Will the price of the Canon EOS 500d drop upon release of 550d?

As things go, camera costs really depend more on demand, hence the up and down price movement over time. Here is more on the Rebel T2i or 550D http://www.canonrumors.com/category/photography/canon-550d/

What to buy for my Canon EOS 500D?

A "cheap" lens is the Tamron SP 28-75 F2,8. A real shiner with a full range F2,8 so nice for portraits with smooth background. And for around $400 a steal! Remember though you don't HAVE to buy anything... you don't NEED anything until you find yourself at the limitations. With the kitlens, yeah replacing that with something like that Tamron SP 28-75 or maybe the 17-50 is a good choice. A big step up in usable quality A tripod? Depends.. on what you are photographing and where. It is nice to have one that is sure .if you need one is a second. Flash well that again depends the inbuild flash on your 500D is not terrible, sure it is not meant to light up whole concert halls [such may be obvious] but it does its job well as fill in flash. So unless you feel that the flash limits you there is no need to buy something new. Memory cards? Again depends if you find yourself out of space allot. Really you can wait with buying until you have found a problem, a limitation, and have researched options in how to solve said problems. Sometimes yes that is a new lens, sometimes it is a tripod, a flash... Just put the money aside until one day you think "Oooh look at that.." Still that Tamron lens is not a bad upgrade, just saying... very cheap to get into lower light photography. It certainly helps to keep the ISO and Noise Low.

What kind of memory cards to Canon EOS 500d's take?

Before you spend a dime on your 500D, find out if your first classes in photography use dSLR's or 35 mm SLR cameras. It would be a shame to spend nearly £600 on a camera you cannot use for a year or so for class If you do need a dSLR, then look hard at the 550D. It has much more advanced features than the 500D, especially in the realm of its video features. The 500D uses any SD/SDHC memory card and the 550D uses any SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card.

Is a Canon EOS 500D worth it, or should i buy something else?

The EOS is a good camera, for sure. However, for the money, I'd recommend an Olympus Stylus. - Stuart

How can I change frame rate in canon eos 500d?

From the Canon website "Shooting is at a frame rate of 30 fps when shooting SD or HD quality video (640 x 480 and 1280 x 720 pixels, respectively) and at a frame rate of 20 fps in Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) recording" When shooting in Full HD video you are limited to 20 fps. As you can see, you have to reduce the video quality to shoot at 30 fps The 550D corrected this problem.

what do you think of CANON EOS 500D + lens 18-135 IS camera?

There is a better choice of lens; the EF-S 18-200 mm IS There is a better choice of camera, the D3100 with AF-S18-200 mm VR lens. The D3100 while it costs about the same as the 500D, is the only entry level camera with Full HD video (1080p) that can auto-focus in the video mode Do some research by visiting the Nikon and Canon websites. With that information, you can decide which camera system is best for you Take your time. Once you choose the Nikon or Canon system, you will be married to it for a few decades.

how to soften the flash on a canon eos 500d?

Turn off the anti-redeye feature and the flash will fire one time per shot. The little light on next to the shutter release is the auto-focus assist feature and it is quite dim. Some of the newer, more advanced DSLR's use near IR light to assist focusing in low light so it does not distract the subject To soften the flash, you will need a diffuser. You can find them designed for various different DSLR's Gary Fong is one of the most successful suppliers of those flash diffusers http://store.garyfonginc.com/puf-01.html

What size image can I make from a picture taken from a canon eos 500d digital slr?

Yes, it is. I have a roughly 60*40cm print (A2) from a shot from a 6MP D40 on my wall, it looks just fine. With 15MP you should easily be able to make a A1 print (twice as large as A2) in decent quality. Actually, i think the MP don't even really matter - the bigger the print, the farther away one tends to be when looking at it. So unless you intend to view it from the same distance at which you'd view a 25*15cm print, just have it printed as big as you like.

What is the version of Digital Photo Professional software when you purchase Canon EOS 500D?

It doesn't really matter. Through Canon website, you can download the latest versions of their software for free. (link is country dependent, here's one for asia: http://support-sg.canon-asia.com/P/search?category=Digital+Cameras&series=EOS&model=EOS+500D&menu=Download&filter=0) Trick is, you need an original CD in order to install them, unless you already have an older version installed on your computer. You don't need the exact same version as that came with your camera. As a matter of fact, you even don't need the original CD or software installed, because one could cheat the installation software to believe that an older version is already installed on your PC. It's probably not legal to give out this information, nevertheless you can find it with a Google search - [hint: with " registry key"] --- If you are sure that you legally own a camera and are entitled to use the software.) Otherwise you may be violating law.

What's the difference between canon EOS 500d to 500d kit?

A Canon 500D refers to just the camera itself, without a lens. A kit includes the Canon 500D, one or more lenses, and maybe other accessories as well.