is it illegal to use an illustration found in a magazine for a personal business card?

That depends on a lot. I have an opinion about one court case where the artist lost --even though the only things clear were the subject and her pose. "Tweaking" is not something which will protect you if the illustrator takes you to court. Generally, for something like a business card, either get evidence the picture is in the public domain or get the copyright owner's explicit permission. As a kid I got some permissions for using material in ways I and the owners already knew I could do without paying royalties but I was as a courtesy. These days I don't print my own projects as much ;-). Whether it is legal or not, it's usually discourteous to just use it. I think we should pay more attention to courtesy.

Can I write off magazine subscriptions as a business expense?

If the magazines are effectively "trade" magazines or are used to aid the business then yes you can expense them.

How would a entrepreneur go by starting his Magazine Business? How would he get the writers,Editors,Publishers?

Go to school for publishing/journalism/editing...and business. Get good at writing queries to editors, who will then refer them to publishers.

How can i write for a business Magazine like Business World,Economic Times etc.?

What is a good economy/business magazine?

BusinessWeek is the only magazine that gives a true picture of the world of global business; all the others tend to be North American focused.

Can I get free Business Magazine Samples?

I've gotten a few from

What Fees or taxes do i have to pay to start an online magazine business in Indiana?

To start your on line magazine business anywhere in the USA does not require you to pay local fees or taxes. You will have to pay for Domain name, host and server before you can build a web site. An all in one package is a good way to go. Do you know how to build a successful website? Do you have all the tools web design requires? You will find a wealth of information regarding developing an on line business at the resource link below.

Where to buy magazine holders for my small business?

I advice you to go here: . There's a nice variety of magazine holders.

Which business magazine/newspaper is the best/most relevant for investment?

This is a good question! Here are my mini-reviews: WSJ - Best for overall market news and interesting to read. Business Week - I have always found it too industrial focused and not investment oriented for my needs. The Economist - Too academic and not practical. My favorites are: Investors Business Daily - all investing, very little news like the WSJ and packed with data. Smart Money - for the consumer investor, this is a great thing to read. Fortune and Forbes - the same ilk, they are good reading. The problem with magazines these days is, the market changes so fast that by the time they go to print they are almost out of date. That is why I favor Investors Business Daily and the WSJ.

Where can I buy strip magazine holders for the business needs?

You can try to buy strip magazine holders at this site: . It's my favorite shop.

What is the business newspaper or business magazine most read in Singapore?


How do you thank a magazine editor for including your business?

Send a HANDWRITTEN thank you on a notecard. That's plenty and would be well appreciated.

How do you get some magazine press for your business?

Press Attention? Small businesses are likely not to have a lot of money for magazine ads. I would therefore start with Press releases to local papers. Hints for Press releases, which are often used as fillers. 1) You may want to make a table of newspapers distributed in your area. Note name, editor's name, time line for press releases, phone number, address, e-mail address, fax number. Always send in your press releases ahead of the time line, may be a week ahead. Ask what is preferred: mail, e-mail, fax, and if you may send pictures. Make a note of the name of the contact person to be able to address the right person later. You may want to get their phone extension number. When you send in your press release, make some personal statements to the contact person, such as "thanks for the info you gave me, it was a great help." Become the editor's friend. 2) You may want to have "news" all the time. Be creative (but what you say has to match reality, has to be honest). E.g. Event 1: Elegant Wedding Photography Studio such and such has open house from 4-8PM, on Saturday, July 28, 2007. Enjoy trying out your wedding postures for your professional pictures. Learn about your photogenic side. Location: such and such, phone such and such. For questions please contact (name). Event 2: Fabulous Picture Party at the Wedding Studio Such and Such: Friday, August 3, 2007, from 6-8PM. Get ideas for your wedding party. Location such and such, phone such and such. Event 3: Say Cheese Party at the glamorous wedding studio such and such. (Same general info follows as in 1 and 2). 3) Place all the main info in the first paragraph similar to the examples above, since the newspaper may cut out the second paragraph for space reasons. 4) Add another paragraph if you like with the history of your studio, personal info about yourself, your education, about famous people who came in there, about special skills or services etc. Make it about 5-10 lines. Every submission should have some new info. These second paragraphs may be left out or shortened by the newspaper for lack of space in the issue. 5) Always make the text somewhat different in wording for each newspaper. Newspapers do not like to have the exactly same text as their competition. Just changing words around helps, the contents can be the same. Also use different pictures for each newspaper and make careful notes which photograph and what text you have sent to what paper and when, and what has been actually published. Collect the clippings in an album, show them to your customers, may be as copies. May be you want to make notes how many calls and customers your release got. When you get calls, ask how they heard about you. You may want to ask for their needs and think of some benefits for your customer to tell them about. Find out what the best press release style and newspapers are for you. 6) Add pictures to your press releases only after confirming with each newspaper that this is OK. The pictures may not always be printed, it depends on the space the newspaper has left for that issue. Inquire if paper photographs are preferred or digitals via e-mail and what type of transmission is to be used. 7) Keep doing it "forever" since people often need to read an add many times before they act. Furthermore, they may want to hire you as their wedding photographer but have not saved the newspaper with your press release they saw. Then they keep looking in newspapers and may find your new release. 8) Later, when you have a budget for adds, you may send articles and pictures to magazines or invite them to write a picture story on your studio with an exciting sounding letter, getting their attention in the first sentence! Think about innovative ideas to make the magazines want to print an article on your studio. You got the picture. Wishing you good luck, you are on the right picture track! Cordially, India.Magica

are there any small business magazine in which I can advertise free of cost?

TNT Magazine.

How can you effectively structure an ad sales team in the magazine business?

Without knowing how far along your business it and barring specifics, I would say a functional structure would be the way to go. Having divisions would work, but you'd have to pay middle management or run into redundancy with regards to tasks with a divisional structure. Whereas with a functional structure, you run more economically efficient, which is a must for any company just getting a foothold in. You may need a gatekeeper to make sure things are in sync with a functional structure and two forms of ad profit. Best advice I can give without specifics.

how do you break into the magazine business?

You have a long, long way to go. Magazine editors are very experienced people with years of journalism behind them. They put the magazine together and are usually not out in the field anymore. You need to have first class qualifications in English and also in Journalism. You would do well to seek some kind of internship with a local paper and learn how the whole business works and also how to gather news. Most journalists do not wait for news to come to them. They find the news. Start trying to get stuff into print even if its unpaid. You need to build up some clippings to show future editors that you can write.

Do I need to register my online magazine as a business to use PayPal?

No, you can register an an individual (Premier account holder) to use PayPal -- if you're the sole proprietor of your magazine.

Is there any printer that provide Thermochromic Ink printing service for Business Card or Magazine?

to my knowledge there are only two domestic thermocromic ink manufacturers (CTI and LCR/Hallcrest) that can make an offset quality ink. These inks are popular among label printers and screen printers, but i dont know of any commercial offset printers that are using thermochrom on quality paper substrates. This sounds pretty challenging, i am fairly certain that these inks are liquid inks and not paste inks like they would use in sheetfed offset or web offset. You will certainly have to go to a flexo press or a gavure press. I would start with Inland Label & Marketing, they are the company that produces the Coors Light thermochrom label. They may be able to quote for you or at least give you the name of a place that could print for you.

If you were a business owner, which magazine would you advertise your business in?

I think that's a trick question because I would say 'Neither!' Not to be negative, but why would anyone advertise in a magazine when Internet advertising offers measurable results at an often lower price. Rather that starting a magazine, how about starting a website? However, if I don't understand your question, or if you don't like my answer, I would vote "Weekly Plus." Putting "coupon" in the name is good if that's what the magazine is about, but if not, I would stay away from it.

Writing for a college business magazine?

no, dont make it about business. how to live life is such a great topic cause you just no

I work for a Business Magazine and need ideas on writing an article incorporating the upcoming Holidays. HELP

hey butterfly, Writing articles can be pretty intimidating but there are many ways to find what people are looking for: Visit first Google Trends. Just type that in your browser. Then ensure that you find topics that you think are relevant to your neck of the woods. If not use the intituitive tool to find out what people in your area are searching online for - Then write about that. I could think A Internet party could be interesting but maybe people in your community don't!, So write about what your audience want. Here is a link to a download on how to write an article online may want to download a copy its for free.

what are the job's you can do for a fashion magazine business?

There are feature writers, fashion buyers, picture researchers, advertising etc basically three main ways you could go: writing, styling or advertising/PR. And as for Ugly Betty, she's an editorial assistant to Daniel Meade i think :)

What is the best politic and business magazine like the Economist in Canada?

search from google search engine. go to :

cost of printing high gloss monthly business magazine in china?

Printing a typical perfect bound quality magazine overseas will save you a little money if and only if the printer you are working with is offering you free freight. The downside is that you have far less control over the quality of your job and you have to work much further ahead on deadlines due to the increase in shipping transit (not to mention you might have a customs or port delay here and there dealying the distribution of your magazine). Most printers here in the States will offer better quality and competitive pricing. Never sign a contract with a printer either. To get quotes for your magazine for free go to - they are magazine experts and have the best pricing I have ever come across. Good luck!

When Reading the Financial Section of a Newspaper, Business Magazine, etc, What Do You Look For?

I do all my research on the internet. It is far more in depth. A paper will just tell you price, dividend and few other minor items.

is Economist a business oriented magazine?

The Economist is an English language weekly news and international affairs publication. The primary focus of The Economist is world news, politics and business. I

Which business magazine would be best to read to complement getting an International MBA in Asia?

The Economist is a fantastic publication. I read it for years when I was overseas. Check out the following link each day for a week to see the kinds of articles it publishes on Asia (or for the rest of the world). Good luck. "

What business magazine would you recommend for keeping up with the corporate world?

I would recommend at least these two magazines "Forbes" and "Business Week". You should also be reading "The Wall Street Journal" newspaper.

Can you suggest a title for a business magazine preferably accounting?

Count Time lol

How much would it cost to advertise a business in a magazine?

Each magazine has different rates. Pick up the magazine you want and look for the copyright/editorial info. It will tell you the number or email of the advertising department. They have packets of info they can send you about advertising sizes and rates. You are looking at thousands of dollars for a nationally distributed paper magazine.

What are some topics for a college aged Business magazine?

How interchange fees on debit cards affect users and merchants. Very few college students (or college graduates) understand the costs involved. Why are students willing to trade money for time when they have little money and lots of time? It is completely illogical, but I see this scenario dozens of times each day. Explain the details of paying off student loans.

What is a good business magazine for a college sophomore who might transfer into the school of business? ?

Business Magazine can't really enhance someone interest in Business School. What you should really do is to focus on the career choice.

How would someone go by creating an International Business Magazine?

Yeah that would make sense but majoring in those subjects won't open the magazine for you. I think you only need to learn both those subjects in college if you plan on writing, even then you would need experience before people listen to you. You could hire people to write articles who are more knowledgeable in the field. If your gonna go to college either way take some marketing courses.

Does anyone have a sample business plan for a magazine?

I am a member of SCORE, the national nonprofit that advises would-be entreprenuers. Go to the SCORE website at to learn who we are. You can contact the local SCORE chapter in your area to get advice and help on a business plan. Alternatively, there are many templates on the website that you can download. All assistance by SCORE counselors is free and with absolutely no obligation; this is our way of giving back to the communities we live in. Good luck to you!

Magazine business start up help?

Start a Wordpress or Typepad blog - I know it's not exactly like other magazine websites, but it will easily allow you to get started for free and the place where you add your content is VERY easy to use. You can also customize it to look like you want with pre-designed Themes... Many paper magazines are going in this direction anyway, so you'll be ahead of the game if you start there. I have listed examples in the links below for you to see how others do it.

What is the best magazine for someone who wants to learn about the business world?

BusinessWeek without a doubt as it's the only magazine that gives a truly global perspective on the world of global business. Others, such as Forbes and Fortune, tend to focus too heavily on North America. I believe they also have a special subscription rate for students.

suggest some names for a business magazine?

The Big Picture Fast Forward A Look Inside Trends Business News

It's inevitable that the Internet will kill printed newspapers. But will it kill the magazine business?

can i get that in writing ?

How do I cancel Business Week Magazine, that I never signed up for?

Find an article from a business magazine or journal within the last 6 months. that deals with ethics issues in?

You can find the article in Forbes and Fortune Magazine. Free at the library. The "reference librarian" will get the article for you. The Wall Street Journal is also free at the library. They do lots of articles on business ethics. Their site has archives but they cost money so get it from the library for free.

What magazine has good articles for people who own a small business?

There are the general magazines on entrepreneurship such as Entrepreneur Inc Fast Company Black Enterprise Magazine Home Business Magazine And then there are the specific ones, depending on your industry Art Business News Greetings Etc (for the greeting card business) and so on

What is the best christmas gift business magazine. I want to send it to my friend who is business man abroad.?

Hmmmmm. Perhaps Forbes Magazine. Although, if he/she is abroad, there may be better international mags (but I'm just not sure).

What is a knowledgable business magazine?

The two I get the most from are Entrepreneur Magazine and Inc. Magazine. Both have a site online, but only a small portion of their articles are up for reading for free. You can find these magazines at Barnes & Noble bookstores.

High School Teachers: Would you be interested in a fun business magazine to distribute to your students?

Well, Beach Blondie, I think it`s a brilliant idea. You should include topics such as buying a house, mortgage interest, home insurance, car insurance, wages, salary, deductions therefrom such as national insurance and tax, pensions, stocks, shares, investments......................... the list is endless, and we do nothing about it in school. I think the problem you will find is that teachers would just view it as another job to do among the million and one things they have to do already. It wouldn`t hit the top of their list of things to do ! Having said that, I wish you the best of luck with your idea, Twiggy.

What is a good marketing or business magazine for a gift?

I think your boyfriend would enjoy BusinessWeek. It's a truly global business magazine and it also contains marketing stories, trends and analysis from time to time. You can subscribe directly with the publisher from the top right hand corner of I hope this helps. Good luck.

Can you tell me what is the most informative business magazine around for entrepreuners and would be?

It depends on what you want to know. Some of the general ones are - covers both home based and small entrepreneurs - is good for small businesses with employees. - Business 2.0 is good for overall Web and Internet based businesses. There are magazines for specific businesses. Some of these trade magazines that would be beneficial to entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs in this field are: - Internet Retailer is best if you are selling on the Web - Home Business Mag has good writeups for home-based entrepreneurs - Catalog Success Magazine is a good magazine for catalogers - For direct marketers, the good ones are Target Marketing mag and Direct Marketing - Selling Christmas Decorations is a great magazine for those in the business of selling Christmas items - Art Business News is the magazine for those in the art and framing business

What's a good business magazine that I could subscribe to?

Check out they have big selection of business magazine that you can choose from

What is the best business magazine to read?

BusinessWeek. The reason? In my opinion it's the only one that provides a true picture of global business. The others - Forbes, Fortune, etc. - tend to focus too much on North America.

What is a great business book or magazine subscription to get my Husband for Valentine's Day?

Business Week Barron's - financial newspaper - weekly - had to read it for a finance class The Economist

What business magazine should I subscribe to?

Don't spend your money buying magazines. In the library you can read every business magazine, and the Wall Street Journal, and Financial Times and Barrons. Every magazine has a different take. Don't even bother with Money magazine--by the time it hits the stands, the information is 2-3 months old. Fin. Times and Barrons are the best. Reading the WSJ is always good, too. Students get a special rate. But just and read it daily at the library. Save a tree. Fidelity offices always have copies around, too.