (like Pd) will create a complex with the alkene which weaken the pi bond, the rotation around the remaining sigma bond became possible, and if you start with a pure isomer you may end up with a cis/trans mixture.

How can you tell a cis-trans in a ring structure?

If you can get your hands on a set of molecular models, try builiding the two structures. It's almost impossible to form a ring if the double bond is trans. The cis-bond will make a much more stable ring.

How can you determine the ratio of cis and trans from H NMR spectrum?

i think the ratio of cis and trans-2-methylcyclohexanol can be determined by the signal intensity of chemical shift of hydrogen atom on methyl group and/or carbon #2. hydroxyl group is an electron-withdrawing group. As a result, the hydrogen atoms near hydroxyl group will be deshielding. however sheilding constant (sigma) has a strong relationship with distance. hydrogen atoms on methyl group of trans-2-methylcyclohexanol have longer distance than cis one, and the signal of hydrogen atoms on methyl group will shift to downfield.

Is a CIS degree considered a related field to finance and economics?

Yes, depends on how far you want to go with it. CFO's have CIS degree's along a Finance degree, also have MBA's along with CFA's or CPA's certifications. Most colleges have the CIS study in the School of Business. So it would be right up your alley to take advantage of all the finance, accounting and business courses to get ahead.

How do you indicate cis vs trans on double bonds?

Cis double bonds have large groups on the same side. So if you have a cis double bond, the two groups would both be on top or both be on the bottom. In trans, the large groups are on opposite sides. So one is on top and one is on bottom. To switch from one stereoisomer to the other, just flip the R groups on one side of the double bond.

Why cis and trans butene give different products?

The respective enzymes, or onorganic catalysts that catalyze the two different reactions have different, specifically shaped catalytic regions that bind only their respective starting chemicals.(cis or trans 2-butene). The inorganic catalyst could possibly be capable of complexing or bindng only one of the enantiomers and not (thermodynamically) the other. Or if binding is possible the catalyst may not be capable of reacting with the bound salt. In some of these reactions, (not this one), there may also be steric interference. Hope that helps. Happy Holidays! Doc. Dan.

What is the process of fried food converting from a cis bond to a trans bond?

Oils are liquid fats that contain cis double bonds. In order to make liquid oils into solid fats, we hydrogenate them to get rid of the double bonds and forming saturated fats. Sometimes we only get rid of some of the double bonds, not all of them. We call these fats "partially hydrogenated." They still contain some double bonds. It is in the hydrogenation process where some of the double bonds which are not being saturated are converted from a cis double bond to a trans double bond. The resulting materials are called trans fats.

What's the difference between cis and trans recombination?

"Cis" means one chromosome has both dominant alleles and its homologous has both recessive alleles. ==> AB/ab "Trans" means one chromosome has one dominant allele and on recessive allele, and vice versa. ==> Ab/aB These linkage phases will determine the proportion of parental and recombinant types if a crossover occurs between the two genes.