Anthony Mundine vs. Rigoberto Alvarez for the interim WBA Jr. Middleweight title - who wins?

I would have to say Anthony Mundine has the edge to win this fight due to his experience factor he's defeated Danny Green and he gave a valiant effort when he lost the WBA Super Middleweight Championship to a prime Mikkel Kessler in 2005. He's stayed active over the years I still think he's got what it takes to be a World Champion in professional boxing, I would say he wins the decision.;_ylt=AlAk5ZqBcqssECgIB9JIVtrsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110807230449AAo7M0k @Jose Martinez I was having some internet problems with my computer so, I did not get a chance to answer your other question about Ann Wolfe and Laila Ali before, the question itself went to the votes, I will post my answer here too. Jose Martinez good to see you back and I will answer your question. I have to disagree and I think the daughter of the greatest of all time Laila Ali she could of and would of defeated Ann Wolfe. They both had a common opponent, that was Valerie Mahfood they both fought her twice, Valerie Mahfood actually got a 3rd round TKO over Ann Wolfe in comparison Laila Ali defeated that woman (twice) in both their meetings. Layla Ali defeated more high profile opponents, Christy Martin being one of those. Laila Ali definitely had great boxing skills in the ring and she was very technically sound in the boxing ring. No disrespect, to Ann Wolfe I'm sure those guys she sparred with didn't go all out and took it easy on her I'm just stating my opinion I'm not trying to sound like a chauvinist if she really meant what she did say in that interview I would pay to the match.;_ylt=AkCqESAjIMntyPCmcyBt9j3sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20110810153953AArmOfk

Boxing: Considering the dates Ellerbe is saying...who do you think Floyd will fight in 2013?

Tuff question: I see Canelo VS Money in a hugh payout. Canelo is the only Mexican on that list which means big money. Ghost: Money gets no fame beating a non house hold name. Pacquiao: Arums greeed and ego is in the way. Martinez: He cant make 150 anymore. Plus he's too big and too strong. Bradley: No money Trout: No money Cotto: No fame Thurman: Who?! Plus too big.

Props to Canelo. YES he was bigger than josesito lopez, but....?

Fighting the mandatory challengers for the WBC Jr. Middleweight title. Top Rank outbid Golden Boy Promotions for the right to promote the next WBC eliminator between Erislandy Lara and Vanes Martirosyan two of the top Jr. Middleweight contenders in the world. The winner of the fight will get Saul "Canelo" Alvarez up next that's definitely a fight I wanna see. Vanes Martirosyan has been wanting to fight Alvarez for a while and Erislandy Lara was snubbed when he volunteered to fight Saul Alvarez when the accident happen to Paul Williams. And then Cotto is in the mix too he's fighting Austin "No Doubt" Trout on December 1st so, there is plenty of great competition for Saul "Canelo" Alvarez in Jr. Middleweight division.

16 5-Star Fights on Boxrec.. Predictions?

This schedule is freakishly good. Hopefully no weird sh*t happens where half of them get cancelled. I'm keeping my fingers crossed... 1. Bernard Hopkins vs Tavoris Cloud - 9/10 - I'm taking B-Hop, I think he can school the one-dimensional Cloud, unless age has totally caught up with him. 2. Arthur Abraham vs Robert Stieglitz - 7/10 - Solid matchup. I thought AA won the first fight pretty clearly, he should take the second too, scoring a knockdown or two along the way.....possibly by getting a KO. Abarham could always get outworked though... 3. Tony Bellew vs Isaac Chilemba - 7/10 - I like it. Good fight between two contenders. I kind of favor Chilemba, but it's a 50-50 fight IMO. 4. Nonito Donaire vs Guillermo Rigondeaux - 9/10 - DOPE. I gotta pick Donaire, he's too consistent. Rigo is a beast tho....Nonito better be on his A game. 5. Tyson Fury vs Steve Cunningham - 7/10 - I like that Fury is fighting a live opponent. USS is a CW naturally, and I just don't really see him winning. I was impressed w/ Fury during the Kevin Johnson fight, but to be fair it's not like KJ did sh*t in that fight either. 6. Austin Trout vs Saul Alvarez - 10/10 - GREAT fight. I'm really f*cking excited for this one. Somebody's 0 has got to go, and the style matchup couldn't be better. Slick Trout, or hard hitting Canelo? I'll take Trout for the upset. 7. Danny Garcia vs Zab Judah - 7/10 - Decent matchup. Zab always starts fast, the fight is in BK, and Garcia has basically no defense. His face blows up too, although Zab is basically in the same boat, considering he hasn't had eyebrows since he was 22 probably. I like it Danny to win by late stoppage in a good fight. 8. Sergio Gabriel Martinez vs Martin Murray - 6/10 - It's in Argentina, and Murray isn't a big puncher. Martinez should take care of business with minimal problems and win by TKO. 9. Daniel Ponce De Leon vs Abner Mares - 10/10 - Mares is biting off more than he can chew here IMO. He always brings it, but PDL is one of the hardest punchers in the sport. He's also bigger, and unlike most big punchers, he throws in volume until the punch comes (as opposed to looking for that one shot). It seems like Mares gets tired and fades at some point late in fights too. I'm thinking PDL puts Mares down and out in something like round 9-11. 10. Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Robert Guerrero - 8/10 - I don't think highly of Guerrero. He can't outbox Floyd from the outside, and if Robert tries to pull the same sh*t he did against Berto, he'll get torn up on the inside as well. Floyd has a VERY underrated inside game, he's sick in that area. Floyd by UD or maaaybe a late stoppage. 11. Lamont Peterson vs Lucas Martin Matthysse - 9/10 - Love it. Give me Matthysse all day to knock Peterson the f*ck out. ALL DAY. 12. Devon Alexander vs Kell Brook - 9/10 - Probably boring, but a very interesting fight. Maybe the only one I'm not sure about yet when it comes to who I think will win. If DA can do one thing, it's making a fight boring as f*ck and stinking out a good opponent. I could see Brook winning a decision, or DA winning a boring decision. Don't see a stoppage for either guy at least. 13. Chad Dawson vs Jean Pascal - 9/10 - Give me Bad Chad by decision. Don't think he'll start so slow in the rematch, and let Pascal take the early rounds. Pascal is a four round fighter, who (in the words of B-Hop) will "run, bitch, quit, and not want to fight" after about six rounds. Dawson overwhelms Pascal late and wins a competitive decision. 14. Carl Froch vs Mikkel Kessler - 8/10 - First fight was the best of the Super Six. I feel like Froch is always improving, and Kessler has declined a bit. I thought Froch barely won the first fight, so I'm thinking he wins a convincing decision this time. 15. Marco Huck vs Ola Afolabi - 9/10 - First two fights were sick. I thought Huck stole the first, and Afolabi won the second. Gimme this third fight all day, and I'll take Afolabi by decision. Huck looked like complete sh*t against an old man in Firat Arslan last time out. Ola is NOT Firat Arslan. 16. Marcos Rene Maidana vs Josesito Lopez - 9/10 - Lopez is one tough SOB, and we all know about Chino. Love the fight, I could actually see Lopez stealing a decision if he works Maidana's body. I dont' like that the fight is at 147lb though, I think Lopez needs to be at 140lb. I favor Chino but Josesito is a live dog.

"Bad" Chad Dawson vs. Adonis Stevenson in the works on HBO for June 8th this Summer?

I like the matchup, Stevenson looked like a beast and fought great against Donovan George, but I feel like Dawson is waaay too experienced and skilled for Adonis. Adonis is a SICK puncher, but he's pretty old and started boxing late. He doesn't have the skills to deal w/ Dawson's style, and all he has is a punchers chance IMO, though it's better than average considering his power. Dawson does seem to get lackadaisical against inferior competition, and when that happens he gets hit too much. He can't let that happen against a guy w/ the power of Adonis. Looking forward to the fight, Bad Chad is one of my favorite fighters and I really like watching Stevenson fight. Feel bad for Dawson though. Instead of his rematch w/ Pascal he gets a fight paying way less, and against a guy who is very dangerous.

Canelo vs de la hoya?

Hard choice. I honestly don't think we've seen full potential Canelo so for me I can't decide this until the Austin Trout fight. I mean think about it, the only elite class fighter, (well, was elite class) that he fought was an aging Shane Mosley De La Hoya faced guys that could rip Canelo to shreds so De La Hoya in my opinion.

Boxing: Would the rift between 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather prevent Broner/ Gamboa from being the fight on...?

They both want to make money and they wouldn't let their feud stop that.. Imagine Broner vs Gamboa Canelo vsTrout and Mayweather vs Guererro all on one card? That would be a HUGE night in boxing, and the best boxing card that I have ever heard of

Trout vs Canelo(20 characters)?

The only guy that wants this fight is Canelo and Austin Trout and his people. None of Golden Boy or Canelos trainers wanted this fight it was Canelo who refused to fight anybody else but Trout. This is a legit fight against a top Welterweight in his prime and at his best. You don't get to see this much these days. Miguel Cotto was supposed to be the guy Canelo beats to get his fight with Mayweather. If Trout wins he goes onto bigger and better things and Canelo is still an exciting red headed Mexican who likes to fight so he will still be marketable. A fight with Floyd might be out but still might be available, because if Trout is as good as he looks and is good enough to beat Canelo then Mayweather probably wont fight Trout anyways.

Question for Tyler Durden?

I've been off and on for about 2 years, thank you. I definitely don't take things too seriously and only try to share knowledge from a boxing career that started in the late 1980's.

Did canelo alvarez get screwed?

Canelo pulled out of the Mayweather undercard because Floyd wouldn't commit to fighting him in September. Canelo vs Trout will now be on Showtime April 20th for free.

Trout vs. Canelo? who wins?

Trout for me

Miguel Cotto vs Austin Trout?

I think this is the type of fight that Cotto shouldn't have taken at this stage in his career but mad props to him for taking it because he is risking a possible last big paycheck down the line. My prediction is that Cotto wins a split decision in a fight that Trout will give him all sorts of fits but at the same time Cotto will be in it, just that if the fight were outside of MSG Trout would probably win.

So, what do you think of 2012 boxing?

1. Mayweather-Cotto 2. Ward vs. Froch 3. Alvarez-Mosley 4. Martinez-Chavez 5. Ward-Dawson Am looking forward to the Donaire-Nishioka, Mares-Moreno, Viloria-Tyson Marquez, Pacquiao-Marquez 4 not only joining this list but even changing the orders of ranking. 2012 is better than the previous two years in that there are always good fights almost every month thus far. There are more important fights this year than in 2010 and 2011. The fights that did not materialize were even good fights as in Khan-Peterson 2, Ortiz-Berto 2 and Gamboa-Rios. The year also sees the emergence of rising stars as Adrien Broner, Mikey Garcia, Seth Mitchells, Lucas Matthyse, Gennady Golovkin among others. These developments far outweigh the controversies as drug use discoveries, jail term for Floydie on account of domestic viloence, controversial and bum decisions. So far, so good.

Canelo vs trout tickets?

Canelo vs Trout: where will they show the fight near Chico, CA?

Possible upsets of 2013?

Mikey Garcia VS Orlando Salido might be the biggest.

What's a bigger night for boxing?

There are reasons for both... I don't think May 4 has much signficance other than Canelo-Trout, this will have lots of significance because its boxing's potential superstar having his biggest test yet. But other than that, Mayweather adds another number to his record and probably so will Broner, but if Broner Fights the winner of Burns-Vasquez then May 4th will be more significant. On the other dat you have Rigondeux-Donaire which is a big fight and should be very exciting, with Martinez-Murray there could be a potential upset but unlikely because isn't it in Argentina and Garcia should win Judah. So I think May 4th because of Canelo being tested and NOT MAYWEATHER unless Guerrero pulls of an upset, It could also depend on who Burns fights.

Saul Alvarez vs Erislandy Lara?

Technically not yet because Erislandy Lara will fight Vanes Martirosyan in a rematch from last November that ended in a disputable draw, it was not even close, Erislandy Lara should of won that fight even though Lara kept running the entire fight. So, Golden Boy is trying to put together the rematch this a WBC Jr. Middleweight title eliminator meaning the winner of this fight will automatically be next in line to fight Saul Alvarez, who is supposed to be announcing his opponent for May 4th. Many speculating it will be Austin "No Doubt" Trout. It's going to be a very interesting match I think Canelo Alvarez could break down Erislandy Lara because C Molina deserved the victory in that fight with Erislandy Lara. Canelo W 12RD MD.;_ylt=AiU8oX62nm5w5J6YO4GXsXTsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20130211002504AAHnr6F

Boxing: What older fighters will spoil a young fighters party this year...?

If the fight is made, and Im putting this more on Trout than anyone else...Mayweather versus Canelo. Ginger is gonna get schooled.

Erislandy Lara vs. Alfredo "El Pero" Angulo to be a co-featured bout on Maidana-Lopez card June 8th?

Good fight, great card. I'm loving it. AT this point, I think Lara should box the sh*t out of Angulo. He's an elite fighter, Angulo isn't anymore. Angulo is powerful and fun to watch, but his style is easy to outbox and Lara is obviously a great boxer. Kermit Cintron was able to outbox Angulo awhile back, and he was never nearly as good as Lara is, although Cintron always hit VERY hard and was able to shake Angulo. I also think Angulo has a faded just a little bit, he's always been in wars and that Kirkland beating was pretty bad. Then he had all of those immigration/personal issues, he's just been through a lot and hasn't looked that great in his comeback. So I got Lara by a UD...but one thing I want to say is that Lara a lot of the times will completely dominate someone, and then get like tired or just doesn't throw later in fights. I'm not worried about him losing a decision if he does that, but he can't become lazy or complacent against El Perro for too long, otherwise he'll catch one of those rocks and get hurt.

Who wins: Canelo vs Trout?

This will be a real test for Canelo. He hasn't fought any top notch fighters in his entire career. He fights nothing but old guys who don't move around.

Saul (canelo) alvarez vs. austin trout who do you think is going win?

Whos favorite to win on Saturday Canelo vs Trout?

Prediction on Trout vs Alvarez I AM BETTING ON THIS FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!?

Man it looks like the Trout vs Canelo fight is still on for tomorrow night.?

just had the final presser so all seems good.i can't see the fight not happening now.i wonder how canelo is coping with the whole situation.i'm hoping he is still focused and ready.i wanna see a war

Fight at the Alamodome?

consider yourself lucky I would be honored to be there but sadly I can't afford a plane ticket :( but if i lived in san antonio i would probably be the first one to buy tickets. but anyways you should go forget about selling them just go because this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.


I don't believe that. Nothing has been confirmed yet. I remember last year that boxing scene was saying that Floyd Mayweather was going to be up against Erik "El Terrible" Morales on May 5, 2012. Mayweather posted up a comment on Twitter Mayweather vs. Alexander wouldn't appeal to boxing fans even "Vicious" Victor Ortiz gave decent competition to Mayweather at their fight two years ago then, would Devon Alexander. And now we hearing that Alexander withdrew from his mandatory title defense with Kell Brook in April due to a bicep injury in sparring? I really hope this fight doesn't happen it will be a very boring fight look at Alexander's last fight with Randall Bailey, he literally ran and danced all night long lol. Mayweather needs to fight Rob Guerrero and Canelo should fight Austin "No Doubt" Trout that is how HBO should promote this card. Floyd's fights are main event spectacles I'm sure that he will get some very good pay per view buys for this particular match. Sure hope Floyd fights Guerrero, Martinez or Canelo Alvarez in September.

Why is nobody talking about Trout vs Mayweather?

Because nobody likes to see Fraud dancing around class C fighters. We're sick and tired of his continued cherrypicking.

Who will canelo Álvarez fight next?

He IS fighting Austin Trout on May 4th on the undercard of Floyd vs Guerrero. If they both win its very likely that they will face each other in September. I think Floyd would school Canelo honestly. Barely a threat to Floyd, Canelo has a lot of easy shots that I could see landing on him. If I can see it, Floyd definitely can. Trout vs Canelo Canelo by SD 115-112 Mayweather vs Guerrero Floyd by UD 118-109 Mayweather vs Canelo UD 117-110

Battle of unbeaten Lightweight prospects Omar La Panterita Figueroa vs. Abner Cotto on the undercard of?

I knew you were from the state from a question long ago about you attending your first bout in S.A., but never knew you were from the valley lobo. I can't recall seeing Figueroa fight (may have just can't recall), but Abner Cotto isn't what his name suggests he should be. That kid was born into a boxing family, started training at 10 and yet only has 16 bouts at the age of 25. That tells me if Figueroa is a real prospect this should be an easy bout for him with high potential for KO. There's an old baseball saying for people from the Caribe: The only way off this isle is to hit your way off. The same applies to boxing. Interesting nickname for Figueroa, people/athletes from Mexico (Central America for that matter)called panther generally have some level of Africano ancestry. Not often you see that accepted and carried over to this country. This may seem not to have anything to do with boxing, but that does affect market viability. Edit- I still don't believe Trout vs. Canelo is going to happen, the bout makes absolutely no sense for Golden Boy and Trout can eat that kid up.

where can i stream canelo vs trout boxing match?

April 20th Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Austin Trout fight tickets?

Hey! Don't know if tickets are actually up for sell yet. But what I would do, Add Austin to your facebook. He has a public FB and will add you and is very responsive when it comes to talking to his fans etc. Ask him there when tickets will go on sale. Wished I could be at this fight also :). Btw Roscoe it is going to be a S.A. Headliner. The fight has been announced and is legit merely hammering out details.

Broner vs Miguel Vasquez?

I think Miguel Vazquez would win a Decision, and also think both HBO and GoldenGirl Promotions will do there best to avoid this Awkward fighter that would make Broner look bad at times even if Broner came out with the win. Ricky Bum, I mean Ricky Burns will get destroyed and embarrassed by Vazquez.

Mayweather vs Guerrero biggest PPV event ever?

if it's martinez or alvarez he's might beat pac/jmm4... but since it's guerrero...i doubt it everybody knows what kind of fight floyd makes after a brief retirement to shake off the rusts

Canelo Alverez vs Austin Trout anyone knows of any websites where i can stream it live for free?

So who wins the albino mexican or the black dude?

lol Canelo vs Trout??? Great fight. I think I'm picking Trout (the black dude) in this one. He has more experience against better opposition, and is most definitely a higher skilled fighter. Canelo is the money maker though, so if it goes to decision I'd be worried. It's a toss up fight, could see either guy winning. Trout fighting against a Mexican in Texas doesn't favor him if it goes the distance.

Will Cotto and Canelo Alvarez ever fight?

It was a good close fight, but Trout won. I think that Cotto/Alvarez could still happen. Alvarez fought Mosley and added a faded legendary name on his resume. Why not Cotto also? Besides, Cotto is a huge draw...that means $$$. Also, it would be Mexico vs Puerto Rico. It's really up to Cotto.

I just said earlier today on here that the Trout vs. Alverez fight would not happen ?

Easy tiger, I could of sworn that I questioned the validity of that bout 4 days ago and I got the thumbs down to prove it. That bout simply makes no sense from Alvarez's perspective.

Battle of the Southpaws: Austin Trout vs Erislandry Lara?

i like trout after watchin him on the cotto build up shows. i wanted to hate him cause cottos the man, but trouts a good guy, with a turbo hot wife. and he can fight too. muhfukin canelo's still bustin my balls no matter how much i try and like him, and i think trout has the ability to beat him so i hope that fight happens. i'd go with trout to win a hard fight lara's harder to call, i think its a tougher match up styles wise and for me lara blows hot and cold a bit so i aint sure how this one would go!

Alvarez vs Trout looks like a good one.?

Yes it does, I like Alvarez in this one, Canelo is the best young slugger I have seen in quite a while, I can't wait to see Alvarez against Mayweather, that one has potential.

What happens in a Round Robin Tournament between AustinTrout, Saul Alvarez, and Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

What a handsome question Some! "The battle of the undefeated" and Some body's O has got to go. Trout vs Alvarez = Trout decisions Canelo in a very close fight Alvarez vs Mayweather =Some body with a hair (red hair) unable to finish the bout and cries " no mas" Mayweather vs Trout = Austin gets Trounced

Canelo Alvarez vs Austin Trout your predictions?

i'm going with canelo on this one by stoppage. trout has an style similar to martinez without the power and speed. he keeps his hands too low and he's wide open to be countered every time he throws a punch. canelo is faster, stronger and younger. in my opinion he is the more technically sound boxer. he has amazing combos. many people say canelo hasn't fought anyone decent but his resume is a lot better than trout's. and trout has such a low ko ratio due to his lack of power. his biggest win was against cotto, in which he had a large size advantage in height and arm length. cotto was able to catch him with the left and rock him a few times. cotto is smaller,slower and didn't have the power that canelo will have. many people say canelo hasn't fought a real jr middleweight yet but rhodes and cintron (only fought 14 of his fights under the welterweight limit) were decent jr middles. and just as good as any jr middleweights on trout's list. yes canelo by stoppage, i expect him to brutally dismantle trout round by round

In a perfect world: what fights can be made under one card?

Al Haymon manages or advises many fighters I like. He has Floyd Mayweather Jr, Andre Berto, Adrian Broner, Paul Williams, Gary Russell Jr, Devon Alexander, Jermaine Taylor, Chris Arreola, Andre Dirrell, Librado Andrade, Dennis Douglin, Austin Trout... I think his fighters would make a great fight card. UNDERCARD Broner (WBO Super Featherweight Champ) vs Gamboa Taylor vs Dirrell Arreola vs Mitchell Williams vs Trout (WBA Jr Middleweight Champion) Main Event: Mayweather (WBC Welterweight Champion) vs Berto (IBF Welterweight Champion) Unification Atlantic City, NJ

Ishe Smith vs Carlos Molina, who is going to win this super fight?

I wonder what are the odds in Vegas that the Alverez vs. Trout fight does not happen?

Sinco De Mayo is a special date in boxing for Canelo Alvarez and i think the fight should happen if he's looking for a challenge, otherwise he shouldn't have even wasted his time with any negotiations.

Will the Canelo vs Trout be streamed online anywhere officially?

Where can I watch free Showtime boxing online?

Are these two upcoming boxing bouts going to be better than Mayweather vs Guerrero?

As the other two gentlemen said, it remains to be seen, but really, Donair-Rigondeaux and Alvarez-Trout seem more competitive because the fighters appear evenly matched. Mayweather for better or worse, is in a position to choose his opponents and does so carefully. I like Guerrero. He is not a pushover at all, but he does not have the skill or experience to truly threaten Mayweather and I think that most fans of the sport know that. Mayweather says, that "he must have done something right to be at this level, challenging me.." but that isn't really saying anything. Now this next part is a good deal of conjecture: Guerrero has a good record and has beaten decent opposition, but in my opinion he is fighting Floyd because there is something Floyd sees that he can exploit in Guerrero. Just as when he fought Marquez (understanding that Marquez called out Floyd). Marquez, great as he is in his own right, could not really beat a longer, quicker, and bigger counter puncher. Similarly with Ortiz. The kid can be a beast, but like Zab Judah, his head gets in the way. Ortiz is a young, strong, and fairly quick fighter, but when he isn't doing well, he can fall apart which is what happened with both Judah and Ortiz. Floyd picks fighters who are good to very good, but who he and his team know are not quite at the level to seriously threaten him. Back to the question: The other two fights are being made because they have to be made. None of the four fighters have the clout and drawing power to really pick their opponents. Donaire has been campaigning to be one of the P4P kings and caught flack for not fighting Mares, one of the other top dogs in his division. So when Rigondeaux started knocking on his door, he couldn't reject that offer or he would look like he was seriously ducking the best fighters. Rigondeaux, despite his only having 12 pro fights, is considered one of the best fighters in the division, and poses a serious threat to Donaire. Similarly, Alvarez is a good fighter with a larger fan base but nowhere near the power the Mayweather can command. He has been protected in all honesty. He is very good and I think he can definitely beat Trout, but he was trying to line up fights against good, but weaker opponents in Ortiz and Cotto (yes Puerto Rican fans, I know, blasphemy!). Again, Ortiz has the potential to be a tough opponent depending on which one shows up. Obviously the wrong one showed up against Josesito Lopez. Alvarez preceded to take on the tough but smaller and incredibly outgunned Lopez. He was hoping that Cotto would gut out a win against Trout to set up a classic Mexico v Puerto Rico fight against a very good, but fading Puerto Rican legend. Trout upset the applecart. There isn't anywhere really left for Alvarez to go except to give Trout his shot at unifying the titles. So, long story short. The two fights are definitely slated to be more competitive because they are the fights that needed to be made, pitting the best in each division against each other. The Mayweather-Guerrero fight is an event, to see if Money is becoming more vulnerable, nothing more.

Canelo vs Trout even time for Central Time Zone?

9pm central time. the undercard will take probably an hour. Even if there's an early KO on the undercard it should start no earlier than 9:45pm. Just start watching at 9

Where I can watch free sporting events online?