2010 NFL Free Agency?

Julius Peppers, Dawan Landry, Thomas Davis, Lee Evans, Steve Breaston, Jared Gaither

Do the Dem's want Al to Gore run for president in 2008?

Gore is to Global Warming what Jimmy Carter was to Peace. He's better off being dedicated to global warming because he is one hell of a spokesman for the cause. I hope he "stays the course" , and I think running for President would get in the way of that. I think the Dems need to take a more mainline (middle of the road) approach to 2008, there is too much polarization going on right now, but it's b/c of the 5% that are stealing the limelight that are causing this. The 95% of us out here who'd like to speak up and vote our conscious cannot, b/c reps and dems are generally two far on one end or the other of the political spectrum to really appeal to those of us that make up the real voting public..

Fellas what you think about this trade, NYR and Flames. Trade deadline.?

I love Kreider for his work in Saskatoon, but this trade basically boils down to Kreider for Iginla, and that's a terrible trade for Calgary I am all for Calgary trading Iggy, and I think New York would be an absolutely fantastic place for him, I think the Rangers + Iggy = shot at the cup. And my father in law is a huge Rags fan, he would go nuts if they won the cup, and I like them too, so I would be happy with that. But I'm not seeing this trade. I don't know what Calgary has in their depth system, but I would bet they would be more interested in a couple draft picks plus a prospect like Kreider

Will NY Rangers have improved chances at deep run into the playoffs and cup if their `09 1st round draft pick,?

Yes, I'm excited to see what Kreider can bring to the Rangers. We'll have to wait and see if he'll be a future franchise player. I can see him along with players like Derek Stepan, Hagelin, and Del Zottk being the future faces of the Rangers.

What do you think will come of these Rangers draft picks?

I expect Miller and Kreider to be pretty successful, like Stepan is now. As for McIlrath, I can see him becoming the next Jeff Beukeboom.

What shoulder pads does Chris Kreider wear?

This is yahoo answers, not a puckbunny forum. Or is it? Seriously though .. unless you're at a game he plays in and/or have VIP access to the locker room, your guess is as good as mine.

Chris Kreider over Jimmy Hayes -- How Come?

Contrary to Patrick's suggestion, Kreider is the better player/prospect......as evidenced by him being a 1st round selection (while Hayes was at the end of the 2nd round). Besides.......Hayes is 20 years old (born in November 1989) so it's pretty hard for him to play in an UNDER 20 tournament. Drew Doughty is actually younger than Hayes! As far as your additional Q......I am sure he is getting alot less ice time........the thing to remember with young College players is that they are facing off against men, takes time to adapt.