Help on albums and songs?

Just use a program like winamp and auto tag them all..

What do you think of the new cast of dancing with the stars?

Dancing With The Stars is a joke. It's more like Dancing With Some People You May Have Heard Of Once.

Why do people names their kids these names?

Are you ranting? Yeah your kid is going to get picked on and he has a hughe space to fill to live up to the potintial of his name, but do you love him? So what's the gruff? He's your child and your choice, at eightteen if he wants to change it he will if he thinks it defines him and fits him completely he won't but don't get so worked up over such a small thing as this. Use the energy that you spent on these names for something more usefull, like how the next time someone critisis the names your going to turn it to a complement, "Yes we know his name is unusual but isn't it pretty? We love the way it roles off of our tongue." GL!

what are the names of all the Baldwin Brothers?

Sneezy, Grumpy, Doc, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Dopey

So, your opinion, is the sexiest music artist?

This is tough. I love me some Simon Le Bon like its nobody's business. I melt when I see John Taylor, then and now. They have both aged very well. There is a phenomenon in the Duran Duran world called "JoSi". Look it up. Their fan fiction is also out of this world. Let's just say if you have a Duranie as a girlfriend, you will be happy in the sheets. We are known perverts, and proudly so. Not all, but many indeed. They are geniuses at pushing all of our sex buttons. I "get" their sexual vibe so much differently now than when I was 11. Then, I just wanted to kiss them. Now, I'll leave it to your imagination. They really, really know how to work the women in concert. Nearly every time they perform "Come Undone" live, Simon starts sucking on his finger...and us lifelong Duranies just eat it up every time. Duran Duran- "Come Undone" (Live) -finger suck at 2:59- It never gets old. Having said answer is Michael Hutchence. Go ahead, tell me he's a poor man's version of Jim Morrisson. I've heard it before. My God. The swagger, the smugness, the persona of confidence we all saw. He was pure sex in human form. INXS- "Taste It" -pippy-

Whatever happened to Wilson Phillips?

Carnie and Wendy have announced that they will once again tour as The Wilsons. They have created a new website containing both tour dates and information about their reentry into the music scene.

Are all of the girls in the group "Wilson Phillips" married??

Carnie is married to Rob Bonfiglio and she has one daughter. Wendy is married to Daniel Knutson and has 4 sons.

John & Mackenzie Phillips ~!~!~!.......?

Mackenzie Phillips was on Oprah today and talked about her and her dad. What a sad and horrifying life she went through. Oprah asked Mackenzie why she let the affair go on for so long. She was 29 when she made the affair stop. She got pregnant and didn't know if it was her dad's or her boyfriend's. She was so out of it with all the drugs she was taking, she didn't feel what she was doing was bad. Can you imagine?

Mackenzie Phillips Incest Allegations - Reality or Hoax?

I believe her. I can't imagine anyone, *celeb* or not making up these kinda stories and sharing them with the public if they weren't true.