Do car dealerships in NY charge tax on the sale of a used vehicle?

You bet. The full 8.625%.

How to get the best deal out of used-car dealerships for Camry, Accord or Altima?

I've sold cars for years and used cars are a gold mine. just becasue dealers either get them from the auction or a trade-in so they paid a lot less then what they are asking for. a good place to start is take the sticker price and minus $4000 you will most likely end up 2000 -2500 below the price on the window questions to ask 1.where did u get this car from? auction or trade in (they pay less at the auction) 2. how long have u had this car? when dealers have cars for 2 long (usually 90 days) they send it to the auction or a sister store to sell the car 3.DONT tell them about your trade in. until the end - they will ask if you have 1 wait until the last minute to show your trade (dealers like to play with numbers and may hide money in your trade) 4. when looking at the car look at door alignments and underthe hood look at the screws (if doors are not straight or screws are diffrent color then the car it may have been in a accident) also look at the headlights or tail lights if 1 looks old and 1 looks new that is another way to tell about an accident. 5. ask for a carfax- rental cars are not good to by - think about what u do in a rental car 6. ask for the RO sheet ro is repair order this will show you everything the dealer did to the car to fix it up (sometimes it even has how much it cost them) 7. when working a deal and you settle on a price if they will let you leave the dealership without a hassel then that is the rock bottom price -give or take a few dollars 8.make sure your trade is clean the better it looks the more moey you can get for it 9.know what your car is worth and know what your willing to accept for your car 10. when they appraise your car they wont give you back your keys because they want you to stay at the dealership 11. if you can arrange financing that would be best the dealership financing cost more (if the bank says your approved for 8% the dealership can show you 10% and its all legal) with this knowledge you should be able to get a good deal

What exactly are bailouts and what do car dealerships have to do with them?

The car manufacturers are going broke because they continue to make cars that no one wants to buy. There are a lot of people working to make these cars. The question becomes, do we want to save these people's jobs? If the answer is yes, then we need to keep giving them money, so they can continue to make cars that no one wants, and hope that in time, they can make better cars that someone will actually want. How much money is that? No one knows.

What is the biggest thing you hate about car dealerships and the car buying experience?

The thing I hate about the whole buying process is when the buyer lies to the salesman. If you were on the other side of the desk you would understand. Next time you buy a car just tell the salesperson nicely that you want a good deal. Ask to see the invoice and the program sheets. or check edmunds before you go. Pay invoice or a hundred dollars over invoice. That is fair. When we sell a vehicle at invoice we only make a couple of hundred dollars honestly. I can say about our dealership I share the same concerns as you do. Our goal is to get you in and out of the finance dept. as FAST as we can. Our employers pay us on CSI customer satisfaction index. We also get paid on volume not gross profit. Not every dealership is like ours. There is bad in everyone. There are some good dealers out there.

Are there any used car dealerships in or near Tallahassee?

Nope. No one in tallahassee every has to buy or sell a car. When they do, they go to Idaho, where herds of car lots roam free on the open plains as nature intended.

Are car dealerships able to lease used cars for short periods of time?

I've never seen this question, but hell yes. They can do what ever they want as long as it generates money.

What will happen next to car dealerships when the Cash for Clunkers program end this Monday?

After the program ends, many dealers will find that sales slow down to almost nothing. Any rebate or incentive program causes people to buy vehicles earlier than they normally would. Many of the people who may have purchased a car in October or November will have already purchased with the clunker program, so sales will be slow. Those who do not have to buy a car now, and who have a clunker type car will hold off purchase, in the hope that the program is revived. The dealers will also have a problem, because the clunker program has taken away another source of profit. When a dealer takes a car in trade, they appraise the car and put what is called Cash Value (CV) on it. It does not matter what the paperwork that the buyer sees lists for a trade, they have the CV as what they have actually given for the car. The used car department then decides what to do with the car. They may sell it to a wholesale dealer, they may take it to the auction themselves, or they may decide to put the vehicle on the used car lot and sell it retail. The goal of the used car manager is to make a profit on every car. For example, if someone brings in a car that has major mechanical problems, I may put a CV on it of $100. The deal may show an allowance of $700 for the car, but $600 of that is discount off the price of the car that they are purchasing. I want to sell that car for a profit, and most likely will get $125-$175 for it, either from a wholesale dealer, or a junk buyer. $25-$75 profit is not much, and on nicer cars the dealer will make more. If you figure that the dealer does 100 clunker deals (which the dealer is only given a $50 allowance and has to pay for the destruction of the motor, meaning that they do not make much) that would have averaged a $150 profit per used car, that is a loss of potential profit to the dealer of $15,000. Add to that the fact that many dealers have not yet been paid for the clunkers, and may actually be owed $400,000 or more, and you can see that the dealers are going to have a serious cash flow problem. More than one will end up having to file bankruptcy from this.

Car dealerships...?

I am not sure that I understand your question but I think that you are asking me what you should consider about the value of a car after you have bought one? As soon as you buy a new car it will lose value as you drive it off of the lot. I would not ask the dealer this question as he is going to shade it to sound like you have a hell of a fine car and that it will be worth a lot of money for many years to come. Go on line (Kelley Blue book) and look at the value of a similar car that is three or four years old this is not always 100% correct but it is 95% of the time. Usually they will give you three different figures one is Excellent Condition, the next will be in Good Conditiond and the last is Fair Condition. doing a little research before going to the dealer is in your best interest. You can find out what the car's suggested MSP is. The dealers will know that you have done your home work and will treat you a little bit better as they will have no idea as to how much you know or don't know.

car dealerships?

Look for the π shaped icon on the map screen to find them. Usually, when you do a race, you will drive past em' and not even know it until afterwards when you look on the map. There are about 3 of em' which all are the same shops.

Car Dealerships??

Contact your local Pontiac dealership and ask to speak to the used car manager. If the dealership is interested they will ask you to bring it down for them to look at it. Just make sure they understand that you do not wish to replace it so you don't get to the dealership and they try to sell you a new one. Also there are a lot companies that specialize in buying used cars. I'm in the NYC area and we have a co. called Car Cash. I'm sure there is a similar outfit near you.