How was Dick Cheney able to get away with leaking classified information regarding Valerie Plame?

The federal prosecutor apparently could not gather sufficient evidence against him but Fitzgerald did say that "There is a cloud over the vice president."

If Bush and Rumsfeld had gone to war and Cheney had ever served in military, would we have gone to Iraq?

No. If those chickenhawks had ever been to war they wouldn't have been so eager to send our troops to iraq.

Is the Cheney program Eric Holder is investigating basically a deflection from health care and cap'n tax?

It is the economy. Everything other than the economy is a deflection. I support CnT, health care reform and alternative energy. Know what? I don't give a flying rat about any of it. Real unemployment is in excess of 16% (unemployed, underemployed and discouraged workers) and that is all that really matters. Unless Obama gets it, and gets it quickly, his Presidency will be lost. It is the economy.

LGBT Americans: What do you think about Dick Cheney coming out in support of gay marriage?

I think that its great that Cheney supports gay marriage. Hopefully, other staunch conservatives will see him and realize that all of this anti-gay nonsense is pointless. Right now, I doubt either of them are decent allies for gay people. There's been no movement on repealing DADT or DOMA. Obama can nationalize industries like crazy and shoehorn hundreds of billions of dollars in spending bills, but he doesn't have enough political capital to nix DADT? Please. Cheney isn't much of an ally either. You don't see him really doing anything to further the cause.

Does Dick Cheney have the stones to run for President or is he all talk?

Wow, wouldn't that be a dream ticket for the Dems! Cheney and Palin. Too bad Newt can't run as well . . .

How much of an influence was Dick Cheney in the formation of policy in the Bush administration?

All evidence suggests that it was Cheney's policies that were being put in place. Bush is the last voice on it, and so it is his decision, but he basically rubberstamped all of what Cheney was pressing, so in fact Cheney was essentially the President. So it is something of an understatement to say that Cheney had influence on the policies of the Bush Administration. His policies were the policies of the Bush Administration.

Was the fire in Cheney's office started to destroy evidence or to direct attention away from other crimes?

Dick Cheney doesn't need to start any fires. He could call the FBI and CIA directly and order them to destroy any evidence he wanted destroyed. He could probably get Congress to allocate funds for this as well.

Why is GW Bush being so silent about torture while Cheney is all over the place defending it?

I think after 8 years of abuse, G.W. Bush is more then happy to step out of the lime light (is that the correct expression?)

Should Cheney be water boarded to find the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?

No, but he should be prosecuted for war-crimes, convicted, and thrown in prison.

Amidst all that is going on, How come we have not heard anything from VP Cheney in the last few months?

he said a while back he's made hundreds of millions of the war and its sitting in offshore accounts he never cared about this country

Why is Palin taking positions that ensure a continuation of the Bush-Cheney energy policies?

That is hilarious to say Sarah Palin is next to the oil companies. Laughable. The oil companies and her DO NOT agree. She has raised their taxes, support stronger environmental standards and right now is supporting a competing company to build the gas line. You guys pick up these BS lines of CNN and MSNBC. We have known Sarah Palin up here for a long time and that is why she has a 80% approval rating. As far as being investigated I have a few points on that. 1.) Investigation was launched by her do nothing democrat enimies 2.) The Trooper Wooten is a POS. Do you think cops should be able to taser 11 year old kids, drink in their patrol cars and hunt Illegally? Especially when that trooper served as a ranger then claims ignorance of the law. He also threatened Sarah Palin's dad that if he hired an attorney for his daughter he would eat some lead. Sound like someone you want patrol your streets pulling your neighbors over? 3.) She hasn't been under investigation since getting in office. The investigation just started like a month ago. 4) Bravo to Sarah for firing him for not getting rid of a corrupt trooper, by the way, she didn't fire him, she offered him another position and then he quit. Leave it to the Lib's to always get it wrong and attack the wrong person. 5.) As far as being qualified. I would rather have someone raising a family just like me, working hard just like me, hunting, fishing and honest like me me than some havard snot that is racist and an america hater. I garrantee tha you wouldn't find Sarah Palin in Obama's church. 6.) I actually would prefer Sarah Palin as President over McCain. 7.) I can't wait for Alaska's corruption fighter to get to DC I just hope her and her family can hold out against all the mean, nasty people. They are a good family and deserve to be treated better. Her biggest weakness is caring for the people she represents. GO SARAH! WE LOVE YOU !!!!!!

How many more times will Dick Cheney antagonize Barak before Barak decides to order the NSA to?

Dickey boy should watch his mouth and his step. Barack ain't someone you really want pissed at you.

What should be done to Dick Cheney if he had foreknowledge of the anthrax attacks?

You are giving him too much credit there, Conspiracy Theory Larry. But regardless, someone needs to serve him a big cup of shut the hell up. That idiot has no shame for his disastrous eight years as VP and needs to pipe down. Maybe he can be tortured into being quiet.

How would you compare the Obama Presidency with the Cheney Presidency?

I miss Bush.

Who else thinks Vice President Cheney needs to be excommunicated?


Why does Pat Robertson give a pass to lesbian Mary Cheney having babies,but blame Haitians for the earthquake?

Have you seen how insulted Dick gets when you even MENTION his lesbian daughter!!!

Why do you hear about Dick Cheney in the news more than George W. Bush sincce both have left office?

As a past President, it is proper to keep your mouth shut and blend back into regular life. This allows the new president to work on his own. George W Bush has a lot of class. Carter could learn some. Cheney has nothing to gain with the exception of his love of country and showing us all what tools are now running the show in DC.

What is the name of the guy that Dick Cheney shot in the face?

Harry Whittington--

Why was Vice President Cheney against gay marriage during the Bush years but now changed?

Maybe he had a change of heart... but most likely he was against it when it was politically relevant.. and now that he is out of office, he is a dad again and just wants to support his daughter... granted he should have had the balls to support his daughter while he had the means to do something about it... but that is the difference between a great man and just a man.... and not all men can be great.

Why do war veterans cut Dick Cheney a break when it came to what many consider his draft-dodging?

Apparently you can get as many "deferments" as you want while you're young enough to actually fight, and then make up for it when you're old by sending other young people around the world to die in a pointless war.

How many military men have evidence about Bush and Cheney and are only waiting for a dem to take office?

They had evidence that sandy berger was stealing and destroying highly classified documents. he wrote a letter and said he was sorry..."Ooops! my bad!" if a democrat can get away with a punishment that light, the republicans you listed will probably get a medal. now playing:all i need is your love - fastway

Why has Dick Cheney liquidated all his assets and coverted them to foreign currencies?

Because during his time as VP, Cheney has built himself a small empire, at the ruination of America, and he wants to protect his own. Cheney is a traitor.

What are your thoughts on the waterboarding time-line that conflicts with Cheney's claim that torture worked?

There shouldn't be any discussion on Torture. It is against the law and this is a nation of laws. Cheney and Bush as well as Reps are wrong. We need accountable for their war crimes.

How ironic is it that Dick Cheney is now more respected than Joe Biden?

Makes complete sense. Although not much has to be done, Biden does it all on his own. Yay for Dick Cheney though.

Why Is Cheney being allowed to keep his records Private in spite of very specific Rules to the Contrary ?

Your government is broken.

Cheney will have to attend the inugration in a wheel chair, he hurt his poor back moving his own boxes?

It's symbolic of how he has crippled our nation. At least his is only temporary. It'll take years for us to get the damage he inflicted healed.

Should Dick Cheney be tortured into revealing his sources?

No, I think he should be tortured just for the fun of it.

How do US soldiers feel about Dick Cheney seeking and receiving 5 deferments from serving in Vietnam?

As a vietnam vet, I consider that two faced chicken hawk a coward. While most of us were willing to enter the service and fulfill our military obligation, two faced chickenhawks like him, dodged the draft, and now of course they send our sons to war. Quite frankly I respect those that went of jail or left the country protesting the war by refusing the draft. It is the two faced approach of guys like Cheyney and Bush that bothers me. Further, we got mired in that stinking hell hole of iraq because those guys would not listen to the Generals that took Bagdad. They said they needed more troops to hold and secure the country. Cheney & co, said get with the program or leave. They left.

What were the "other priorities" Cheney referred to that precluded him from defending his country from Commies?

To put it a bit crudely, he was screwing his wife. His daughter was born nine months and two days after the wedding. A change in selective service rules created another Republican.

How do you feel about Dick Cheney's investments in private prisons?

I knew that he was corrupt a long time ago. This is just more proof of his character. It is also why we should be wondering why we have so many people locked up in the USA

Why do GOP members keep saying Cheney did nothing illegal with the Haliburton scandle are they blind?

The name says it all "DICK". The kind of guy that will shoot you in the face, then demand an apology. In fact, DICK was such a DICK in his youth (when he was known as LITTLE DICK) that his parents started calling him DICK even though his name wasn't Richard. In conclusion, Republicans love DICK! And could never believe that their DICK could ever do anything so underhanded. But he did that and much more. And you thought Nixon was a DICK!

Is Obama just using the Cheney/CIA story as a cover up like the water boarding scandal?

Absolutely! if you think they're spending irresponsibly now wait till you see whats coming soon. cap and tax and health care will kill this country. And obama is NOT surrounded by neo-cons the Dem's now have a super majority there's not enough republicans to even filibuster and if the Dem's were all in agreement and all supported obama they could push ANYTHING though unopposed. I especially love the hypocrisy Obama's government transparency criticized bush for firing attorney generals for investigating g-bay prisoner abuse passes a law making this illegal then fires Inspector General Gerald Walpin and 2 others when he investigates where millions of the stimulus money disappeared to by obama friends. him and his buddies are stealing millions of tax payer money and yet the zombies still applaud - see gw's interview on glenn beck and WSJ

What is our responsibility towards the innocent male baby taken into the lesbian household of Mary Cheney?

Absolutely. Write your congressman.

Why does Cheney now use Security against Obama when he and Bush clearly ignored the 9/11 threat?

9/11, Bush's Ultimate Mulligan.

Where should Bush and Cheney stand trial after they leaves office?

The Hague has a court order for their apprehension. However, chances are they'll escape to Paraguay, where Bush has bought a large ranch, and they'll live there with escaped Nazi war criminals.

Did Cheney foster the torture program not to save American lives, but to find forced connections to Iraq?

What a stain the Bush Administration left on this country. I don't care what any Republican tries to say the Iraq War was based on false pretenses, the CIA in coercion with the Bush Admin. lied to Congress, and the US if FAR less safe due to their actions - not democrats and definitely not Obama! IT'S COMMON SENSE TO SEE THAT! YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A GENIUS TO FIGURE THAT ONE OUT!

How is Vice President Cheney not part of the executive branch of the American government?

Well, what IS interesting is that he doesn't receive a paycheck as "Vice President", but as "President of the Senate" !! SOoooo I can smile and laugh at his twisted logic. What screws up his "theory" is when he claimed "Executive Privilege" to prevent Scooter and others in his office from testifying. Not TOO much different from President Clinton claiming he couldn't be engaged in a lawsuit because he was Commander in Chief and therefore fell under the "Soldiers & Sailors Relief Act". He dropped that claim when he was advised that under UCMJ he would then be open to charges of Adultry and Sodomy.

What did Dick Cheney claim about executive privilege and torture?

Vice President Dick Cheney has made the controversial claim that his office is not fully part of the Bush administration in order to exempt it from a presidential order regulating federal agencies' handling of classified national security information This is the broadcast you are referring to and you can find his complete statement

What happened with the war with Iran Bush/Cheney were supposed to start?

Liberal hype as usual.

How did Dick Cheney get to be Defense Secretary when he had absolutely no experience in the military himself?

Calling in political favors? I mean Brownie had no experience in rescue, security or anything to do with Homeland Security before he was named Head. In the George W Bush world, did anyone really need experience or education? Not that I could see. And the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

What do you think the Bush Cheney Alumni Association is talking about?

"Been there, done that"'s over. Get up and get on with it and look for a better way. Bush and Cheney dug their own grave. "Help build a lasting legacy"...palease. Yes, palease. There is NO "Bush base".......he dug his own legacy with the help of the RICH Dick. Yeah, Dick Cheney's mother named him right...........

Is Mary Cheney working on any same-sex marriage initiatives and woulid she move with her girlfriend there?

Move where? Massachusetts allows same sex marriage, so she could move there if she really wanted to get married to her girlfriend. VT and I think New Jersey allow civil unions b/w same sex couples. I don't know if she's active in initiatives for it in other states, or nationwide.

Obama and Cheney: Is warning of an impending threat wishing for the threat to cause damage?

My view on this. No terrorist attack will happen because of the securities policies. No economic disaster will happen because of the health care system. Because a terrorist attack can happen any day at anytime. The health care system has always been messed up probably never be perfect. Give the economy a year, it's most likely to boost up.

What will Cheney have to say about the recent terrorist capture?

He will give his opinion and not focus on the facts. The top military taliban official has been captured. 11 of 20 top Al Queda terrorists have been killed. Those are the facts, i doubt Dick will adress them. Hes upset because he is no longer getting no bid contracts for Haliburton.

Is dick cheney right to be remembers for good things?

ugh I do not like that man. Gay marriage? Marraige is between a Man and a WOMAN if they want to live together forever till death, make up their own word! The words the homos stole Gay -meant happy now means HOMO Queer - meant odd now means HOMO Marraige - meant a joining of a man and a woman till death, now means the joining of a woman and a woman or a man and a man.

How would Mary Cheney pose a risk to military unit cohesion?

because Cheneys dont listen to the rules. :) Phillip: No need to be condescending,8599,1636435,00.html Cheney thought he was beyond rules. I'm all for the constitution, im against abusing it.

When Cheney appeared on Fox News today, why didn't they ask him why he failed to defeat the terrorists?

Because fox softballs cons... they don't want to make them look like the shmucks they are.

DId Dick Cheney and Lee Greenwood get women pregnant to avoid being drafted during the Vietnam conflict?

This makes sense, fitting with these guys character, but man-oh-man, what were the woman involved doing it for? I hope something was in it for them? And what a great defense of these cowards, the only defense, see someone else also is one.

How did Cheney and Bush force unemployment up & why do people blame the Great Obama?

Since the Marxist Obama has taken office he has done the best he can to force and impose his anti-American policies on the seemingly unaware American taxpayer. No one knew in advance that Obama would be such a horrendous president and that everything this man would do would be geared towards destroying the American capitalistic society and economy.

In a show of his outlandish arrogance, Obama has appointed an unprecedented amount of 25 “czars” in the brazen attempt to go around the Constitution and Congress - by allowing these “czars” to make their own law - in order to push through his Marxist agenda. He has touched on and tried to re-do just about every facet of government in just his first three months.o_O

How many different administrations had Cheney and Rumsfeld served in before the George W. administration?

Cheney first entered politics in 1978 as a Representative. He was Secretary of Defense for George HW Bush. Rumsfeld was first elected a Representative in 1962, and served with Nixon and Ford.