Why do international sporting bodies seem to despise Britain/England?

Who are these Team GB cyclists?

its likley to be sir chris hoy as his mai training ground is in manchester, the woman could have been victoria pendleton an excellent sprint cyclist ive heard her training with the lads before.. im not a massive follower of cycling so im not sure about them 3 men but who cares their in team gb so they must be good

What is the song called on the advert for Make me a Supermodel US on Living TV (England)?

Calvin Harris, the advert has used a sample/instrumental version

Good songs for my playlist?

The Who - Behind Blue Eyes Bob Dylan - Like A Rolling Stone Van Morrison - Into the Mystic Elvis Costello - Allison Bruce Springsteen - Born to Run Steely Dan - Deacon Blues The Clash - Lost in the Supermarket Bob Seger - Night Moves XTC - Senses Working OVertime : )

Spanish Essay Corrects?

I made alot of corrections, but there are alot of instances, where I'm not sure what you are exactly saying.. If you need more help you should try my source. Good Luck!! 1. Mis amigos y yo fuimos en una excursion en las montanas de New Hampshire 2. En el autobus Chris, Mike y yo jugamos tic-tac-toe y dots, nos divertismos mucho. 3. El equipo que usamos para el campamento, los tres sacos de dormir, una tienda de campana, tres cantimploras, una estufa de gas, muchos fosforos, y ocho ollas. 4. las montanas de New Hampshire son muy bonita 5. En los montanas hoy hay muchos flores, que son rojos, azules, blancos y amorridos, y hay mucho animales. 6. Hicimos la comida un dia y tambien fuimos a un lago con agua dulce. 7. en el agua dulce, hay muchos peces 8. en el agua ducle fuimos en kayacos. 9. Nos divertimos mucho con kayacos. 10. en la noche hicimos una fogata con cinco fosforos. 11. Cocinamos pez en las olla y comimos mucho. 12. La cultura de New Hampshire es muy smiliar a New Jersey. 13. En New Hampshire hablamos ingles. 14. Finalmente visitamos la familia de Mike por doce dias. 15. visitamos tu familia, y nos divertimos por Chris y yo en la excursion, hicimos muchas actividades y nos divertimos mucho. 16. Dormimos en el autobus cuando volvimos a New Jersey. I tried to correct all you

Is my Spanish report error free?

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Is my Spanish report on Churros error free?

Mi postre favorito Hola, mi nombre es Chris. Mi postre español favorito son los churro. Los churros, en primer lugar, se hicieron hace siglos por pastores que vivieron en lo alto de las montañas de España. Fue muy difícil conseguir pan fresco. Los pastores tenían que encontrar una manera de hacerse los suyos propios. Desarrollaron un pan que era fácil de hacer y se podían hacer sobre un fuego abierto en una sartén. Llamaron a este pan el churro porque se parecía a los cuernos de las oveja que cuidaban,” La Oveja Churra.” El conocimiento de esta preparacion se extendió por toda España y la receta fue perfeccionada. Como los latinoamericanos emigraron a los Estados Unidos, también hicieron la receta de churro. En México hicieron su propia versión, que es muy delgado y crujiente. Aunque la receta se trasladó a varios países, los churros no tampoco perdieron su popularidad en España. Hoy en día, los churros son todavía un desayuno español muy popular, la merienda y postre. Para hacer el churro, los pastores debían desplegar una longitud de masa freída en una sartén sobre un fuego abierto. No era la masa en forma de estrella que vemos hoy. Era más parecido a un grisín en la forma y el tamaño. Después de la cocción, los pastores se lo comían sin forma o en rollo de canela y azúcar. El tipo de churro que aprendí como hacer, llamado "porra", en el estilo español y viene de la region Suroeste de España. Para hacer esto necesitas los siguientes ingredientes: Una taza de agua Dos chucaradas de azucar La mitad de una cucharadita de sal Un tercio de taza de mantequilla de uno Una taza de harina blanca Dos huevos La mitad de una cucharadita de vainilla Dos cucharaditas de canela.

Why do international sporting bodies seem to despise Britain/England ?

Who are these Team GB track cyclists?

What do you think of This Video,- London 2012 official Olympic handover segment ?

first time ive actually watched this.I the uk there was a lot of bad press about it. people were not happy at how it was done. personally i quite liked it ..it looked small due to the several thousand Chinese people in the background who had done the closing cermoney. with 8 minutes to work with it was never going to be amazing no matter what you do. lenoa lewis is a really great singer and dispite many people saying she wont last a year she is doing very well .. im happy to have her represent the UK. Page was great. dancers were a bit to arty farty for my taste :) loved the red bus folding down although having the london city skyline in christmas tree lights seemed kinda tacky :) Borris Jonson .. i really like the guy but i soo wished he had done his suit jacket up and for him to not keep sticking his hands in his pockets .. millions and millions of people watching and i thought he looked a tad scruffy :) still he is a real charater and i dont think uk people care or they wouldnt of voted him in :) ... old english saying "you cant polish a turd" .... all in all i liked it :) i live just outside London but work in the city centre most days , seemed quite "fitting" of london .... BRING YOUR BROLLYS !

Who is your favorite non-American Olympic athlete?

any Aussie AUSSIE AUSSIE, perhaps you should have asked who is your favourite athlete from a country other than your own as this is an international site... so in the spirit of your question probably Usain Bolt

Who are these Team GB cyclists?

Paralympics Question?

It's possible to compete in the Olympics with a disability, there is no discrimination. They have the Paralympics to give those who are disabled a fair chance and the right to compete. Brian Mckeever only has 10 percent vision and was named to the Olympic team for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Although he did not compete (he was pulled in favour of another skier) he proved that it was possible to make the Olympic team with a disability. It may be harder because of his disability, but he can compete nonetheless. I wish him well and hope that he makes the olympic team. :)

Are Spurs fans the laughing stock of London?

I've just realised that pointless is a SPURS fan... lmfao

What does this say about Spurs fans?

It doesn't say much, really. In every team, some sets of fans will be sure to do things like this. It just shows that when referees have a bad game and made results which affected a team's performance, the losing set of supporters will not be happy at all.

Why hasn't Linford Christie received a knighthood?

I think Linford Christie's bulge should receive knighthood. That thing is mighty!

Who's your pick to win the Race of Champions?

It is going to be Michael Schumacher he is better than Lewis Hamilton.

is Bradley Wiggins in the track/Velodrome team for the Olympics?

What is the song called on the advert for Make me a Supermodel US on Living TV (England)?

I would love know this too, if anyone could answer.

Who is going to be Britain's Sports Personality of the Year?

It's probably going to be Lewis Hamilton after winning the Formula 1 title by the closest of margins to become the youngest ever World Champion.

Just how much better can GB cyclists get and how come we can't transform this to road racing?

Track talent has definately increased since the Manchester velodrome was built for the commonwealth games. With a centre of excellence to train and learn you will increase the numbers of top athletes but road racing is fragmented and pretty much stops at a regional level for most. That and the fact road racing covers large distances so most can't be bothered, just look at mtb downhill where the UK has several world class riders where mtb cross country has virtually no one but has olympic money grants In the UK it rains all year round. France,Spain and Italy have lovely weather and long backround in competeive cycling and we don't.

Does anyone take the new years honours seriously?

Well - they are a very long way from their origins in the Orders of Chivalry, and perhaps knighthoods ought to be dropped in favour of other forms of recognition. The awards for political and business 'services', which insult us all, should be dropped altogether. Remember that OBE usually means Other Buggers' Efforts! Most people would agree with the recognition of community service - although that usually qualifies only for one of the lower awards, and arguably deserves better. If anyone should qualify for a high award, it's the unsung hero/heroine who has spent half a lifetime campaigning for disabled veterans, or abused children, or supporting a local, independent sea or mountain rescue service. It might also be better if sporting achievement, or excellence in the arts, had categories of medals of their own, which would be more worthy of respect than a discredited system of handouts of alphabet soup to senior public sector managers.

How do you feel about the British deliberately crashing during the team sprint heats and winning gold?

How to lose muscle on thighs and buttocks?

Join a Track & Field team, and train to be a long-distance runner, there are no big long-distance runners.

are you proud of Chris Hoy and that wee country hes from SCOTLAND?

och aye am proud of the wee guy

Chris Hoy will he be ....?

yh i guess so

Did Chris Hoy a knighthood ("Sir")?

Yes, he did. 

how many gold medals did Chris Hoy win in the 2008 olympics?

He won three gold medals in the men's individual sprint event, the men's team sprint event and the men's keirin event.

What bike did chris hoy use to win gold in bejing? that unmarked black one?

The bike is a "Dolan", a custom bike shop in the U.K. owned by Terry Dolan.

Why do I love Chris Hoy so much?

How do we know what sex you are from the name "Rainbow Delight"? Rainbows are affiliated with the gay community. It would only be natural to assume from the question and your screen name you might be gay. http://i464.photobucket.com/albums/rr4/PsychoPinto/Black%20Men/My%20Universal%20Love%20Album/Gay-Pride-Rainbow-Poster-715307.jpg http://www.johncoulthart.com/feuilleton/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/gay_flag1.jpg

how did cyclist chris hoy become the ambassador for the 2012 games held in london?

Chris Hoy lead the GB team to a record medal tally in the track cycling, he is the first cyclist to win 3 individual cycling golds at the same games, for 100 years. Edit: The track cyclists won every event except 3, the Men's and Women's Points races, and the Madison. Never been done before ! Details of all the Ambassadors are here : http://www.sportbusiness.com/news/166627/bt-appoints-ambassador-team-for-london-2012

Could anybody give me some tips or on how to present a talk to a class on Chris Hoy the GB Olympian ?

I know quite a bit about his background. When he was younger he played rugby and represented Scotland as a junior rower. Before he was involved in track cycling he was doing BMX and he was ranked in the top ten in the world. I also know that he first started track cycling at the Meadowbank velodrome in Edinburgh and he supports Heart of Midlothian.

How many insults will Chris HOY receive tonight on twitter?

oh...poor baby..

Who would win in a cycling sprint between Chris Hoy and Mark Cavendish?

Although Cavendish is a sprinter in road race terms that only means that he can sprint after having ridden about 200 km so his body is conditioned for stamina and endurance. Chris Hoy is conditioned for an explosive burst of sprinting speed round the velodrome and in a track sprint he would beat Cavendish by a wide margin. At the end of a road race however Cavendish would beat Hoy in a sprint finish.

Who is better cyclist- Sir Chris Hoy or Tour de France champion?

Neither. Eddy Merckx. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eddy_Merckx