What is the best brand of kitchen utensils/gadgets/pans?

The home shopping network QVC has excellent pots and pans and the prices are right. They also have a really good no questions asked return policy but I doubt if many people use it for their cookware. The Cooks Essential's line of cookware is stainless steel and you can choose non-stick finish or solid stainless. The Technique brand is hard-anodized aluminum (I have this set) and it comes in many color choices, is very durable and makes cooking much more enjoyable. You can check out their website anytime. QVC also has more gadgets than most people would want.

What's the best material for chef grade sautee/fry pans in a home kitchen?

I personally would like Stainless steal heats evenly and is next to imposable to hurt. Cast iron heats better but you have to be care full of what you cook in it tomatoes or any other high acid type food will cause it harm. All the other one are just cheap pieces of crap is my opinion

Is it illegal to buy prescription drugs from India WITH a valid prescription?

depends on which drugs you are buying. Narcotics and other highly controlled meds are NOT allowed but others are. Take a look at the European site I use at http://the-drug-store.com/ and you will get an idea of what can be sold and shipped. you will notice that they do not sell any highly controlled pills

How do I clean a paella pan that was used before washing and now has burnt on coating?

Try soaking it in some dishwasher detergent and hot water.

what are some reasons to invest in APPLE, CEPHALON, PRICELINE, MASTERCARD, and SHUTTERFLY?

The reason to invest in any stock is because you recognize that the company is currenlty undervalued, and is likely to move higher. There really is no other point in investing in a stock. Almost all investors who trade individual stocks (other than as their primary job function) will lose over time compared to the broader indexes. It is therefore a poor strategy to pick individual stocks rather than mutual index funds, which can spread the risk for you and over the long term (10 years or more) will return growth in line with the market - essentially, holding a small folio of individual stocks is just another form of gambling. Only highly experienced traders who work in the market are likely to do better than these index funds over time.

Who has a great remedy for cleaning tough stains off of the sides of a stainless steel Cephalon pan?

http://www.thepaperbarn.net 20+ years in janitorial sales, supply and equipment. Bar Keepers Friend, or Bon Ami powdered cleansers with a white nylon scouring pad or sponge scrubber (#63 3M pad works best). They do not contain the harsh abrasives that other cleansers do yet do a wonder ful job on stainless steel pots pans and other foodservice applications. If the stains are still persistant, try any phosphoric acid based delimer or bowl cleaner with a #63 3M sponge/scrubber. Apply the chemical product to the sponge and rub gently on the pan, rinse with water and repeatas necessary.

Why is my Cephalon non-stick skillet now sticking?

Did you A) use steel wool or Brillo pads, or scouring pads not specifically rated for tephlon, or regularly use any metal implement in the pan to cook in it or clean it B) Put it in the dishwasher at any time and C) Put it in the oven above the recommended 400 degrees (as in broiler use)? If so, those are 3 possible reasons why. Also, cooking on too high a heat (easier to do when using gas heat) with large amounts of fat or butter that gets "burnt" on then comes out later, on a regular basis, still does "cook" the coating on the pan to higher than recommended tolerances and over time, that degrades the coating, causing it to thin and begin sticking in those thinned areas. You may not be able to see it with the naked eye. Sources: I have 7 calphalon pans, some are non-stick commercial and some "regular" non-stick. The commercial ones ($100 per pan and up) are the only ones approved for broiler use/higher temps. None are approved for dishwasher/steel wool use.

I have a Cephalon suace pan that was badly burned when I forgot I was boiling eggs.?

Do Cephalon pans really make a difference in the taste of foods?

No it isn't true. It is what you put in them, how you cook with them and how you season your food. That has to be one of the most inane things you have ever heard about cooking. A pot is a pot and it will do nothing but cook your food, the rest is up to you.

How do I return a Cephalon cookie sheet that should have a lifetime warranty?

Look here: http://search.yahoo.com/search?ei=UTF-8&fr=ush-ans&p=Calphalon+cookware&SpellState=n-1165065994_q-WlpeLj8.VnMuy2cudH19uwAAAA%40%40&fr2=sp-top