When would the Chevrolet Volt be available in the market?

it is not scheduled to release just yet they probaly wan to see how everyone will react to the 08 camaro and malibu my guess probally 2009 they should be about ready for more info click link below

Is there any way in purchasing a chevrolet volt working concept model?

Not for sale yet This is only a concept car. Even if you could buy it, there are no replacement parts or mechanics that can work on it. With no replacement parts, there could be no warranty. I hope this car doesn't go the way of the Impact concept did about 15 years ago. I believe this car will be built. It will be a very good car if used for its intended purpose, short commuter trips.

why did Gneral Motors change the design of the Chevrolet Volt?

The first one was a show car, and wasn't at all practical. I saw it at the NY auto show, although it looked cool, it lacked space much like a sports car, but a sports car its not. So the production one has some of the styling cues, but in a much more useful size and layout. If you're wondering why not a coupe - just look at Honda CRZ sales vs Insight. Mechanically similar, but the CRZ isn't selling nearly as many as the Insight. If I want a relatively dull "green" car, I want it to be useful.

How does this ideal sound the new Chevrolet Volt why don't they call it the Obummer Volt?

Or why not call It the "O Volt" his logo Is an "O" right let's have respect for the man If you don't like that's fine but have some respect besides chevrolet will still do Its thing and not change a thing.

Did you see a purple Chevrolet Volt as a car in Transformers2?

I thought the twins showed up as green and purple volts.

Obama encouraged people to buy Chevrolet Volt then why haven't most people bought any chevy volts?

In the 90's Chevrolet made an EXCELLENT electric Car the EV1.It had unbelievable pick-up, and handling and was low maintenance. The Oil Co.'s starting to have a major fit and feared it would end too much dependency on oil (GASOLINE) and put pressure on GM to end it's production. GM ordered all of them back and even went as far as to seek people out who were holding them in a secret location. This was Truly Nazi Gestapo tactics and little to nothing was ever known about it because most of these cars were ever bought outside California or the West coast. Chevrolet had their chance and I'm sure those who may have had one of these cars previously ,won't get on board for another disappointment from having it taken from them again. Besides the Toyota Prius and the Nissan Leaf will be the Cars most Americans will buy because of their proven Companies track record building reliable cars. GM is a car company that has now closed down 2 of it's sister companies and will prove to continually fail..................

Who else thinks the production Chevrolet Volt is Ugly?

It's awful. I would have seriously considered one if it looked similar to the concept car. Not now. I think they deliberately made it ugly so that it wouldn't sell. I live in an area where electricity is about a nickel per KWH, so it woiudl have cost me about 10 cents a fillup. GM just drives me crazy.

Would You Rather Have A New Ford F150, Or A Chevrolet Volt?

A Ford of course American bulit by Americans who have yet to use tax payer money to bail out their mistakes, I drive an F250 btw

Would you buy a Chevrolet Volt and pay more for electricity?

Actually,you will be able to charge the car as you drive it. Nice try,winger.

How much will a Chevrolet Volt cost when it comes out? How safe will it be?

Rumor is in the low $40k range. Its a lot of money but new technology always costs more at first. Prices will drop as technology improves and production volumes rise. It must pass all the laws just like every other car sold for that model year. Safety wouldn't really be a concern. I wouldn't waste the money on any new car for a new driver. Its going to be wrecked and abused. Your best bet would be to start with some econo car beater for a few years. When its in an accident repairs are cheap and you wont be worried with even fixing small damage.