does anyone think that the Burj dubai or burj khalifa resembles the biblical story of tower of babylon?

who here believes that 5000 years ago there were a tower that reached heaven ... what a fairy tale, first of all the best they could do at that time was 6 to 8 stories high. So that is a myth. The tower of babel is known to be the spiral old building you see in Iraq. It's pretty small by today's standards. And the Almighty is the one who gave the people the knowledge and ability to think up such projects , so why should God be "angered" ... he created earth and every thing that roams on it including the buildings they build. Now if you said it was such a waste of money ; then may be! , but then you have to study the pros and cons of such project then decide. The tower that fell , was not in Babylon , it was the Minaret of Haman in Egypt . Haman told the Pharroah he could build a tower to reach God of Moses etc ... what a dummy he (Haman) was

How do they use cranes at +600 meters hight to build a building like the Burj Khalifa?

The cranes are jack-up cranes. They have their own self-contained jacks. As one floor is completed, they jack up to the next level. The cranes are on top of the buildings. They are designed by structural and mechanical engineers to loift a given weight.

What plate is the Burj Khalifa located on? Is it the Arabian Plate?

You are correct. Dubai (United Arab Emirates) is on the Arabian Plate. see map

What is taller than the Burj Khalifa?

Kingdom tower, Saudi Arabia

How wide is the Burj Khalifa? and and..................... are three videos about the Burj and some have dimensions on the, good luck!

Would you like to visit the Burj Khalifa?

I've been wanting to visit the UAE for a few years now. Now that the Burj Khalifa is completed it just makes me want to visit that much more.

what is the y shape foundation of the Burj Khalifa ?

mohammed's pen's

How low is the air pressure around Burj Khalifa?

The air pressure declines by about nine percent going from sea level to 808 meters. At that height, air pressure is around 0.9387 kg/cm² (compared to 1.0333 kg/cm² at sea level). No oxygen is required, but window cleaners will probably feel their ears pop as they ride up to clean windows at the top. Oxygen isn't an issue below 3000 meters, and it's not really necessary until about 4700 meters (depending on how you evaluate "necessary"). Night vision can start to decline at altitudes as low as 1500 meters, but lack of oxygen won't actually cause death below 8000 meters, as long as a person is in good health and has gotten used to living at altitude.

How to get to the spire on the top of burj khalifa?

if you have enough money to hire a helicopter, then you have a chance to get to the spire:))))

Why did God allow the building of Burj Khalifa but not the tower of Babel?

Different reason for building the structure. God does not dot the same miracle lesson twice!