What is the fastest way to get a DMV driver's record from the state of California if I currently live in NY?

Do I need to report the accident to California DMV if I scratched the rental car?

Yes, you have to report the accident to the DMV if the damages are over $750 or if there's any bodily injury. If the insurance company reports this before you do, the DMV will suspend your license for not reporting it.

What should i expect from a california dmv drivers test?

You don't go on the freeway. You stay on the streets.

How does California dmv calculate the purchae price for use tax for buying a used car from a private party?

I think they have their own value chart that they use :)

california dmv?

You can't do it on-line because that is way too logical for the California DMV to comprehend. Fill out the form below, print it and mail it to them at the address provided at the bottom. Then you must write your new address on a piece of paper and keep it with your license. That's what the web-site said.

What do you take to the California DMV when you take the written driving permit test?

Hello kit ba, To get a permit, you must: • Be at least 151/2, but under 18 years of age. • Complete the application requirements. • Have your parents’ or guardians’ signatures on the DL 44. • Pass a traffic laws and road signs test. If you fail the test, you must wait one week before taking it again. This will give you time to study. • If you are between 151/2 and 171/2, provide proof that you have met one of the following requirements: - completed driver education (DE) and driver training (DT). completed DE and are taking DT. - enrolled and participating in an approved integrated DE/DT program. And yeah, two pieces of ID, social security card, proof of residence. Please check out for more details here: http://driving-tests.org/california/california-drivers-handbook-online/ Also, here is a sample permit practice test for you to see how well you are prepared for the actual thing: http://driving-tests.org/california/california-permit-practice-test/ Hope this helps!

How do I fill out the California DMV Certificate of Title after satisfying the lien?

I believe you're done. http://www.dmv.ca.gov/pubs/brochures/howto/htvr18.htm */End of Line.

How does california dmv handle out of state traffic tickets?

Through applicable interstate agreements, OR will report the violation to CA. Unfortunately, traffic school is an option given to people who get tickets in California to avoid a conviction. Even in California it does not eliminate a conviction once that it entered. It will be one point on your record, which may or may not affect your insurance rates. You might want to double check on the availability of traffic school in OR, perhaps with an OR attorney. I am no expert on OR law, but my brief research shows traffic schools advertising for Multnomah County, where Portland is located, so it does appear to be an option there (including online schools you could complete from California). http://www.carinsurance.com/kb/content42709.aspx

California DMV???????

All they provide are sample tests. They don't actually provide you with the actual test. I'm sure they change it time to time so that nobody memorizes it. They have booklets in spanish that teach you. The DMV is more concerned with people actually knowing the laws and not just passing the test. She should study the manual. The DMV site has 4 or 5 sample tests. I'm sure that those would have enough information needed to pass the test with no problem. In sources is the link for the spanish manual.

California Dmv?

I've never heard of anyone getting one because they couldn't afford to pay. I do know if you fail a smog or something needed to get your registration, they will sometimes give you an extension to take care of it. Go to the dmv and ask them... ask more than one person, as sometimes their answers change alot!!