anyone besides me gets annoyed when idiots talk on there car while driving a cell phone?

It annoys me even more when they fly on laptops while typing on planes.

Does the police officer have to talk to both people involved in a car accident?

The officer does not have to talk to everybody, and you do not have to talk to the police officer. Its part of your fifth amendment rights and its in the miranda rights " You have the right to remain silent". However if you refuse to tell your side of the story the case will probably not go favorably, if the officer neglected to speak to a party and liability or traffic violations are challenged in a court then the case may get thrown out due to the lack of thouruogh evidence collection. Of course if the officer witnessed the accident and there is another party to corraberate his account of the incident (e.g. passer-by, you, or the other driver) he does not need to speak to everybody.

How much could you expect to talk down on a used car?

Most of the time the rule of thumb is ask what the bottom price they will take for the car!! I sell cars all the time I normally ask at least 3 to 4 hundred more than I actually expect. Depending on the money your trying to spend you should judge the amount you'll ask off. Example if a car is 800 offer 600, if it's 1500 offer 1200, 2000 offer 1500. I hope this gives you some idea

what is the best way to talk a car dealer down in price?

The blue book value on that vehicle is only $7,300. Simple explain that if you got into an accident that the insurance company will only pay the blue book value of the car and that you are not willing to pay a pennie over that value, take it or leave it.

How to talk a car salesman down?

The old saying talks & bs walks. Your best bet is to know car values and make a fair offer and be willing to leave if they don't meet your price. I always used CASH as in 100 dollar bills but that's not as practical on a $30k car. Compare values at other dealers all over the country. Compare various book values, nada, kbb & so forth. No dealer is going to sell a car unless they can make a fair profit. They also wont sell a car if they think you will pay more. They are good at getting you & everyone to pay top dollar. Your best bet is to make a fair offer and then leave if they wont take it. Lots of deals were made as the customer was pulling out of the parking lot and the salesman comes running out to say, we will sell it to you. Even then, BE CAREFUL. Salesman have been known to put down higher prices. If you don't catch it, you pay the higher price. If you, they pretend it was an honest mistake and fix it.

Are you going to miss listening to Click and Clack (the Car Talk guys) on NPR radio?

How do I talk my mom into buying me another car?

If you got into a wreck and the car was totalled but it was not your fault then you will need to contact the insurance company of the other driver to have them compensate you for the damage to your car. You can ask your mom to help you do that. The police report should have the other driver's information so you can get a hold of them. If the other driver did not have insurance, you will need to take them to small claims court. If no other vehicle was involved in the accident and it was just you hitting something or running off the road, WAS your fault!

How low can you bargain or talk down the price of a car?

I bought a car in 02 and the car was a 02 and the price was 20,100 and i wasnt paying over 14,000 for it so i gave him my number and we talked over the phone.he called and he told me it was now 18,000 and i said i didnt want it so he said he would call me back and it went on for a few hours.Stand your ground.there are other dealers out there.Just act like you dont want it.After hours of talking i got it for 14,300. You can also talk down the interest rate they really try to get u on that.mine started out at 22 percent after it was done it was like 13percent.

Does anyone else talk to their car?

I think everybody talks to their car -- anyone who says they don't is lying.

could someone translate this fancy car talk for me?

Sounds like an older mid 80's Camaro. Car has a 305 cubic inch engine (smaller V8) with tuned port fuel injection (just focus on "fuel injection"; forget about the tuned port part of it). Has new disk brakes all around. Has a new fuel pump (which is good), new spark plug wires, cap and rotor which gives you a full, fresh tune-up. A new thermostat was installed which helps the car warm up quicker and maintains the temperature at a fixed temp (typically around 180F). Doesn't mean much. They're cheap and easy to install, but at least it's done for you. Oil in it now or maybe even used over the past who-knows-how-long is a synthetic oil (less engine wear, better fuel economy). The air conditioning compressor has been removed which doesn't sound good, but he/she still has it and can be used as a core if and when you want to get a rebuilt compressor. It's probably froze up or something and somebody didn't put a replacement in it (probably too expensive for them and/or the car). They blacked out the tail lights for cosmetic purposes. They will look black until you put the brakes on and will then turn red. I'm sure you're okay with the new tire thing. Good luck

How to talk down a price on a new car?

Bribe the dealer.

What is the best way to talk down the price of a car?

Go into the negotiation with a number set in your mind. When the salesperson starts their spiel, cut them off and tell them that you want a couple of things: 1) Don't talk to me about how much I want my monthly payment to be. Talk to me about the price of the car. 2) Give them the number that you're willing to pay (be realistic, i.e. don't tell them you want to pay $10K for a $40K car), and tell them that you don't want to waste time negotiating. If they can hit that number, you'll buy the car right then and more shopping around or looking at different dealers/models. If they want to haggle, thank them for their time and walk out. Salespeople hate to see someone leave the showroom. Keep in mind, you can always go to another dealer or find a different car. You're never forced to bend to their always have options. Use them.

How much can i talk a car dealer down on a car?

15 years running dealerships has taught me this. I'll share with you! I tell my family and friends, If you can get out the door, including taxes and fees for the sticker price, you did well! Make that your goal. When making an offer consider the taxes and fees will be roughly 10% of the asking price and subtract it. Add a few thousand just for good measure and make your offer! Don't get tricked into being a payment buyer though. Remember for most people it ultimately comes down to payment doesn't it? Never talk payments until the price is agreed upon!

How does one talk down a price on a car?

Ask him if he could take $4,000. It's a simple and non-offensive question. Wait for his response. If he doesn't take $4000 he's likely to "meet you in the middle" at $4500.

How can I talk down a used car dealer?

On some cars, you either pay what is asked or just walk away. Now assuming that there is any bargaining room, just make an offer. If there is a counter offer, think about it and make a choice about making another offer. All they can do is say no. Now I know a good car when I see one. There is one in the drive right now that someone else did not get to drive off of the lot, because while they were haggling with another sales person, I was signing the deal. I also used to own one that the only reason I was the person who got it was because the other person wanted to think it over. In both cases of course the other buyer thought they should have held the car till the haggling was over. So if it is a rare for some reason, don't haggle too long because someone else may get it.

Who to talk to at the car dealership when buying a car..?

Internet Sales or Fleet Sales Managers. You can call them or email them. I usually email them. They have more control about the sale price and can make their own calls (for the most part). Floor sales people (the ones that greet you on the lot) usually have to go back and forth with you (playing the good buy/bad guy game) and their managers. The best thing to do is do your homework in advance and know what you want to pay before you contact them. The key is to get them to agree with your asking price.

Advice to talk to my parents about a car?

I would highly recommend you also make a spreadsheet and some charts to show him that you have thought this out 100% and show him how you are intending to pay for the car payments, insurance, gas and maintenance. I'm sure if you are able to show him how completely you've thought this out, he will agree with you.

How to talk someone into selling a car?

Money talks and you know what walks. Every man has his price.

Help with Jersey Shore episode - Ronnie and Mike talk in the car about Sammi?

Episode 3 Season 3 in the beginning of the episode right after he got into a fight with sammi and then he was going to the gym with Mike to blow off some steam.

Can the Car Guys from NPR Car Talk run the car companies?

Great idea! Let's put some fun back in the auto business. Can you imagine how the Operator's manual would read if they wrote it? You might never figure out what you wanted to know, but you would sure have a good time trying. Love those guys.

How do I talk a car dealer down on a price?

you won't talk him down that much. if its used maybe a grand ,if its new shop around ,they all sell within 500 bucks of each other (if you shop around and they know it)

How do you "talk down" a car salesmen?

After doing research on pricing and options for one particular model, I visited multiple dealers within a 45 mile radius. Inquired with each of them as to what the best deal would be, then leave and tell them i'd visit other dealerships. got a different range of responses.. one dealership was friendly and willing to work with me.. another looked into my low range bid and gave me condescending remarks when i said i'd visit another shop (which ticked me off so i cut the conversation short.. of course, the same salesman gives me a follow-up call 2 days later). best time to do this is when you're not desperate to buy a new car..

Why do I prefer to listen to talk radio in the car rather than music even when there is another person w/ me?

Life is a great mystery. I don't really think it matters, as long as you're not being purposefully antisocial, of course.

What are some good tips to talk car dealers down from their asking price?

The only tip you need is to do your research, figure out what the cr is worth, establish what you are willing to pay and make an offer based on that research. Don't go over the price that you have established. You don't really talk dealers down, that's a myth. You make them an offer and they either accept it or they don't. If they say no, just walk out and go find another car someplace else.

How can i talk car dealers into bring down car prices?

ok heres what you do 1. if you plan on trading in a vehicle never tell them your going to trade it off till after the price of the new car is met 2. dont act to excited to get it 3 put it in the sun to see if you can see any dents or scratches to try talking down the price 4 check carfax to make sure you aint buying a dud 5.if trading in a car, dont tell them how much you want for it make them make you an offer and make sure its at least what is at 6. tell them no u can do better and start walking out, if they want to sell a car they will reoffer just make sure you get what you want for a trade in if your trading in, if buying used out right never give what they ask because it aint like its a new sticker price because they definetly paid thousands below for the car and some come from auctions and buy it even cheaper so talk them down that way. also just make sure you get a good interest rate based on your credit because some make money off interest and thats another way for them to make up for the money you think they nocked off. when you think your getting a great deal your really not. anyways have any other question email back because ive been exsperienced in used car sales and never have paid price of what its worth for a car. i usely get cars a couple grand lower then blue book

I need to know what this car talk puzzler is?

Here's the cartalk web site. Maybe you can find it on here, or contact them about it.

What to talk about in the car to and from a date?

Ask questions about him. Most people love talking about themselves...

How can I talk my parents into a car?

Try to figure out what their objections are and address them individually. If they're worried about how much it will cost, get a part-time job and look around for the cheapest models, and reassure them that you will keep your driving to a minimum. If they're worried about your safety, prove that you're responsible by doing the things they want you to do and not taking risks. If they're worried about you neglecting your studies, you could try to negotiate with them by asking if you can have a car after you do something that they would admire, like getting really good grades for a semester. Whatever you do, don't whine and don't give up.

Can anyone answer today's Car Talk puzzler concerning a city surrounded on all sides by neighboring state "X"?

Stamford, CT It is a city. It is in the U.S. and if you travel due N (It is bordered on the north by Pound Ridge, New York),S, W (both obvious) and E( the north fork of Long Island) the first state you run into is NY

How should a woman talk and treat a car dealers man?

Before you go, read this web site thoroughly. A couple tips: always be undecided. Make them think you are not really interested in ANY car on their lot. Do NOT show any emotion or say things like "OH I just LOVE that color" or body style or whatever. When you find the car you MUST have, say "I MAY settle for THIS car if I think you're giving me a real good deal" then let them make you an offer you can't refuse. REMEMBER: they are DESPERATE right now, and so are all the OTHER dealers, so if you start to walk away, they are going to trip over themselves to get you a good deal and keep you there. OH, MY style is to shut down the salesman right from the start. I tell 'em "look. I am going to ask all the questions, not you. YOU are going to remain silent until I ask you a question, GOT IT?" "if you don't like that arrangement, send someone over here who CAN live with it"

How can I get my car to talk to me?

Hold up a plate of her favorite desert :] That'll get her talkin :]

Is it better to trade in a car when buying a new one or to sell the car and talk the dealer down?

You will almost always get more money for your old car by selling it yourself then by trading it in. When you buy a new car the transaction included two completely separate components. The first is negotiating a price for the car you want to buy. The second is negotiating the price for the car you want to sell/trade. These are two independent transactions and should be treated as such. If you sell the car and don't have a car to trade in then you obviously are going to skip this part of the negotiations. The cash you have in your pocket from the sale of that car is to be used as your down payment which in the end will reduce the amount of money you need to borrow.

How much can you talk down a car dealer?

Dealerships don't really care if you plan to pay cash. They get the whole amount of the cars value through you or who ever your financing through. The best value for a $4000 vehicle would be from an other person selling their car. Typically used car lots buy from individuals then mark-up the vehicle to sell to you.

Is it illegal to use a megaphone in your car to talk to people outside your car?

If it is, then I wanna go citizen's arrest the next copper who does it!

What can a person talk about to impress a girl when they are going in a car?

sex? why you want to jump into it? no girl will jump into it.

How can I talk/install my iphone4 to my 2007 Mercedes c230 so I can talk trough the car?

Above is correct. You need the bluetooth puck first, assuming your C230 is prewired from the factory for cell phone integration. Stop by your local Benz dealer with your VIN and through the serial number they can quickly determine that.

How much are you usually able to talk down a car salesman?

20% would be a huge victory. Anything less than that is still a great discount but shoot for 20% and then negotiate from there.

At what times can I hear Click and Clack on Car Talk in St Paul MN?

here is the link giving times from car talk site Note its also on the net

Is there a way to have a Car talk to you?

Yes take lots of acid!

Do you have the answer to Click and Clack's question from their car talk show on NPR Radio Saturday?

Ranger. Range, rang, ran, anger

Where can I find old episodes of NPR's Car Talk?

Want a copy of an older Car Talk Program? Ordering Copies of Older Car Talk Programs Within this site, you can purchase the most recent weekly programs, plus a few of our all-time favorites. Click on "Car Talk Audio" for more details. If you'd like to purchase a copy of one of our vintage programs (going back as far as January 2001), please call us at 888-CAR-JUNK during normal business hours to place an order. You'll need to know the show number you want. If you have fairly good idea of the date of the show, we may be able to find it. (Sorry, "sometime between 2001 and 2004" is not close enough.) Weekly programs from January 2001 and later are available only on CD. Sorry, we no longer offer cassette copies of shows aired prior to 2001.

What kind of people listen to NPR's Car Talk?

I LOVE 'Car Talk'! Trouble for me is, I hardly ever listen to the radio. I would guess the show is geared to the college educated listener, as is the rest of NPR. My former car mechanic had a Master's degree in Marine Biology.

How much should I talk a car dealer down?

How much do you have??? if you are paying in cash and have the cash with you when you go the deal should go along alot better also reamember you have to pay taxes and registation fees... so a little more will be added on to the price ... you can probly try to talk them down close to 2500.00

What is the best way to talk a car dealer down to a reasonable price?

Tell him what you are willing to offer. Don't be drooling and cooing over the car. If he refuses, thank him get up and walk out. If he gets upset calmly explain that you don't need to buy a car but he on the other hand does need to sell it. I would stoop as low as to say "In case you haven't looked recently it's a buyers market". If it's something like a Mini-Cooper, go on about how nice a similar car is. Don't do apples to apples, they don't know how to counter that. I once had a car sales manager say what's it going to take to get you to buy this? I told him my offer and he said "no way". I replied "okay, thanks" and stood up. He came back with the desperate plea of "my salesman needs this sale". My reply was "and?". As I reached for his hand in a gesture of thanks he said "Alright you can have it". I replied "that offer is gone, it's now $100 less". He looked at me puzzled, when I said "and that offer is about to expire as well". He jumped on it. Remember, the worst they can do is refuse your offer. They're not going to kill you or hit you. It's not like they are the only place selling cars.

Is It Obsessive To Stop The Car And Talk To The Cute Deer?

Maybe you should leave the artificial coolness of NYC and talk a walk in the woods(by yourself). If you have the feeling , the deer understands´s a beautiful experience. I can communicate with cats... I n Borneo I "talked to a giant lizard (6feet) and he/she came very close , smelled at me with the tongue and walked away slowly. Even Butterflies seem to like me...

How to talk down the price on a older model car?

Well, dealers only make money when they sell cars. They may take less. But you are talking about Honda & Toyota's. Those cars are IN DEMAND. And dealers are in business to make money. When i was a car dealer, If I paid $1000 for a car, Id darn sure try to get $1950 for it. I might accept $1700 or even less after Ive had it for awhile but no car dealer stays in business by selling cars for $300 over cost. If you think the prices are too high, go elsewhere or make them an offer. The worst they can say is no. Over 15+ years as a curbstone car dealer, Ive had a number of people tell me my car was priced too high only to return a few days later to buy it. I submit the dealer knows more about car values than you do. And just because you can look up a car on KBB doesn't mean you have knowledge of car values. I regularly paid MORE than KBB private party values when buying at dealer only auctions. So when I had people tell me that KBB said it was worth X, I told them to buy a car from KBB. Your best way to negotiate is to whip out $100s and make a cash offer. Then be prepared to walk. If the dealer knows you are a serious cash buyer, he IS going to do his best to sell you a car.

Hello everybody !!!:o) I have a good one for you!! How do I make my car talk???

call the manufacturer and see if you can change the sound with something u recorded

What time,day and radio station is Car Talk at ?

I'm not sure.

What channel is the Alan Car talk show and when?

It's on chanel 4 in the UK It's called "Alan Carr: Chatty man" I'm not 100% sure but I don't think it's currently being aired, I think it should be back on sometime in the summer. EDIT: It's back on Sun 20 Jun, 10PM

car talk!!?

This is a very broad question. Your best bet is to go to your local library and study what ever topic about the automobile you want to learn. The next step would be to acquire a lawn mower or if budget permits an old car and start taking things apart to get a feel on how everything comes together as a machine. Good Luck on your quest it will be a neverending one.