What do you think of this idea for a kids TV movie?

Uh, evading 'law and corruption' isn't a kid's movie idea, at all.

what did you think of the chris herren doc?

I found it really interesting. I didn't know about him until I watched the documentary. I was really surprised by the shit he did. Thankfully he has changed.

Was Chris Herren a good NBA player?

It was probably because of the knee injury and yeah, he was pretty good.

What happend to Chris Herren after his 2004 drug charge?

well this was all i really found on the guy http://media.www.bcheights.com/media/storage/paper144/news/2006/12/04/Sports/Hoop-Dreams.Deferred.The.Sad.Tale.Of.Chris.Herren-2520461-page2.shtml

Who is the football player in Chris Herren's book?

Dunno. I need a link or reference in order to answer this.

Last I heard Chris Herren was playing basketball over in Iran. Does anyone know where he is now?

In December 2004, Herren was charged with possession of heroin and driving under the influence with a revoked license in a Dunkin' Donuts parking lot in Portsmouth, RI. its the last i have heard from him.

What ever happened to basketball player Chris Herren?

Good question, talented but troubled player.