How do i put a carp doughball on the hook?

Use a treble hook or three-way hook with the spring around the shaft. I believe it's a size 6 or 8 I use. Roll the doughbait into a ball and wrap it around the treble hook until you can't see the hook's point. Dunk it in the water before you cast to see how well the doughtbait is going to hold up. It's all trial and error making the ideal consistency. You don't want it too hard or too soft. When it's too hard, it's real clumpy and fall off easily before you even cast. When it's too soft, it just flings off with each cast. Sugar or syrup is the ideal ingredient that will make it stick together for you. Good luck and catch a big one.

What is the best fishing rod and wheel for catching carp and catfish both?

Any rod and reel, I have caught many on line wrapped around a can, turn the can facing water spin weight and bait overhead and let fly then retrieve by winding line around the can you can make some really long casts this way.

What is the best bait to use for carp fishing?

Carp really aren't fussy fish and will eat pretty much everything in my experience.... use whatever is cheap and will stay on the hook... dough can be good but sometimes depending on how far you have to cast and how good your mixture is it can be hard to keep on the hook.

How long before carp a big enough to eat?

It depends on how pure the pond water is, or its filtration, and how much the ghost carp are eating.. also, the temperatures where you live play a factor. To get them to grow fast, temperatures that are higher (around the mid-seventies, they start to get stressed at eighty degrees fahrenheit) are good, as well as feeding them more frequent, smaller meals. Unfortunately the variables above could make the growth vary quite wildly...

Where can i buy carp to eat in Brighton?

the fish market

What is the tension of the rope connecting the steel trout and carp?

The acceleration of the two fish is first found as the difference between the total weight and the lifting force = total mass x accel; F - (mg + Mg) = (m+M)a 77.3 - (4.9+2.35)(9.8) = (4.9+2.35)a a = 6.25/7.25 = .86 m/ss The tension in the rope is then found by writing the forces just on the trout (bottom fish); T - mg = ma T = m(g+a) = (4.9)(9.8+.86) = 52.2 N

My carp are 2 weeks old, how long do they start to develop mouths?

They are eating now. They are hatched with a mouth and start to feed as soon as the egg sack is completely absorbed by their stomach. Carp eat slime off of things and green vegetation. They are a class of fish known as bottom feeders because of the choice of food they prefer. You can throw in a minimal amount of fish food at this time and they will suck up the particles that sink to the bottom. Don't throw too much in or you will sour the water with decaying fish food.

What is the best bait for Carp and what is the best time of the day for Carp?

Carp will hit Worms, and Food from the house too such as Corn, Bread, Hot Dogs, and Cheese. The best time of year to fish for Carp is in warmer waters such as April or May and best time of day is early mornings or late at night.

How do you prepare and cook carp? I´m in Germany, at back in the US I never caught and ate carp?

Carp are actually a good white meat fish but they are full of little bones. The best why to fix them is to pressure can them like they do salmon and make fish patties out of them. The bones will be soft and just add calcium to your diet and not get hung in your throat. There a lot of receipts, on the internet, for fish patties just use one that looks good.


My Grandfather taught me that the best bait for carp is Wheaties. Yes the cereal. Crunch them up in your hand, wet them slightly, knead into a tough dough, pack this around a #8 or #10 treble hook. I have tried this all over the U.S., and if there are carp in a body of water they will bite on this bait.