Is the music from Forget You Cee Lo Green original?

It is original

Cee Lo Green Forget You lyrics?

What song do you like better by Cee-Lo-Green? Forget you or F--- you?

I like F**k You better because before I heard it before I heard Forget You. So I had been listening to it like that all along. I think Forget You is great as well for a clean version.

Do you like the Cee Lo Green-Forget you song?

i love that song! its actually called "F*** you" though

What are the notes to Forget You by Cee Lo Green? I want to play the song on the piano!? (sorry, looked up the uncensored version but besides that, sheet music is all the same) enjoy! :)

What are the notes to Forget You by Cee Lo Green?

sorry idk....

Why is Cee Lo Green Forget You consider Alternative Rock?

Is it? No it's not! I'm sure it's 'soul'/'r n b'

How many of you feel like you heard cee lo green forget you song before?

YES! I know what you mean, it was like I recognised the tune or something.

Where can I find the midi file for Cee Lo Green Forget You?

does anyone like the song forget you by cee lo green?

Yah that songs the shit it aint really forget you tho.