Why does it take a horrible act of carnage for our country to come together?

Don't worry, this "coming together" will be temporary, as it always is.

How do you unlock the characters Juggernaut,Carnage and Magneto on Marvel Universe Ulltimate Alliance 2,Wii?

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In the spiderman comics, what are all the stories behind the existence of venom, carnage and toxin?

I actually read a wikipedia article on those three spider man characters. Toxin is like a symboite thinkg that spawned from caranage. I think Toxin is kind of a good guy, the toxin symbiote attached to a police officer or something I also think Toxin had some kind of comic book spin off. Carnage is in a way a child of Venom, because itssymbiote spawned from Venom. I also remember reading about Venom having other spawns, so Carnage kind of has brothers and sisters. Just go search it on wikipedia, I read about this stuff on wikipedia a long time ago when i was bored

What would be a better suit Spawn or Carnage?


What would happen if the Lizard bonded with the Carnage symbiote while in Lizard form?

It would be a match made in heaven.

When did Carnage recruit Abomination, Shriek, Screaming Mimi and Mysterio to escape Rykers?

It happened last year.

Is there anyway I could use carnage in marvel ultimate alliance 2 for free or without downloading?

nope, and the download is no longer offered. Sorry but if you missed him you missed him. For what little it may be worth the 2nd game was no where near as good as the first. It really was slightly dissapointing and a big let down.

Who should play the character Carnage in an upcoming Spiderman or Venom film?

Guy Pearce or Paul Bettany

How to extend time limit on Carnage mode on Driver for iPhone?



Carnage is supervillain and his ultimate goal is for a society based on murderous hedonism, with no law or moral order, and for people to have the freedom to do whatever they want, something uncommon among supervillains who mostly desire wealth, power or world domination.