What is this movie (catherine zeta jones)?

Trying doing and imbd search for her name... i think it might be chicago because she is dancing in a jail in that... big musical, lots of bright lights richard gere is her attorney...

who is hotter catherine zeta jones or scarlett johanson?

catherine zeta jones

Science says older men and younger women prefer each other as partners?

That's a known thing. Older men can provide better, since they tend to have acquired a lot of money from their years of hard work and tend to be more financially stable. In the past, older men were usually clan leaders due to their wisdom and held more power than the other men. Also, younger women are more fertile than old women, so everyone wants them.

What section of my hair do i cut to get these bangs?

Um... Do you have bangs already?? If so, just cut your bangs that way! If not, I think it comes from the edges around your face. I think, just to be sure, you should go to a hairdresser

I went to a doctor and I found out that I need glasses. What model do you recommend?

I have no-frame glasses that I bought from Pearle Vision Center. I've gotten so many compliments about them. I also have long brown hair. Have fun looking!

Is Catherine Zeta Jones overrated in looks?

I agree, by no means do I think she's ugly, but I certainly don't find her as "gorgeous" as everyone else describes her. I can think of a lot more beautiful women in Hollywood than her. I always thought she looked older, like in her forties, even when she was in her twenties.

What is milky white skin exactly & how different it is from other wise white people?

It's just a flowery way of saying very pale. Kate Winslet might be on the verge of milky. I would describe Penelope as coffee-complected. Catherine is more of a caramel. Mmmmm. Delicious.

whose the girl doing the T Mobile commercials Lately?

Carly Craig

What is the name of the dancing music in the movie 'The mask of Zorro'?

Would this be what you are looking for...? The song is a re-arrangement of a classic Mexican folk tune 'El Sombrero Blanco' and is not available because it wasn't written by James Horner, who did all the original music for the picture. The folk song is very different from what is heard in the movie. http://www.moviemistakes.com/film805/questions

I need a list of actresses with black hair and dark eyes?

My uncle said to check the Yahoo search function

Who is prettier/hotter/cuter/sexy/all around more beautiful: Angelina Jolie or Catherine Zeta Jones?

Catherine Zeta-Jones!!! "Spanish Goddess and a hot accent!" (haha btw, she's not even Spanish, I just realized that) and Angelina is a man stealer!!!!!! haha jk jk...i love you sis :D

Who posed for the pictures in the new version of the board game Clue?

I agree, it looks really does look like her. I didn't see where it says but if we were taking a poll I'd agree with you.

How to wear with a red skirt?

I think it depends on what you are wearing it too or for? Like for work you could get a nice red corduroy skirt but if it's something dressy or a big event I'd get like a soft silk material...

How would you contact a movie star?

I found this website.... http://www.fanmail.biz/999.html I don't know if that will help you but there it is.

What is the school Kate in the movie No Reservations (2007) went to?

L'Azpege And she studied under: Alain Passard I was tempted to just put the movie in and watch it...again...and find it that way, so instead I did a search for the script of the movie, and after going a long ways down, found it. Take care now. aa

How do I get my eyebrows done and does the salon know what they're doing?

I am a beauty therapist and unless someone tells us what they really want we will only do a tidy up in the salon. Threading is good but can be painful and you can thin out more, never have the hair above the brow removed. In our salon we would use hot wax unless they said otherwise then just do a tidy up of hairs missed with tweezers. To get the shape for your face the best way is to get a pencil and mark a line when you hold it from the outside corner of your nose up to the inside corner of your eye. Then hold the pencil from outside corner of nose on an angel to the outside corner of your eye, then look straight ahead and mark the outside edge of your iris -(this would mark your natural arch.) Draw in the shape matching the lines lightly, tweeze anything under this line including all the light blonde ones. Fashion is going for thinner brows at the moment but please don't go for just a thin line, it looks ridiculous and then very hard to grow out again afterwards. If you wax this is quick although some therapists are qucik at tweezing. If you continue to wax it will prematuraley age you around the eye area as you are continuosly stretching the skin in that area. Ask for a consultation at a salon and say what you want, take some pictures in but a good therapist will tell you what suits your face shape. Never have waxing or tweezing done when your period is due as you have a lower pain threshold. Hope this is of some help.

Any health benefits from drinking your own urine?

Sounds gross

What is your opinion on young girls obsession to be stick thin these days?

i think its an awful message to send women especially young girls, it screws them up psychologically, and makes them unable to enjoy good food, i mean im in pretty good shape even though i eat crap, but its because i balance it out with exercise and sometimes eating healthy, but some women just eat nothing at all its awful, my girlfriend always worries that shes fat, and she so isn't, i mean shes not super skinny but i like that, i like a lil meat you know? not like fat, but not emaciated, i think exercise should be encouraged more in american culture rather than anorexia.

How can celebrities be so light/skinny but still curvy?

They have personal trainers, and their schedule allows for lots of exercise time. They can afford the healthiest food, and they start out with great genes - you don't get to be a movie star without first being the cream of the crop.

What are the biggest age gaps between celebrity couples?

Harrison Ford is 66 and his fiancee, Calista Flockart is 22. Gary Oldman 51, and his wife is like 31. Bruce Willis 54, wife 31.

Why do native Welsh people look very Mediterranean?

Even the Romans noted that the Welsh were 'dark like Spaniards' and deduced they must have distant ancestry from there. They seem to be correct. Most of the ancient geneflow into the British Isles and Ireland appears to come from Iberia and the Atlantic coast.The Welsh and western Irish (who also frequently are dark, even black haired) have the highest amount of this ancient dna (although it is high everywhere in Britain & Ireland.) There is also one part of Wales where there is an abnormally high amount of a type of y-dna usually more connected with places like the Middle East--it is not from a recent migration but also appears by its mutations to be prehistoric and to have arrived in the neolithic; the bearers would have appeared to have kept their community rather seperate from those around them, hence the spread of this fairly rare dna in a small area.

Any good pictures of Velma Kelly in Chicago?

http://img.timeinc.net/time/daily/2002/0212/chicago1211.jpg http://www.smh.com.au/ffxImage/urlpicture_id_1044927737356_2003/03/23/chicagozetazellweger.jpg http://z.hubpages.com/u/212722_f260.jpg Here's some good shots =)

Do you think that blond girls have a bad reputation?

Honestly? Some blonds do give other blonds a bad reputation. Such as Paris Hilton, and a bunch of others. There are pretty good blondes, such as Avril Lavigne, because she was true to herself. Not all bruntettes are that good either : ] Just be yourself, and the color of your hair won't matter to anyone : ] P.S all hair color are equal : ]

Why do men tend to think there are more attractive women than there actually are?

You answered your own question...

What song should i sing for my audition?

Cole Porter is OK, but you'd be better off with another Kander and Ebb song. I'd be looking at "Don't Tell Mama" or "Mein Herr" from Cabaret, I think.

What is the soundtrack of the movie The Rebound?

"Jane Fonda", by mickey avalon strip-hop, ugh... is feminism dead? http://www.roxwel.com/player/mickeyavalonjanefonda.html?detect_mediatype=flv&detect_bitrate=_300&big=1

Where can you sumbit yourseld into a mental health facility?

the word is commit. if you are over 18 generally you can go to a hospital emergency room and check your self into the psychiatric ward if you under 18 a parent or gaurdian must do it. or the police or courts can have you commited. check with the legal and mental health in your area. self commitment is generally best then you have some control over your stay if the legal system commits you its up to them how long.

Do the Welsh look different than the English?

I certainly cannot tell if s/o is Welsh or English by their looks. Perhaps you have heard of Cheddar Man? They found human remains 8000 years old in a cave at Cheddar and they found a history teacher in Somerset who was proved to be a direct genetic descendent. Other genetic evidence indicates, I've heard, that the number of gentically Germanic and Viking people entering Britain between AD200 and 1100 was about 100,000. Compared to an indigenous population of 1 1/2 to 4 million. There is no evidence of a systematic wipeout of Celtic Britons by invading Anglo-Saxons. But each area has a different story. Kent, Sussex and Essex (including much of what we call Middlesex and Surrey) were given by Vortigern to Hengist by treaty (as ransom under duress). They got new rulers, not new populations. Cerdic was put in charge of a Saxon garrison in the Abingdon area to guard the West against invasion up the Thames. (I believe Cerdic was a relative of King Arthur and a prince of Kernow [Dumnonia] and that the ASC date of 495 is correct.) Saxon settlement of Lincolnshire and E Anglia seems so early that it was probably under Roman governors. Again, we are talking about a warrior caste not a peasant displacement. There were undoubtedly some slaughters, such as by Cadwallon and Penda in Northumbria, by the Wessaxens in the Isle of Wight against the Jutes, and by the Vikings in Kent. There is evidence of emigration from Wiltshire to Brittany in the 550s suggesting that the victories by the Gewissae in Salisbury (552) and near Swindon (556) may have been displaceative. But remember most of what is now England was still in Celtic kingdoms in AD570. What happened after that is that kings warred against other kings and most of the time the kings of Northumbria, Mercia and Wessex won the battles so those three became the principal kingdoms. They fought their neighbours, Celtic and English alike, threw out the defeated kings and their teulu but of course kept the peasantry, who else would have tilled the land? British (-> Welsh) cantrefs became English hundreds. There is room for argument about how English population came to be dense so early on the S bank of the Trent (for example), but whenever a place had a -saetas name, we can be sure that it was taken over by an English king with no general disruption. Examples include Penksaetas and Tamesaetas in the W Midlands and of course Dorsaetas and Sumersaetas in the Westcountry.

What do you think about movie actor/actresses who are exempt from persecution?

I think everyone who lives in the States is required to abide by the laws set in place by the government (by which I mean the entity not the politicians). However, it is the fault of the American people that we allow people who are famous to get away with a lot more than the average person. If you're rich, you are apparently entitled to looser laws that allow you to do illegal activites. The average person on the street is being fed this kind of ridiculous nonsense by the media and they continue to absorb it and turn a blind eye to what goes on. Example: A while back (maybe the beginning of 2006 or late 2005) one of the Olsen twins was found to be addicted to drugs. Did they prosecute her, as they would with anoyone else? No. They told her to go to rehab. As far as I remember she didn't have to do much else. The average person would be fined a large amount for owning illegal or controlled substances and required to go to rehab for x amount of time. She was given the 'option' of rehab. This kind of thing is spread by pop media and the majority of people who feel like that's the way it should be or something. They certainly don't speak out against it.

What hair styles look good with a round face?

sure getting such hairs would make your face look longer prefer anything straight

what is so bad about getting the scots and the welsh mixed up?

It isn't a matter of like or dislike. It is a matter of identity. Do you think Canadians like being thought of as being Americans or vice versa? Or Japanese like being thought of as Chinese,or the other way round? I mean they are both Asians right so what does it matter? Cultural and national identity is as important to people as their own names.

What's so wrong with wanting to be with a man whose oldest kid is just a few years younger than you?

nothing. They may be awkward about it. BUT if you can accept that and handle it...your business. but if you don't have kids you may need to accept his daddy days are over and he may not be real keen on starting all over agian now his are all grown up. It needs to be discussed early on so you know upfront and can decide if being in the relationship will mean sacrificing your chance to have children of your own and whether that is ok by you. If you had kids of your own then it isn't such a big deal

Why do I want to burst out laughing every time I see a fat woman?

What can I do to make my room "Chicago?"?

This room will need alot of razzle dazzle. First, start off with a big poster of the Chicago DVD cover to let people know what you are trying to do. Nearly everything should be red, black, white or even some grey. You can use some silver, gold and purple aswell to make the room showy. Feather boas wound around your bed are a nice and cheap accent. Big red and black feathers can be bought at any craft shop for very cheaply and can be stuck anywhere you want to. Also anything with sequinnes of tassles will go great.

who is the best looking girl celebrity ever?

Catherine Zeta Jones Kate Beckinsale Charlize Theron Ava Gardner Elizabeth Taylor Hedi Lamar Jean Harlow

Do you think it's good if Hollywood Celebrities share stories about mental health struggles?

yes - I think its a great thing. suddenly all of those shiny perfect people who have glittering lives amazing wealth of finance & opportunity - can show that they human too, they can break the image of awe and say "I'm human and I need help too" MOST importantly - its less of a taboo for the rest of us - suddenly normal people have issues rather than crazy people to be avoided, the fact that the Hollywood set can say they had mental health issues and can continue with life means a great deal in the manner in which the silent majority perceive mental health

What website has the Phantom of the Opera pictures I'm looking for?

hi! I found sg,but I don't know whether it is what you want... :)http://www.freewebs.com/elavielevenstar/othermanips.htm

Who's a better Dancer,a Gymnastic or a Ballet Dancer and what techniques they offer that makes them different?

ballet, in almost all dancing, if ur good at ballet, u sohuld be good at that particular dance. but, then again, a good gymnast can make a good ballet dancer, while a good ballet dancer doesnt nescessarily make a good gymnast

Who's a better Dancer,a Gymnastic or a Ballet Dancer and what techniques they offer that makes them different?

Gymnastics gives you flexibily and stuff ballet gives you grace its so different you cant compare it.Gymnastics puts you somewhat on a sexy level though.

Do you think all women with long black straight hair and light skin look witchy?

I don't get this idea that older woman with long hair = witchy. Most old women only have the grandma hair (you know what I'm talking about) is becuase their hair starts looking thin when it's long. So older women with long hair always reminds me of creative types like my old creative writing teacher. They look so original. I have always wanted to be that grandma who drive a sporty red car and has long hair down to her butt. Exept I will let my hair gray naturally.

How to download a song from Comedy Central?

Do so in the song download site... See under "Sources"... Good luck!

What is better: Being cute and beautiful or sexy and gorgeous?

"What is better and more appealing?" To others, prospective mates or yourself? I generally I think "cute and beautiful" is more appealing to most people - men and women. Most of people would rather deal with some on that is attractive. "Sexy and gorgeous" would tend to have, shall we say, a very positive response from guys ;) and much less so from other women. I think it depends on how you want feel and how you want others to perceive you. For me I try for beautiful (I am too tall to be cute).

Is it just me or does Jwoww From Jersey Shore look like Catherine Zeta Jones?

That's the first thing I thought too!! But I looked it up online and no one else seems to think so, haha. Glad I'm not the only one!

What actress should play the coveted role of Wonder Woman in the movie?

If lucy doesn't want it - then Rose McGowan. She's tiny, but she's tough.

What movie has a mother and sun running away from the father in the end the get help from native americans?

Sounds like the ending of the Mask of Zorro which had Catherine Zeta Jones in it. There is shooting near a cave and chasing and a bunch of people walking out of the dust.

How could a brunette pull off blond highlights?

If you look like Catherine Zeta Jones, why change? She's hot. LOL.

Which designer perfume is it? Catherine Zeta Jones has an ad out wearing all blue what perfume is it?

I think its called Mediterranean by Elizabeth Arden and it smells WONDERFUL! Light fruity and floral fragrance with a hint of ocean. Here is the ad: http://www.elizabethardenmediterranean.com/

How do I get Wavy hair like Catherine Zeta Jones in this picture?

A small curling iorn.

why did Angelina Jolie replace Catherine Zeta Jones in the 2011 musical movie Cleo?

There are two Cleopatra movies coming out. One is the 3D musical by Steven Soderbergh. The other is a film adaptation of a new historical biography, "Queen of the Nile, Cleopatra: A Life" by Stacy Schiff. Angelina Jolie is starring in the second movie.

Do you think Catherine Zeta Jones May be faking her Bipolar to Cover Up that she is overly Drinking?

SHE may BE faking, could Zeta Jones stoop that low as to say she has Bipolar. Maybe she drank whole bottle of Vodka in a day and tripped out and thought she was Bipolar ... it brings out all sorts of emotions and mental problems. But she probably is drinking more due to her stresses, and to protect her reputation she may be just saying Bipolar to look clean and deflect where peoples thoughts go when you say detox or rehab.