How can I send a contribution to the Alaskans who rejected Hugo Chavez's offer of oil?

I do not know the correct answer to this question, but I can tell you for certain where NOT to send it. Joe Kennedy. Rep.Joe Kennedy is conspiring with Hugo Chavez to bring communism to MA. Well, I suppose that with MA, there was a considerable head start before Hugo Chavez!

What will Chavez do with the hundreds of Missiles he bought from Russia last week?

Chavez doesn't want to attack the United States and his posturing towards Columbia is only because Columbia stands in the way of his *real* long-term goal--capturing Panama and the Canal. If Chavez can get control of the Canal he will have a pretty firm grip on the neck of many international businesses and countries, including the United States. I suspect it will be about a year before Chavez makes any real moves on Columbia. In the meantime, our military attention is focused elsewhere....

Does it surprise you in the least that now CHAVEZ is trying to start a war with neighboring countries?

This would be as good a time as any, to get that lttle puke out of the way. Six thousand troop and tanks are hard to disguise, and one or two Daisy Cutters, properly dispersed, could make real short work of it. But, what do I know, the Colombian government thinks Hugo is a fruit cake as does King Juan Carlo of Spain. Is Hugo going to put Spain on its short list, too ? And, what's with Ecuador, do all these socialist's think that Chavez has leadership ability, or do they hope to take control of Venezuela's oil once Hugo bites the dust

How did US oil companies/lobbyists respond when Hugo Chavez nationalized Venezuelan oil when he came to power?

Something like this might be what you're looking for: Don't listen to any of these other people who have been listening to U.S. media for far too long. I'm friends with many Venezuelans, some of whom were there when the 2002 coup happened. Its interesting how different their perspective is from that of the U.S. public.

Why doe Chavez turn off the Peoples energy power for weeks at a time?

Because he has a horrible energy policy. Socialism is wonderfull isnt it!??!

Why Is Chavez Only Allowing The People To Take 3 Minute Showers?

If the alternative was certain death, you would go along with it too. On an evolutionary timeline, we have become entitled to virtually unlimited electricity, clean water, and fuel for our vehicles essentially overnight. Clean water will be a crisis within our lifetimes. It just will be. Read up on it. It's going to be a serious problem. People should be taking 3 minute showers everywhere. It takes about 30 seconds to get all wet, after which the water can be turned off and one can lather up, then maybe another 30 seconds to rinse. Technically we could all shower adequately in under a minute. The unpalatable part of this story is that Chavez is ordering it. But conservation is something we should be doing on our own. But we don't. Because we just don't care. And we just don't know what the long-term consequences will be.

What do you think about Hugo Chavez and his presidential policies?

Lol are you crazy? That punk is taking control of his own country! Which means he doesn't want freedom not even for his own people! Basically he wants to become a king! Now his is in the side of the drug dealers because he actually did finish with the drug dealers in his country but he sent all the stuff to other countries for example Mexico which is my country and Colombia. Now also that punk is a terrorist! Do you still think that chavez is cool? If you do then you must be out of your mind!

Whats the difference between Hugo Chavez and George W Bush?

Bush loves his Country and I guess Hugo loves his too(he must he rules it). Hugo and barrack insane also have something in common, they both hate America.

What is Hugo Chavez of Venezuela doing to reduce global warming or CO2?

He is incapable of doing anything to effect the climate. Except the political climate. He's ensuring that every sane person leave Venezuela as quickly as possible before he closes the border so people stop fleeing. Budding dictators are ususally even worse than established dictators.

Why does Chavez pretend to be different religions on different days?

he realizes although he is a stone cold atheist communist. most of Venezuela is Roman Catholic so he has to pretend to be like he is religious