Does anyone else think this is absolutely ridiculous ?

He legally changed his name, so it has nothing to do with being pompous. If you change your name, the announcers and fans must respect it, no matter how moronic it is.

Who will the Patriots keep at WR ?

Wes Welker and Bradon Lloyd are guaranteed to stay. I also think that Gonzalez and Slater will probably stay and that Branch and Johnson are going for sure. It's kinda early to be talking about that now because we have to see how training camp and the preseason play out and how their health is.

Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens... Disaster waiting to happen?

no man, just two good players playing together, everything else is media trying to convince us that it's going to be a disaster

Is Chad Ochocinco/Johnson unjustly hated?

Because of the 15 yard excessive celebration penalties. Because he made a journal compiling all the cornerbacks that tried to cover him saying 'you cant cover 85' (A lot of them can) Because he handed an official a dollar bill as a joke. Because he inducted himself into the hall of fame Because he changed his name to Ochocinco (Asinine) Because he did all these things without putting up elite stats. Better receivers than him were present at the time he did all this and now, and they just kinda shut up and played the game. He comes across as pretty annoying.

do you like chad johnson?

It's not Chad Johnson it's Chad Ochocino. He's very specific on that. Plus if i'm going to add an athlete I like I am going to get it off of Those are all CONFIRMED athletes. I also check on news sites to try to guarentee the confirmation. If Ochocinco had a twitter, it would have been on ESPN because they follow him just like they follow T.O., who does actually have a twitter and tweets quite a bit. By the way... YES... I do like Mr. Ochocinco... If he had a confirmed twitter, I would already have it.

Does anyone else think that Chad Johnson is a wanna-be Mexican?

his actually half mexican

When and why did Chad Ochocinco delete his twitter?

He changed it from OGOchocinco to just Ochocinco