What are the Calvin Harris lyrics?

It IS "yeah". He just slurs the last "me" and the "yeah" together and his voice is already a bit nasally, so it sounds like he's saying something else, but if you listen closely and watch his lips, he is saying "yeah".

what would you wear to a calvin harris gig?

Aaahh Help me with my Calvin Harris situation!?

it wont be the booking fee, usually they're like £4 tops so i'd say it was the concert price :) & also, he's amazing live i saw him at party in the park.

What should i wear to Rihanna's Last Girl on Earth concert featuring Calvin Harris and Far East Movement?

Try wearing some things from designer stores. **Wear skinny jeans(it doesn't have to be anything fancy, comfortable=good) ** A jacket some what like this with a tank top: http://shop.pacsun.com/Girls/sweaters/Knit-Boyfriend-Blazer/index.pro **Wear any type of shoes, converses or flats are the best, but you should wear converses HINT: Bring a jacket in case it will be cold, and also snacks!

What is the meaning of the song I'm not alone by Calvin Harris?

what are some songs that kinda have the same beat or similar artists like deadmau5 or calvin harris?

just listen to justice. or crystal castles

Did calvin harris jump onstage with jedward?

YES!! he did! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha, whattttaaa legend :L you can see it on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XnusQnp_4LQ 4:29 ish! and see his twitter: www.twitter.com/calvinharris

Why is Calvin Harris featured in Rihanna's "We Found Love"?

Calvin Harris produced the track. Means he did all the music and sound and beats and synth riff. Rihanna just have to provide the vocals...

Calvin Harris new music video: Who is this girl?

stephanie ellis not much of a celeb but yeah there u go

what are some other bands that have a similar sound as calvin harris, the dresden dolls, and the ting tings?

Simian Mobile Disco Basement Jaxx MSTRKRFT Ladyhawke La Roux

Do you think Calvin Harris is a Multi-millionaire now?

He is remixes songs for other artists. So, there has to be some huge money coming in from that.

Does Calvin Harris have a girlfriend?

Yes, I have actually met them both together. I can't remember her name but she's a brunette, mega pretty and like all nice and smiles. They're super cute, all loved up and I read they have been together for two years and have a cat. ^^^^ that is not from me, it is from wiki answers lol hope i helped, there is not much about it on the web is there x

what does rihanna says in the beginning of we found love ft calvin harris?

I think its someone else that says it cause the accent's different. But she says: "It's like you're screaming...but no one can hear. You almost feel ashamed, that someone could be so important that without them you feel like nothing. No one will ever understand how much it hurts. You feel hopeless...like nothing can save you...and when its over and it's gone you almost wish that you could have all that bad stuff back, so you could have the good". Hope this helped :)

How to become a good dj, E.g Calvin Harris?

practice, experience, and ableton live. check out my tracks: www.myspace.com/algeronics is this the style you are looking for?

what software does calvin harris use to make music?

it is most definitely garage band and he even makes his own videos

I was at pasha and I need to know what track did david guetta mix with calvin harris ready for the weekend?

Celebrities - BOOOORING.

did calvin harris try to sabotage or promote jedward?

I was wondering the same thing. . . I honestly think they will get second place. They can't sing, but they are cute.

How do top Dj's like Darren Styles and Calvin Harris make music?

hello. it is actually possible to make these tracks without any equipment at all. although it can make things easier if you had equipment such as midi controllers, all you really need is a laptop running ableton live or any other music creation software such as cubase, fl studio, logic, etc. with much dedication, it is possible to make quality tracks in as little as a few months. there are plenty of video tutorials on youtube which really help a lot. i've only been making the electro house music for about a year. :)

Do you like the song feel so close to you by calvin harris or do you hate it?

AMAZING SONG!!! Every time I hear it I find myself singing along with it!! Its such a great song and it has meaningful lyrics. :-)

Is calvin harris feel so close a good talent show song?

it would be perfect if you're playing it with the electric guitar

how many members are in calvin harris band?

Many band.

Any bands that sound even close to Calvin Harris?

close, definitely. very close, I'd really have to dig. You would probably like Benny benassi - close to me, Global Deejays - bring it back, martin solveig, swedish house mafia - save the world you would probably like. Maybe skrillex - my name is skrillex If you told me what elements you like or what your favorite songs by him are I could probably tailor it a little better. Is it the funky/disco house or the more club sounding songs that you like?

What do the lyrics mean in the track by Calvin harris called feel so close mean?

Personally, I think it means that he feels so close to someone and it's a rewarding feeling. or it could be about sex

what is the dance song called behind calvin harris i'm not alone?


What is the song sampled in "I'm Not Alone" by Calvin Harris?

I always assumed it wasnt a sample. Maybe you heard a similar thing?

What's a Calvin Harris DJ set? Does this mean Calvin Harris won't be singing himself?

Generally it means it will be a nonstop mix of music. Like no breaks between songs. This also means that he will probably be playing music other than his own. As for him singing or not, I cannot say. I would think he'd sing his own song here and there over the track... but what do I know? haha

Is it normal for my puppy to hate Calvin Harris?

lol surprised he hasn't given you an answer yet. mr harris himself was tweeting about this a min ago!! lol

What instruments are used in Calvin Harris' song Flashback?

Ask him..... http://twitter.com/calvinharris

what was all that about calvin harris running onto jedward's performance with a pineapple on his head?

Oh yes, it was a pineapple because he was taking the mickey out of their haircuts.

why did calvin harris run on with a pinapple on xfactor?

He's just a quirky person. you gotta love him for that!

Does anyone know how to get the same effect on Sony Vegas as the Feel So Close by Calvin Harris Music video?

Is Calvin Harris at his venues when it says"dj set"?

Yes, it means he'll be DJing. So not necessarily playing his own (terrible) music.

Are there any Electro House Artists similar to Example and Calvin Harris?

What acapella track would go good with 'Bounce' by Calvin Harris?

If you are looking for an accompaniment track, try daywind.com

I have a party coming up , and I am looking for similar music like Calvin Harris Ready for the weekend?

OK anything else Calvin Harris will do. I'm not alone is good party song, and acceptable in the 80s. Bloc party - Flux, Caesars - Jerk it out and Hot chip.

When is Calvin Harris' new album going to be released in 2012?

23-07-2012 I think this is the date!

What other albums are as much fun as Ready for the Weekend by Calvin Harris, in a similar genre?

Give Benny Benassi, Ellie Goulding, Miike Snow, or MSTRKRFT a try. Edit: There's just something about Ellie Goulding. Can't take my eyes off her videos.

Is Feel So Close actually by Calvin Harris?

How do you learn to make electro music like Calvin Harris?

you cant. maybe daft punk. haha i want to too im thinking ima get som sort of voicebox or auto tune. n a drum machine n synthesizers

whos the actor in calvin harris bounce video?

His name is AJ English and he models for Alexander McQueen :)

What to wear to go see Calvin Harris?

Hi , maybe this website is good for shopping some accessories you needed . http://ibottegaveneta.com , please check . Good luck to you !

How did Calvin Harris contribute to "We Found Love" by Rihanna?

He was the producer of the song, meaning he put down the crappy beat.

Why did Calvin Harris change his name from adam wiles?

apparently its because he thought he would get more publicity and fame if he had a more memorable name

Does any one know where to get good calvin harris song stems/remix parts?

Ebay? Just make sure the seller is official and has a good reputation :) If not, places like amazon, play.com, hmv .. should sell some similair things! Answer mine? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20091108062801AA6JU4r

How do I make music like Deadmau5 , Calvin Harris and Basement Jaxx?

Well their really isn't much talent to their music its just simple and good. If you wanted to do this you should start out on a instrument you know i will just use a example as a piano. now you would play only the certain keys on a piano like 3 keys over and over and over in a loop then you might add something. Then you keep going with that until you decide to get sick of that then change it up a bit. Now but if you know a different instrument then just play 3 note or 4 notes over and over you get the point i am hoping. HOPE THIS HELPS :)

What to wear with topshop grey over the knee boots to Calvin Harris?

I had to sell my calvin harris ticket for the 3rd *sad face* tbh i wouldn't wear them because everyones gonna be going mental and you don't really want them ruined. I'd go with either heels (iffy if you're gonna wear them not that high, and thick heeled), or ankle boots. You'll find a lot of kids dressed "indie" so maybe even some dolly shoes. I'm gonna say either high waisted shorts or skinny jeans! Shorts; http://www.topshop.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=20&viewAllFlag=false&catalogId=19551&storeId=12556&categoryId=183990&parent_category_rn=74433&productId=1222241&langId=-1 top; http://www.topshop.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=0&viewAllFlag=&catalogId=19551&storeId=12556&categoryId=174503&parent_category_rn=42325&productId=1372615&langId=-1 with a croped top over it like; http://www.topshop.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?beginIndex=0&viewAllFlag=&catalogId=19551&storeId=12556&categoryId=174504&parent_category_rn=42325&productId=1415930&langId=-1 just an idea. I wouldn't suggest heavy jewelery if you're gonna be jumping about...ouch!:p

What do you think of calvin harris new song?

i dont like it nearly as much as Im Not Alone but its a typical Calvin Harris song i guess

What kind of music style is Calvin Harris?

Pop maybe?

What is this club song, sounds like Calvin Harris or Benny Benassi?

Calvin Harris- Feel So Close

What is the name of the original song by Calvin Harris that Rihanna is on now?

your question is confusing. If not We Found Love, at least you are mentioning what the lyrics are