Is Caleb Hanie the best unknown QB in NFL?


Who is better Caleb Hanie or Jay Cutler?

Better quarterback? Jay Cutler. Less feminine? Caleb Hanie

How will Caleb Hanie do in Bears vs. Seahawks?

Hanie is, maybe, the future of the team. If he starts, it will be 3rd Q or later and he'll be playing third-fourth stringers, so it's no good judge of his potential. He won't embarrass himself, that's for sure, but he won't have 100% stats that so many of the Hanie gushers on the Bears' forum think he will have. I hope the Bears bring in Chris Simms to start from the Bucs soon!

Should the Bears trade Jay Cutler and keep Caleb Hanie as their starter?

Jay Cutler great QB in regular season but it gives disgust in playoffs; I believe that the coach on having seen his disability I withdraw from the game and the third QB at least demostrates spunk.

How many games will it take for Bears fans to be calling for Caleb Hanie to take the helm?

Till he's sweating bullets and can't fit a cookie through his mouthpiece... Too far?

Why did Caleb Hanie choke at the end of the NFC Championship game?

exactly some people just can't handle the pressure

How much does Caleb Hanie make a year?

285k is league min for a rookie.

Should the Chicago Bears Drop Todd Collins to technically inactive and up Caleb Hanie?

I agree with Ray. Collins is getting on in football years, and Hanie played very well when he got his shots. I'm not sure, but I also believe the Bears would save money by ditching Collins, if they need to do make cap room. It's one of those cliche'd "win-win" scenarios, in my opinion.

Is it Jay Cutler's responsibility to help teach Caleb Hanie how to be a better NFL QB?

Yes, yes it is.

How many people think Caleb Hanie should be the Bears new starting QB?

He did well but it will be next year before we know how he fares.