SCHOOL QUIZ failing every time :(?

20%, 25%, $1.28, $4.32, $19.08, $51, 15%, $30.55, $9.99/39.96, $126

This or that? (POLL)?

PEOPLE DONT MAKE POOLS THIS LONG!!!!!! please have a nice day

Please help me with 2 easy math problems?

1) 2 green + 7 yellow + 4 red ======== 13 markers If you divide 117 with 13 you will get 9. So that means you have to multiply everything with 9. 2 x 9 = 18 7 x 9 = 63 4 x 9 = 36 Your answer for the first question is 18 green, 63 yellow, and 36 red . 2) First divide 176 with 55 and you will get 3.2 Then divide 176 with 64 and you will get 2.75 3.2= 3 hours and 12 minutes 2.75= 2 hours and 45 minutes 4.00 + 3.12 ======= 7:12 4.30 + 2.45 ======== 7: 15 Chris will arrive first. He will arrive at 7:12 and his friends will arrive at 7:15. Hope this helps.

Best fueds here?

Yea Mickie Lee!!!!! Yeah!!!! Yea Swimmer (Thunder Stike)!!!!! Yeah!!!! Go Ladies and pull some hair!!!!!!! Tear it all off!!!!! Yea Crude!!!!! Yea Ding Ring!!! Forget Chris Masters, This is more entertaining!!!!

Would it be too cheesy to have different symbols and/or logos as fret markers when I make a new bass guitar?

If you want to do it then do it who cares what other people think of it.

Does he like me? Did I ruin it?

GUYS! Is it a turn-off or turn-on when you find out a girl likes you?

I personally like it alot because I know I can do certain things and makes it a lot less nerve wrecking asking them out. If all girls just said it to guys faces it would make life 100x easier

Need help with my 14th B-day party, HELP ME PLEASE!!!?

Well um hopefully you parents can pay for this party. The venue if nice is going to cost you quite a bit ? Possibly like 300-1000 dollars depending on size and how long you rent it. The DJ, well its depends on the DJ and how long you have him for. Looking at some rates its about $400 for 3-4 hours. The food is going to cost you at least $100 or more based on what you listed. So your looking at a pretty expensive party. As for your theme try : tropical theme, black and white theme, mardi gras, hollywood, western theme, a new york minute .. And to impress your boy, invite him to come .. tell him it could be a celebration for the both of you since you have all the same friends. Also wear a dress or something ? Not to revealing but it needs to be cute .

GUYS! IS this a TURN-OFF or a TURN-ON?

I think that's a turn on, I wud be flattered if someone liked mi, maybe not finding out that way lol, but still its nice to know

HELP, please?!?!?! BEST ANSWER?!?!?!?!?!?!?

he likes you very much he even wrote he loves you he also acts cool and looks at you (checks you out)

Funny game! Who wants to play?

I ran over Chris Brown because i'm awesome. omg so true, i dont like Chris Brown! haha. ♫♫

Dreams about DIET advice, who was it?

First of all, I am not sure how famous this Chris Brown is. But I am sure he is in your subconscious mind and he may represent your desire. However, deep down subconsciously from your dream, the focus is not Chris Brown. It is how you want to be treated. You may be in lack of self confidence in your social life. The conversation you projected bascailly reflects some compliment you are looking for. In other words, you want some attention, you are seeking for recognition on things you have done. Whether it is about your appearance, you basically want to be known, paid attention to you. Projecting Chris Brown to send your message bout "Yes You can", "look much more gorgeous if you lost your weight" Those are evidences of things you want to gain. You want to gain confidence. And Chris Brown is some way your desire is a symbolic way to tell you that he is your trust, and you are seeking very heavily in terms of attention.


GREAT JOB! MEN'S BRACKET: 1. NYAKSTAR! 2. Mя Яαη∂оm™ ☺! 3. THE ROCK SAY KNOW UR ROLE! 4. KENNETH(OS)! (HE ROCKS!!!!) 5. HOLLYWOOOOOD! (That was a hard one! I love both these users!) 6. thuganomics_95! 7. ABRAHAM LOVE WWE! 8. MUTA! 9. THE DOMINATOR! (Great tournament!) 10. Make it Rain! - Hornswoggle OS! (Awesome Guy!) WOMEN'S BRACKET: 1. Queen of Extreme! 2. ☆ ∂ιvα ☆ OS! (MY GIRL!!!) 3. Legend Killer PAC OFC KFC OS! (ME!!! Thanks for including me!) 4. Rko&edge fan! (Gtreat user!) 5. Woman! 6. HEART BREAK GAL! (MY GIRL!!!) 7. Tami M! 8. SANDY(USER)! 9. Stacey PAC FCF! (Great user!) 10. Daniela T! Great Job! *STARRED*

GUYS! I REALLY need opinions on this? GIRLS TOO? HELP!?

You lucky, you got a cool sister. I got a brother an he's an ass-wipe.


Out of the mouth of babes! He heard it. He probably likes you already. he's just as nervous to mention it as you are so don't worry. If he really didn't like you he would have said something by now. Guys don't pretend to like you and then find out the truth and get grossed out at the last minute. Especially not 17yr old guys who go to church and keep little window smiley's on their truck. He probably loves that smiley more than you think. Just as much as you love knowing it's there. Just ask him out already so you can finally hold hands and hear birds singing in the air and see stars floating around your heads!

How should I act next time I see him? GIRLS! Guys too maybe?

well did you see how he reacted to your annoying sister? and even if he was like "no" (it sounds like he wouldn't though) see if he has started to flirt with you. if he hasn't, you start and see what happens. He has had a week to think about this and should have made up his mind. so next time you see him, 1. watch for flirting 2. Flirt with him 3. See what happens 4. Do what seems like it fits. If he doesn't go or respond, stop thinking about it, and if he does, then do what you will, i don't know how you handle relationships.

GUYS! I NEED opinions on this?! GIRLS too?

GUYS! Did I just blow it?! Girls too? HELP?!?

Well I don't know about the challenge part, that's up to you if you want to take the risk of him sticking around, but otherwise I say go for it.

GUYS! I NEED help with this? GIRLS TOO?!?

Keep doing what you're doing. Don't let something small like this change your goal. You like him so keep going for it, if he knows you like him he may accept you. He might also be shy, so it's up to you not to be the shy one, if he is shy that is lol. Good luck.

GUYS! I REALLY need some opinions?! GIRLS too maybe?! HELP ME?!?

Will he not like me now? GUYS! HELP?

Im a guy and i dont think he would care. I wouldnt

GUYS! I NEED opinions?!?

GUYS! I'M REALLY embarassed?!?

just keeping going about it as if nothing ever

Stuck in fallout 3 quest?

yea. that kinda happend to me. but it was the chick that if u get the perk where if u kill a bad character u can take the body part (finger i think) and get paid. i tried to talk to her and it randomly said " (name) is fleeing) thats what probably happend to. i always try to save before doing anything with the missions. that way if something like that happens i can just go to the save. if u have a save u can go to, kill all the enemies before going to talk to chris or it might happen again

Do our birthmarks mean anything? i found these 2 website with some info..

Did Corey Wells of Three Dog Night/The Enemy ever surf or own a surfboard?

sell it you may make some $$$$$$$$$$

Guys i have a confession?

I dont think People should start off at Smackdown they should start off at Raw thats what i did

Goals get called back if the Ref thought about blowing the whistle?

If the ref thinks about blowing the whistle the play is over? What the hell, rule stats "puck is in play UNTIL the whistle is blown" not thought about, as a goalie, I think this dumb ass statement can cause a lot of controversy.

Round 2 Of The Yahoo Wrestling Tournament?


Yahoo User Battle Royal Round 2!?

magic marker

Yahoo User Battle Royal?

Magic Marker gets thrown out. (I would have said Brandon just to see his reaction, lol ... I wonder if he would go back in and eliminate everyone still left in the ring?) (J/K)

i was thinking of getting a tattoo of stars on my neck, are they played out?

How can you tell if someone has control of your computer? My myspace traffic map shows my location in Africa.?

You can use anti-spyware! Top Ten Anti-Spyware Software Review 2007 link:

Uh Oh... Can I erase my mistake?

Hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol works. One time my classmates used a sharpie pen on an over head, and had nothing to wipe it off. Came off like no other! =) You ought to try it. Hope it helps.

Do you think secretly Chris Bosh is best power forward right now?

I don't think it secretly, i think it openly. He is far and away the best all-around power forward in the game. According to John Hollinger's Player Efficiency Rating (PER) Chris Bosh is the best PF in the game... and it's not even close. Here is the stat with the top 3 PF's (higher is better): Chris Bosh: 25.67 Dirk Nowitzki: 22.63 Josh Smith: 22.00

Does anyone know any of these Film Makers?

Quentin Tarantino is very famous, and to a lot of people. I have seen Pulp Fiction (one of my top 5 movies), Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, and Inglourious Basterds (one of my top 5 movies of the past 10 years). David Lynch might not be a not a household name like Tarantino, but he has a lot of fans; I would definitely say he is famous. I have seen Blue Velvet, Mullholland Drive, and Eraserhead. His films are very strange and I like them (except for Eraserhead, which is a bit too surreal for my taste, even though it is not bad). David Cronenberg- He is very well-known to people who like movies (but again not like Tarantino). Some of his movies are actually very famous. I love his movies including The Fly, A History of Violence and Eastern Promises. He has made a lot of good films besides those as well. Michael Haneke- He is less known than the previous people I mentioned, but I would not say that "almost no one" knows him. People who are into film, especially modern foreign films, probably know of him. I remember his film The White Ribbon, which I have not seen, was nominated for a couple of Oscars a few years ago. I have seen Benny's Video and Funny Games (U.S. version). Neither of them were outstanding but they were not bad, and I preferred Funny Games. I do not know of any of the other people.

i have a baseball thats signed by art howe,butch henry,chris jones,darryl kile,scott swan,and other players?

how did your baseball get an nba stamp on it? anyway check your local sports memorabilia dealer and ask what he'd be willing to pay for it and then add about 20 % to it and thats likely what it would be worth out on the open market

Top 10 greatest avante-garde, experimental or surrealist films?

What about Brakhage's "Sirius Remembered"? I was jealous of the dog when I had to watch it. What about Warhol's "Empire"? I think German Expressionism is Avant-Garde, or at least its ancestor, so I don't think that Dr. Caligari or Metropolis are that far-fetched.

Looks like Magic Marker has been at it again?

Hey...maybe he went to get a drink in the bowl, and got his head stuck. Toilet seat head, lol.

Dream me and Chris brown were havng this conversation......?

Chris Brown doesn't have to represent a specific person, but rather he could represent the type of attention you desire. It could mean that you want to be admired. The conversation you both had while lying on the floor of the studio, could mean you would like to have a meaningful relationship with someone. I cannot guess accurately as to what the number 11 means, however, the talk over you weight could mean that you feel insecure about you physical appearance; and you may feel that your physical appearance prevents you from finding someone who will admire you. This is only my guess:)

Colorado used to be home. Am looking for anyone who used to party in phantom canyon around mile marker 16?

. That's near Ft. Collins? I heard some girl got raped and killed there about 15 yr ago, so there's no more parties. sory.

if it is really magic marker he is in class at school right now it started in florida today?

Lol its ok McRoper has defeated Magicmarker now! He's probably at school now...the idiot.