whats the difference between a Cavalier king charles spaniel and a king charles spaniel?

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: http://www.kennels.co.uk/images/T.CavalierKingCharlesSpaniel.jpg King Charles Spaniel (also known as English Toy Spaniel): http://www.breederretriever.com/photopost/data/607/english-toy-spaniel.jpg Face shape and size are the obvious differences, though I'm sure they're different in behavior (even slightly) as well. Personally, I prefer a Cavalier, but I've never actually owned either.

When you spay a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel where are the stiches at on the belly?

If this dog is male the cut would not be in front of his parts but in the scrotal sac between his legs. That is called a neuter. I have no clue what was done to your dog but it sounds like maybe a hernia operation for an umbilical hernia.

Would a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel be good with elderly and children?

They are social and affectionate dogs, and on the whole easy to keep, but they have been so dangerously inbred that they are subject to many genetic defects. Mitral valve disease is very common (leading to heart failure - Cavaliers tend to die quite young, very often of this), and so is a ghastly ailment called syringomyelia, which is caused by their having been bred to have a "squashed-looking" muzzle; the resulting foreshortened skull is too small for the brain. Syringomyelia causes agonising pain and progressive paralysis. If you want to buy a Cavalier, take GREAT CARE to ensure that it comes from a healthy strain. Don't assume that if its parents won prizes at shows that means they were healthy! Dog breeders and dog show judges are so obsessed with dogs matching the breed standard that animals with horrific genetic defects are quite capable of winning "best of breed" provide they look "right".

What food is good for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy?

Blue Buffalo or Wellness.

How do I make my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Fetch?

I raise Cavaliers and I will say I have ONE dog that will fetch everytime without a problem. Many of the pups I held back will go after a small ball and bring it to me just because they choose to me to me and I encourage them to come back. One thing i found tho is that after they go so old they can be a little aloof...they may get the ball but don't return with it and try to engage you in a game of chase. It is always a question I ask my puppy owners when I call them for their dogs first b-day...does your Cav fetch...haha, most say only when they want to! I recently babysat a 2yr old dog I raised. He fetched the balls from my sons Zip gun (nerf balls) But nothing else. The sound of that toy gun winding up just made him SO excited. I think it is something that could be trained if you start out as a pup. But with an adult dog you are probably SOL. They are not like a lab, lets say, that has a natural retrieving tendencies. Cavs typically just enjoy the chase! Hope I helped

How long does it take to train a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?

Well it takes a while for my dog so it might take a while for yours to, well it depends if their hyper or not. To train your dog not to jump on the sofa you have to loudy say "No" and point a finger at them, do that many times and it will listen to u and understand what "no" means. Or if they keep doing it then you send it to their crate for atleast 15 minutes everytime they do that. Then they will understand that if they keep jumping on the couch then they will be sent to their crate. Good luck (:

What are the maximum dimensions of a full grown Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: 12-13 inches tall at the shoulders and only about 13-18 pounds full grown. http://www.akc.org/breeds/cavalier_king_charles_spaniel/index.cfm Cocker Spaniel: 14-15 inches tall at the shoulders and they are roughly around 25 pounds (give or take some pounds). http://www.akc.org/breeds/cocker_spaniel/index.cfm These 2 breeds do look quite a bit alike, but the Charles Spaniels are much smaller proportioned than a Cocker. Hope you figure out what kind of dog you have and good luck!

Why is it that my cavalier king Charles spaniel is taller than others?

Reputable breeders are careful to breed to the "breed standard". This dictates, size, color, markings, temperament, etc. They choose the best matings by looking at the genetic propensities (probabilities) of each animal and putting them together to accentuate the positive and to balance the flaws. This is done by careful evaluation of their pedigrees and the lines. Due to unknowable genetic variables, some animals do not meet the standard and are sold as "pet quality" to be sterilized so they do not further pollute the breed's gene pool. "Back yard breeders" refers to the people that simply put any 2 purebreds together to make puppies. Some even cross in another breed, veritably making the rest of the line "mix breeds". "Puppy mills" care nothing about improving the breed, only making money and will use fraud to that end. With all that said... your pet may be "purebred" but not "well bred". Only you can decide if your breeder was ethical. Go to akc.org and check your pet against the standard. If he does not meet the requirements then he should definitely be neutered. He will be happier and healthier for it, and will not add to the over population problem. You can read his pedigree (papers) and see what ancestors have proven themselves in conformation and if he has champions in his lineage. They are designated by CH next to their names.

How long does it take for a cavalier king charles spaniel to grow?

A Cavalier is generally full grown at 8 to 10 months of age but will fill out, gaining muscle tone by the age of 18 months. But can take up to 3 year for their coat to grow in completely. Generally the girls it takes longer because of their hormones. The boys hair will appear fully grown in at about 14 months age.

How can you tell if your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a cross breed with another spaniel ??

He is probably all Cav- although a mix between Cockers and cavaliers is becoming increasingly popular. I have a Cav from rescue and she is 20lbs and taller than most, but i'm almost certain she is all Cavalier, just not a well-bred example. Lots of things can impact height- early spay/neuter for instance results in taller dogs. Think about say, Labradors, which are very popular, a proper lab should weigh about 60 lbs and be about 22" at the shoulder, but you can see purebred labs who are great dane sized and well over 100lbs simply because they have not been bred to standard. If your girl looks like a Cavalier, she probably is, but there's no way to tell 100%. -neb