should this people be guest host on raw?

None WWE should just stop with the guest hosts.

How can I get neat curls like these?

my hair is the exactly the same as yours and rollers don't work for me either. Ive experimented with rollers a lot but it doesn't work at all. How hair reacts to hot rolling depends on the size of the curlers and how long you keep them in your hair. Leaving small, 3⁄4-inch rollers in for 45 minutes will result in tight, Shirley Temple coils; 20 minutes with jumbo, 11⁄2-inch curlers creates glamorous waves.Make sure hair is dry or nearly dry—never wet; a quick blow-dry should do it. Roll hair on the crown of your head from front to back, and set the hair on the sides and back of your head from top to bottom :) dont forget the hairspray

how do i get my hair this way ?

you can try going on youtube and search for tutorials on how to get waves/curls and see which one looks most like hers. and then just straighten your bangs and thats it . (:

quien es mas linda maite perroni o carmen villalobos?

Maite Perroni :)

Carmen Soo vs. Carmen Villalobos?

Carmen Soo. I think Asian women are so beautiful. Plus, I've always wanted to ride the Soo Line

Where can I get good pictures of Carmen Villalobos?

there are a few here: