Why is Caroline Kennedy being treated different then Sarah Palin is it because of Kennedy’s social class?

Ya Know, Ya know...duh! She's not getting a "free ride", and her lack of experience and her linguistic eccentricities have drawn a lot of flak, including from ME. But Sarah Pailin is a witless dolt and a religious lunatic. Anyone who believes the whole planet is less than 6000 years old belongs in an institution, forever. We have enough examples of ignorance and insanity in American life. Not, mind you, that those "to the manner born" are INHERENTLY any better, but in this case, we're comparing a complete idiot to a somewhat smarter than average person who also isn't qualified. Pailin is a governor who isn't qualified to be an edudite third grader.

Do you think Caroline Kennedy will help Obama with White Women voters?

yes. She will do it because She like the same right for women and men... some repulsican pastors wants to keep women in the kitchen and under men obedience.

Who is the smartest and more experienced: Caroline Kennedy or Sarah Palin?

600,000 scientist now are speaking out against the hoax of global warming. Sarah Palin did that also. how many Dumb people to you know that whet to a big school like Columbia University or Harvard Law School?

Can the Republican Party win the White House in 2016 against Caroline Kennedy?

the Republican Party has so marginalized itself, it couldn't beat me in 2016 without a major overhaul.

What do the Republicans think of Caroline Kennedy?

She has escaped the kennedy curse so perhaps she isnt as bad as the rest of her criminal family Then again so has the criminal Ted Kennedy so who knows But it does make me laugh that some democrat on here had the balls on an earlier question about her stated her time spent in the white house counts as political experience Great. FYI- Bushs dog Barney spent more time in the white house.

Is it racist imagery, for the King makers to replace Hillary with Caroline Kennedy for the American Matriarch?

Your question makes no sense. I take it that you are suggesting that because Senator Clinton looks like an Ashkenazi Jew, in your opinion, form Vienna no doubt, and Caroline Kennedy looks like a von Trapp, which is a family of Viennese origin I believe, that the unspecified king maker, namely Governor David Paterson of New York, who will appoint a person to fill Senator Clinton's unexpired senatorial term, is a racist? No rational person could take such a suggestion seriously, which makes me think that you've gone off your meds, and probably not for the first time. Can you appreciate what a bizarre mindset one must possess to even formulate such a question and then to complete with even more bizarre "helpful" sub-questions? I hope Caroline Kennedy is appointed to serve out the rest of Senator Clinton's term, and not just because it would torment you and the other living dead who post questions like yours and agree with your tortured non-logical reasoning. It's because Caroline Kennedy is a decent human being who would serve New York state and the country admirably like her father and like her Uncle Ted Kennedy, who has been the leading conscience of the United States Senate for the last 30 years. The US Senate could use at least a few more Kennedys whose commitment to the health and education of all Americans and to the preservation of their civil liberties will never be questioned and will always be required as long as useful idiots like you and George W, Bush can be manipulated by anti-democratic cowards like Dick Cheney. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you and yours, I'm sure.

Is the difference between Sarah Palin and Caroline Kennedy ?

The difference is, Sarah Palin ran for Vice President without a name to give her the election. She ran on her merits, and a job well done as a Governor of a great producing state, because of her policies. Caroline Kennedy has done squat for her country.

Is Caroline Kennedy even qualified for the US Senate?

She is qualified because uncle Teddy said so.~

Do you think Caroline Kennedy is a good choice to replace Sen Clinton from New York?

I think Caroline Kennedy is a very intelligent woman. But there are more qualified people to take the job. If she wants to run, then she should do that and be elected by the people, not just given the job because she is a Kennedy.

Why does Caroline Kennedy believe she is entitled to be given a senate seat?

If she does get appointed, Governor Paterson has been put on notice that he will lose much of the good natured support that has been afforded him given the way he came to office. If Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg wants to be a Senator, let her run in and win the special election in 2010. No one should ever run their first ever poltical campaign for office as an incumbent. The only two differences between this and what's happening in Illinois at the moment are the state and the players.