Say goodbye to Minnesota's other Charles Lindberg?

Fair winds and Following Seas......SEMPER FI to a great hero and brave man......

Is the Mount Vernon neighborhood in baltimore a bohemian free thinking neighborhood?


What is on admission tests for private schools?

I'm not sure what entrance exam Catholic schools use for 7th grade admissions, call them up and ask the name. If it is a commonly used exam, there will be test prep books you can buy to get ready for the test. The entrance exam will cover what you should have learned in school up until now. Some tests go above the grade you're taking it for, so don't worry if you don't know everything. (There is a different score scale for each grade, even if it's the same test. Like the ISEE test my son took was for going into 9th - 12th.) There are various entrance exam tests for private school, like the ISEE, SSAT, HSPT, COOP. Some are used in elem and middle, some are only for high school. They tend to cover different things, my son took both the ISEE (non-religious school) and the HSPT (Catholic High School) for different high schools. So if possible, get the name of the test and study! Here is some test prep info: The test you need to take may be listed there. Good luck!

Does Mount Saint Charles Academy in Woonsocket, RI have the best boys high school hockey team at a record of 8

Sure...2 points

How long will Prince Charles rain when he becomes king?

I predict dear Charles will be on the throne for 17 years and 2 months Mr Faysee. I understand the Prince William has been trying to muster support for Himself on the organic farm but has only managed to sway a handful of kidney beans. The vast majority of fruits and nuts are firmly behind dear Charles, therefore, I'll wager no threat shall emerge.

Has anyone ever heard of the Mount St. Charles hockey team?

Mount won 26 straight state titles. That run ended in 2004, when they lost in the finals to Toll Gate. Mount has produced a handful of NHL players. Mount St. Charles' history is chronicled in a 2006 documentary "Ice Kings". Worth watching

have you heard of mount saint charles academy?

Yes Brian Lawton went there and was the 1st overall draft pick in the 1983 draft. They had a very strong hockey program through the 80s and early 90s, and 12 players were drafted, but there were were cutbacks in the early 90s and the last player drafted from there was in 1990 (Dean Capuano, 210th overall to Boston) 1990 210th Dean Capuano (Boston) 1989 96th Keith Carney (Toronto) - not the Keith Carney that played 10+ years 1988 76th Keith Carney (Buffalo) - this is THE Keith Carney 1988 91st Jeff Robison (Los Angeles) 1987 114th Garth Snow (Quebec) 1986 25th David Capuano (Pittsburgh) 1986 249th Sean Boudrealt (Quebec) 1984 56th Alan Perry (St. Louis) 1983 1st Brian Lawton (Minnesota) 1983 116th Thomas McComb (Minnesota) 1983 165th Jay Octeau (New Jersey) 1981 118th Paul Guay (Minnesota)

Does Mount St. Charles Acadamy have the best high school hockey team in America?

CM is pretty good too.... I've seen MSC at Brown before they are pretty good!!

Is Mount Saint Charles Academy USA's top HS hockey team?

During the late 80's and early 90's they were certainly as good as anyone in the country. Look at all the players that have gone on to play in the NHL and the hundreds of players they have sent to play college hockey. MSC also went out of their way to schedule the toughest teams in the east.

When will Prince Charles mount the throne? And how would he do it?

Mary takes it UTA but she is right about you being a nasty man.