What do you think about the IDF's Caracal unit?

This is very old story, but I love it and keep in my files: Palestinians Say Nude Female Soldiers are New 'Zionist' Weapon. Publication: Israel Faxx Date: Wednesday, August 15 2001 By Gamla News Service The Al Hayat al Jadida newspaper, reportedly associated with the Palestinian Authority, has accused the Israel Defense Forces of using semi-nude female soldiers standing atop tanks to lure Palestinians and then killing them. Newspaper said: "The occupation is using naked women to hunt down intifada youth. " The daily was reporting on an alleged Gaza Strip clash in which the partially-clad female soldier lured Palestinian demonstrators to their deaths. The Palestinian paper reported: "She started to strip her clothes off in front of the demonstrators until she was [nearly] naked. Some of the protesters said they were disgusted by it while others said the Zionist soldier made rude gestures at them." When they approached the tank to throw stones at the nearly nude female soldier, she reportedly took a pistol from her panties and shot dead two Palestinians and wounded nine others. A spokesman for the IDF at first declined to comment on the report, but later said it was completely ridiculous.

i need to know what kind of enviroment i would need to raise a caracal in.?

they are as exotic as a lion,would you keep one?THEY BELONG IN THE WILD!!! if you want a cat,go to the local SPCA and dopt a kitten,or get yourself a fancy breed,like a skookum,a devon rex,or so Please,do not get one,please!

Does anyone have any experience with Caracal cats as pets?

Caracal cats are gorgeous. They are exotic cats and originate from North Africa. They belong in the wild. There are domestic cats that are as equally stunning and, in fact, the American Curl has ears similar to the Caracal cat. But the American Curl is a totally domesticated cat. http://www.juliesjungle.com/caracals.php The Caracal can grow to about 40 lbs, live 15-20 years in captivity,and require a great deal of attention. Not your run of the mill house cat by any means. They can be dangerous to small children as well. This species needs special care and many vets will charge more for services for Caracals than domestic cats. Breeders also recommend that the Caracal as a pet should be declawed on all four paws. Declawing is, in my opinion, a painful and cruel practice. It would virtually leave this cat defenseless if ever it escaped. And while I can understand why your wife would want one, consider the downsides carefully before purchasing one. They are a pricey exotic cat, ranging upwards to 2500. They also need outdoor enclosures and safe spaces in which to play. I think anyone would fall in love with this gorgeous cat, but best left to roam free on the African plains where they may be endangered. You are very astute about your worries about your Pit Bulls, which are delightful dogs. I wouldn't put them at risk, either. Try looking at the American Curl. Much better idea! http://www.cfa.org/breeds/profiles/american-curl.html Hope this helps. Troublesniffer Owned by cats for over 40 years Former Siamese and Oriental Shorthair breeder Freelance writer/blogger for http://www.petside.com

Which do you think would make a better pet? Caracal or Serval?

Dangerous exotic animals are great pets. You're sure to enjoy human-sized poops, destroyed sofas, random peeing, and let's not forget getting your face clawed out. :) http://www.bigcatrescue.org/buy_a_big_cat.htm

Wjch makes a better pet a serval or caracal?

You will need a permit, and at least 2-4 grand for the animal then money for caging (it's a law), food, and everything else. They are wild animals and can turn at any moment. Why not look at a bengal cat or something.

What is the proper scientific name for the Caracal?

Caracal caracal is the most current, although felis caracal is still sometimes used.

How come cats can jump so high? Take the Serval or Caracal for example?

I'm not to sure but I do know that cats have flexible, cushion like joints and strong muscles in the hind leg. Very good coordination is involved as well.

I am looking into a pet Caracal or Serval, but live in California. Does anyone know the laws about owning one?

You can't have either of them as a pet in CA unless you have a USDA breeder's or broker's license or a USDA zoological park license and the cat is to be housed in a "natural environment" and used for educational purposes, rather than pet purposes.

How can you find the requirements for privately owning a caracal?

Did you check to find out if they are legal in your area? 19 states ban them, 14 require a license, and the rest have no regulations. Plus many counties and cities also have bans or regulations. You need to find a vet in your area that deals with exotic cats. They have different needs than a domestic. For instance, they require only killed virus vaccines. If you keep it in the house, you need to understand that your caracal may not be completely litter trained, and you must be willing to accept this. You will also need at least two boxes. For diet, you can feed a raw diet, including chicken legs and beef. Just remember to never feed cooked bones. There are also several commercial ones to choose from, including Mazuri Small Exotic Feline(dry food), Zupreme (canned), and Nebraska (meat). Often owners will mix the two. There are also lots of recipes for bottle formulas for the kittens. Any toys must be strong enough that they cannot be chewed up. You would need to check toys regularly. For further information, try the site below.

What is the Legality of owning a Caracal or Serval in Michigan or Illinois?

Hi there...the state of Illinois does require USDA/APHIS permits issued by DNR to maintain exotic cats: http://www.bigcatrescue.org/statelawsexoticcats.htm#IL Also check your county government for information on licensing and zoning. And if you are within city limits, you may need city agency licensing also. On a federal level you will need a U.S.D.A. license issued through APHIS (Animal and Plant Heath Inspection Service). They will have an inspector come out and see your enclosure prior to approval. Through them you will need to keep records of diet, vet care, and have annual inspections (also subject to "drop" inspections throughout the year) prior to renewal. They also require that your vet make at least biannual visits. The other regulating agency is U.S.D.I. (U.S. Dept. of Interior). They require licensing on endangered species only. Exotic cat care index: http://www.exoticcatz.com/care.html