I have bought a canon camera in usa and now i am in India can I make use of warranty in India?

Email Canon, I'd be surprised if they said no.

How much does CANON 400D costs in USA now?


Canon 40D USA model vs. other, what's the difference?

The only types of differences I've seen between USA and non-USA (also called grey market) is the warranty. It may be more difficult to get your grey market camera repaired under warranty - meaning it may be sent out to who knows where when you have an issue. Normally, I don't see a huge difference in price. On something like a 40D - maybe $30-40?

Are the canon pixma and pixus printer series the same?

While they are the same, I do not know if the driver would work. I would personally call Canon first to see if it would.

Does it matter what country a Canon EOS 40D body is made in if it has a USA warranty?

They are all made in the same place in the same way. If it does not have a US warranty it is only because it was originally distributed in a foreign market.. it has nothing to do with quality or it being made somewhere else. steve

What is the price for CANON Powershot S95 in USA ?

Currently it is about $400 at Best Buy. Sometimes they have it marked down, but not at the moment. It can be a good idea to look up the online price at bestbuy.com and print it. If their own online price is lower than the store price, the store will usually match the online price. However, they probably won't match other online sites. Depending on your location in California, expect to pay from $33 to $43 in sales tax.

Can canon pixma mx310 printer bought in USA be used in India on 220 volts without using converter?

No that will just blow the electronic boards, most of our electronics is set up for 120 volt, you must use a converter, not just because of the power difference but the U ground plug we use is probably not the same as it is in India, to be sure contact Canon I have talked to them for 20 years they will tell you how to do this, hope this has helped good luck.

What is the price right now for this Canon camcorder in USA?

Canon Vixia HG20: $620.00 to $899.00 (US). See link for a few web seller listings.

Question about Canon L lenses What is the difference between the Imported version and USA version?

Josh, I think I can help you out because I live in China. First of all all Canon lenses are made in Japan because Canon is a Japanese company. But when the Canon manufacturer sells their lenses, other people (i.e. B&H..41st photo.etc.etc.) can buy their lenses direct from Canon Japan (which by the way is not the same as Canon USA). When Canon USA gets/buys these lenses from the Canon manufacturer in Japan they then have their own process of checking out the equipment to make sure everything is working properly, henceforth the 1 year gurantee warranty service. This is what you are paying extra for with the USA warranty. And it's worth every penny ! But if B&H or anyone else buys directly from Canon Japan they don't have to check out the equipment they are getting and can just sell you the equipment as is with the "international" warranty" which comes with the camera (when they buy it from Japan). This is what they called "grey market" equipment. The problem here is that you don't know where or how that particular equipment has been treated. Someone could of dropped the camera (have you ever seen how UPS guys handle merchandise inside the warehouses ???????...it's not pretty...ha ha ha) or it could been sitting in a warehouse for a long time in less than ideal temperatures for storage before it is sold. The bottom line is that you really don't know what your getting quality wise when you buy grey market equipment. It make look fine on the outside and it is the "real" deal from Canon but you just don't know how the equipment has been treated before you buy it. For the most part i think the equipment will be okay but it's a risk you take and I think the international warranties are only good for 3 months (don't quote me on that though because I am not sure). I live in Beiijg, China and every other camera store looks like a Canon "Authorized Dealer". Yes they are "authorized" to see Canon equipment because they have bought the equipment from Japan. But it is also equipment which has only a international warranty...i.e. I can only get it serviced in Asia or Europe but not the United States. I am not sure how international warranties work in the U.S. The bottom line is that it' really worth it in the long run and short run to pay for a camera with a USA warranty. I have bought international warranty stuff with mixed results where as I have never ever had a problem with Canon USA equipment. I am a professinal photographer and have been buying camera equipment for a long time . You may think you are saving money in the beginning if you buy a grey market camera, but in the long run you may end up paying a lot more in terms of time and money if the camera has problems....... Buy the way the Canon 17-40 is a really really great lense and one of the best deals around particularly at the USA warranty price. If I were you I wouldn't waste my money on anything else but the USA version and I would get this lens as soon as possible before they decide to discontinue it.

How to become an authorized business partner for canon usa consumer products?

The ONLY place to find that information, is from Canon.