Does any one know the band called "The Veronicas"?(they are the best thing right them right now!!


What are the most meaningful songs that you have herd?

I have 3 songs which I really struggle to listen to. I Swear - Take That ... It was my wedding song but after an extremely long nightmare, I ended the marriage and that song just reminds me of wasted years. I've Got To Go Now - Toni Childs ... It was the song that gave my mother the push she needed to leave my abusive father. What Hurts The Most - Rascal Flatts ... It's the song I relate to the man I'm in love with. He & I decided to end our relationship due to distance and every day I wonder if it was a mistake. I'll never know "what could have been" and that's the worst feeling in the world.

POLL: American Idol or The X-Factor?

x-factor definetely. more talented people there, i was blown away by rachel crow's voice-amazing!!!

Talent Show Song!!! Please help!!! -coolmama2153.?

so small by carrie underwood. go for a song with lots of gusto, not a song which is easy to sing like big girls dont cry. go for a song with a note that you just blast on! just go for it! i once auditioned for my crush and he was blown away by my range. the song i auditioned with was seasons of love and it blew the casting directors away so yep! me and my crush went out for a very long time.....oh yeah good times!

Does any one know the band called "The Veronicas"?(they are the best thing right them right now!!

OMG!!! I so love them too!!!!!!! I am one of their biggest fans! I have seen them at the Veronicas concert in Australia and the Coca Cola Live n Local Tour as well. And I am not joking I met them backstage at the coca cola live n local tour! They signed my poster and they got a photo with me! aaahhh! I am gonna cherish that 4ever lol! I have seen all them sites and they rock dont they! I love their style too. Well i guess you know now that the Veronicas rock so much to me lol!

do you agree with me on the faith hill issue?

I so totally do not think she was dissing Carrie Underwood either. she is known for being such a nice person and the whole thing taken out of context may have made her look bad but I don't for a hot second believe that she meant anything mean. If you weren't there, didn't hear as well as see the whole thing you would not really know what happened. She immediately said she was not dissing Carrie. I believe her!

What song off of Carrie Underwood's new Album are you looking forward to most?

Why are Conservative women so HOT?

Because we rule! :-) Thank you for the lovely compliment.

Are you excited for Carrie Underwoods new album, Blown Away?!?

I actually am! Though I'm not a fan of the whole pop music stuff country music normally tends to lean to, for some reason, I always like her music. It's odd because if it was anybody else singing her songs, I'd probably hate it. Play On is my favorite album of her's so I have high hopes for this one being awesome too! I also love and respect the fact she writes a lot of her own songs. She's an artist I'm probably always going to look forward to hearing new music from. God bless! :)

What are the odds of Carrie Underwood coming to Buffalo, NY for her 2nd leg of the "Blown Away" tour?

Will there be a 2nd leg to Carrie Underwood's "Blown Away" tour?

Why is there barely any New York tour dates in Carrie Underwood's "Blown Away" tour?

When will Carrie Underwood announce her "Blown Away" tour dates?

Carrie Underwood Blown Away Favorite song from sneekpeeks?