Do You Think That Champions Online will take the Throne of the MMO Universe?

Take the throne from World of Warcraft? Not likely. There's just too many people who are obsessed with WoW. The only game that might be able to overthrow WoW is if Blizzard makes a Starcraft MMORPG.

Is there anything i can download to make Champions online run nice and smoother on my computer?

Having enough memory in your computer helps considerably with the choppiness in Champions Online. Windows Vista and CO work well together, but you should really have at least 4GB to have it run smoothly. Reducing the video settings also helps game play.

When will be Champions online available for Xbox 360 probably?

I went on and I think it says march but probably sometime spring 2010. So u will be waiting no doubt bout that

Are there any offline games that are similar to champions online?

Generally, use the strategy games, so you can find more amusing characters.

How to get power armor in champions online?

This is a gold member power set that you can only get by actually purchasing the game. Sorry bud. If you do get it create a character and click on the "?" which allows you to mix and match pretty much all of the powers of the game.

Any way to play champions online with video card?

What kinda updates can i expect for Champions Online?

Pretty large but since you have the disc the patches should be fine. For me the whole client took up 3300 MB but not entirely sure about patches...

How can someone get a beta key for champions online the game?

You have to apply for the beta key and hope you will get in they will only give it out to people at random anyone that applied will have a chance to get in you might need to have a good computer for a better chance

How long does champions online take to install?

depends on your computer and internet connection.

Champions online .....?

wow it looks so cool i wanna play