Christopher Hitchens For Stem Cell Research But Against Abortion?

Stem cells come from many different sources now.

Do you think Christopher Hitchens and Douglas Wilson are still pals?

Sure. People can disagree about things and still be friends. Besides, agreeing with everything is boring. Disagreeing makes things interesting..

Is Christopher Hitchens the most intellectual sage of our generation?

Is Christopher Hitchens one the best thinkers of our times?

Well if you're qualifying "best" as a thinker you shows you the evils of religion Hitchens seems to be a fair representative, but is that really what a "best thinker" is? As my leanings in teleological matters mirrors his positions it's not hard to endorse him, but to label him as one of the best seems to be an over reach. He has not expanded knowledge, but generally has been a journalist exposing to the wider public positions not known by them. As a journalist he certainty has done a great job exposing his positions in a clear manner, but his path generally has not been to find the novel, the unexplained, the unknown, and show how we rationally understand it. He's a fair thinker, but shouldn't we leave the title of best to Aristotle, Darwin, Einstein, Locke, and other philosophers?

Where can I find the latest Christopher Hitchens updates and videos?

try you tube

What are your thoughts on this quotation by Christopher Hitchens about Ronald Reagan?

I couldn't agree more, darling. Many in my family worship Reagan, but in my opinion, he sucked. His administration demonstrated nothing but contempt for the law and for the American people. (((Derek)))

Is it consistent for atheist Christopher Hitchens to say he is NOT a relativist?

I think that, as it applies to his atheism, it is consistent. On the other hand, I know of atheists who changed their minds and became deists. That would imply that, at least in their case, they encountered new data which altered their convictions. That would be the epitome of relativism.

How would you distinguish the atheism of Christopher Hitchens from that of Richard Dawkins?

Well, one of them doesn't believe in any gods while the other doesn't believe in any gods. That said, Hitchens is not actually an atheist but an anti-theist. Dawkins on the other hand is an atheist.

Does any one know where I can view or see a transcript of the Christopher Hitchens/Michael Moore debate?

I assume it was about the Iraq War. Kevin, dear -- Hitchens is a conservative who was FOR the war. He wrote that big "list of Fahrenheit 911 lies" you all were quoting for several years. How soon Republicans forget! He changed his mind after it fell apart though, which a true Republican would never do. I never heard this debate, but it would be entertaining to long as Hitchens was drunk. That's how he does his best arguing.

How long has Christopher Hitchens got to live?

Estimated? Nobody really knows. Hasn't been publicized. ~~

Who would win in a fist fight between Christopher Hitchens and the Pope?

The pope's got that whole Nazi training thing going on. Bet he's a mean goosestepper.

How about a national day of "wishful thoughts" for Christopher Hitchens and what he stands for?

Christopher Hitchens would be sure to blather on mindlessly throughout the whole thing

How come more people defend Christopher Hitchens than will defend Kirk Cameron?

You know... even Christians thought it was sad when Kirk Cameron tried to prove God existed by using bananas as his main argument. -SD-

What do you think of Christopher Hitchens?

He's entertaining. Sometimes he's funny, sometimes he's a jerk, sometimes he says something insightful. He's best when he respects his opponent and the format doesn't allow him to get confirmation from the audience. He can be a clown and go too far when he thinks the audience is cheering him on. He sweats less than he used to.

Christopher Hitchens the male chauvenist pig Say men are way funnier then women?

Christopher Hitchens is no authority on anything.

What are some christians hoping to achieve by stating they are praying for christopher hitchens?

They are violating the admonition in Matthew against praying to be seen. Telling everyone they are praying makes them, according to the word of god, hypocrites.

Are Conservatives and religious folks satisfied that Christopher Hitchens is ill?

Who? Thousands of people I don't die every minute am I to know them all or even care?

Why are questions about Christopher Hitchens being deleted?

Do you think Charles Bukowski and Christopher Hitchens could hang out together?

Depends. Bukowski might find Hitchens amusing, but he could be a mean drunk sometimes and Hitchens can be pretty annoying.

Why did Christopher Hitchens do so horribly in debate? Is his career over?

William Lane Craig gets it to where no one can come against the facts he's stating. They are both great debaters, but I guess the best man wins.

How do I write to Christopher Hitchens?

Vanity Fair put up a form page to contact him:

Why are christians leaving mean comments in the Christopher Hitchens cancer news article?

some poeple are just mean jerks and should look at the whole do unto others thing

How is Christopher Hitchens in his fight against cancer?

Pray for Him and other Cancer fighters. Romans 10:9 SDA

What do you think about Christopher Hitchens who died an angry failure?

Does anyone know if Christopher Hitchens will survive his cancer or has a chance?

Realistically, given that his esophageal cancer has metastasized, he has something like a 5% chance of living another few years. There are plenty of other "atheist activists" - but I don't know of any with the same charisma as Hitchens.

Why do some Christians claim the Christopher Hitchens' recent cancer was punishment from God?

Or that Dawkins is still out there kicking ass :-) Because, christians want people that disagree with them to die. They would like nothing more than to see all non-believers wiped from the face of the earth, regardless of the consequences.

Why is Christopher Hitchens so angry?

He's angry that nonsensical religious beliefs are a cancer on our world.

Did you see the debate between Christopher Hitchens and Tony Blair?

I thought it was great.

Why did Christopher Hitchens criticize and attack Tony Blair for becoming a Catholic?

Concur with Bobby B above. He would have criticized Tony Blair if he became ANY religion, not just Catholic. My wife is Catholic and I am Jewish and she does NOT want me to change nor do I want her to change. One son is an athekst, the other son married a Jewish girl and became Jewish. The world is made up of a lot of different people and different ways of dealing with life, including Mr. Hitchens. He is ill but has asked for no prayers. I will oblige but as one human being to another, I wish him well.

A popular liberal pundit wrote that it is hateful to pray for Christopher Hitchens, is prayer hateful?

Sounds to me that he is the person who needs the prayer the most. And since he is an atheist why would he think it is hateful for you to mumble nonsense to something that does not exist? The only time prayer is wrong is when it is done for ungodly reasons e.g. praying for something sinful.

How to debate like Christopher Hitchens?

You want to be self confident, self assured, and forceful. You have to also realize that you can not convince the opposite side that you are correct. You are arguing for all those that have yet to decide. As for beating back creationist's arguments, there is no point. The best of the creationist debaters have a wealth of information on minutia about where the rock record seems to be misleading, why this test was wrong, how this could not be related to that, etc. You need to ignore the specifics and focus on the generalities.

How would I go about trying to contact Christopher Hitchens?

it would be hard to get through to him on facebook, as there are loads of people pretending to be him, so try emailing him through an email given on his website, or contacting his PR

How is Christopher Hitchens doing?

I honestly don't know. The last I heard was that Mr. Hitchens has resigned himself to the fact that he is going to die soon, and advised others to avoid the cigarettes and cocktail parties for their own good. He also mentioned that many Christians sent him letters and e-mails echoing Rudy's statement that they hope he dies slowly and painfully and burns in Hell for eternity unless he repents and accepts Jesus as his Lord and Savior. However, Mr. Hitchens also acknowledges that many other Christians have simply written to him to say that they are praying for his full recovery as well as his soul (which he does not believe in). Mr. Hitchens added that while he had no intentions of participating in the planned "Pray for Christopher Hitchens Day" that numerous Christian Churches have urged, he did say that he appreciated the sentiments and kindness just the same. TO Rudy: If you really ARE a "true Christian" as you claim to be, then you know that Jesus Christ commands us to LOVE our enemies and pray for them, so I suggest that YOU do the same for Mr. Hitchens if you really are the Christian you claim to be. Truthfully sir, you sound like an atheist who likes to mock Christians for our hypocrisy. If you actually do practice Christianity, then sir I must say that YOU are the type of person that gives us followers of Jesus Christ a BAD NAME. similar to what those dunderheads at Westborough Baptist Church do at every military funeral, and your statement HERE is what gives ammunition to the hateful atheists who often post on this website. I would suggest you read the Gospels again and pick out the ENTIRE message of Jesus Christ instead of some passages from the Old Testament that emphasize the wrath of God. And while we're at it, let's all pray for Mr. Hitchens for his physical AND spiritual recovery, for the Lord does NOT rejoice in the destruction of the wicked. FYI--I am NOT specifically saying that Mr. Hitchens is "wicked" so all you nitpickers out there please TAKE this quote as it is intended and DO NOT read into it your own prejudiced remarks...thank you. His Utmost Excellency, the Emperor, has spoken.

Is Christopher Hitchens admired by the British royal family?

It is most unlikely as Mr. Hitchens is a man of letters while the Royals are not.

Why do conservatives hate Christopher Hitchens? Are they afraid of him? Are the tea party afraid of him?

Why do so many people think that William Lane Craig crushed Christopher Hitchens?

I don't pay attention to those kind of debates. All it comes down to is who words their argument most persuasively, not who is actually correct. People have their minds made up before they even listen.

Atheists, if Christopher Hitchens converted to Christianity, then would you believe?

So your saying follow a MAN so you'll understand a man made religion. Answer I'm not a lamb and won't follow anyone blindly.

How can I write Christopher Hitchens?

He's at the University of Oxford. You could write to him there. I didn't find anything about email or his own web site.

christopher hitchens?

Yeah, he's cool and a funny guy too.

How can I get in touch with Christopher Hitchens?

come to the global atheist convention in Melbourne next year, he's scheduled to speak (if he's still alive). You'll probably get to meet him if he's there, last year I got to meet Dawkins, AC Grayling and Peter Singer.

Why was there a goober that looked just like Christopher Hitchens in my packet of Goobers?

lol Did your goober taste like scotch? Start the opening bid at $1000.

Did God give birds wings to fit the definition in the dictionary? Christopher Hitchens quote?

He was, as usual, being sarcastic. I think he was trying to point out that most Christian explanations are backwards. Like the idea that god must have made the world for us, because it is exactly the sort of planet we need. Whereas the truth is that we evolved into the creatures we are, because this is the planet we evolved on. He may also have had a drink or two !

Do you think Christopher Hitchens answers his emails?

Christopher Hitchens is currently dying from esophageal cancer. I really don't think he'll have the time or desire to respond.

How could I contact Christopher Hitchens?

I found this on one of his Vanity Fair articles: Christopher Hitchens is a Vanity Fair contributing editor. Send comments on all Hitchens-related matters to

Why Did William Lane Craig destroy Christopher Hitchens in debate?

Well besides the fact that Craig has two earned PhD's (Philosophy and Theology)....and Craig was sober...I'll let you draw your own conclusions on Hitch. Oh that and Dr. Craig is wayyyy smarter than Chris (who is usually regurgitating someone (smarter) else arguments).

Is Christopher Hitchens correct on the source of human morality ?

I agree with Hitchens on this; morality is a natural process arrived at by any rational group of beings. It's necessary for the continued survival of the species.

Christians; Are you praying for Christopher Hitchens to suffer and die or to get better?

I'm praying for his recovery because he has three children who love him, and who will miss him substantially if he dies. He's also a human being who deserves my compassion. And besides that, and despite his hatred of people like me ( people of faith), there aren't many wordsmiths around who can manipulate the pen quite like he can. I'd read Hitchens just for the quality of the writing alone, regardless of what the subject was. I do pray he makes it.

How can I get a message to Christopher Hitchens?


Atheists: Is Christopher Hitchens correct on very scale in his criticism?

If Hitchens' premise is that religion should be left in the past because science has disproved religion, he might be taking his idea too far. Religion doesn't fail science, it's just that science doesn't apply to religion in the first place. Science is whatever falls under the scientific method, and the scientific method is to create a hypothesis, test that hypothesis, and if it passes those tests the hypothesis becomes a working theory. The problem is, the idea of God can't be tested. It doesn't fail tests; the tests don't apply in the first place. On the opposite side, you have theologians who try to use science to prove their faith. This will never work for the same reason: faith isn't scientific. For all we know, their faith could be true, but just because something's true, doesn't make it scientific (e.g. love, art, fear, friendship ... they can all be measured scientifically but the essence of them is not scientific, even though we know they exist). Historically, religious people started almost all our education systems, international humanitarian organizations, and hospitals. I don't think Hitchens and the others are looking at the whole picture when they denounce all religion as archaic superstition. Religion can do great good as well as great harm; it depends on the believer. Extremists have taken science to devastating ends, as well. Hitchens has good points, but I don't understand why he would have any complaint with religion existing. He has the right not to believe it.

Is Christopher Hitchens philosophically correct on his criticism on religion?

He does speak very well and is knowledgeable. But ultimately you have to decide for yourself what you think about these matters.